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Sarah Palin’s remarks require an apology

This post by Ed Peters expresses closely my own view.  Since he has done the heavy lifting at his blog, In The Light Of The Law, go HERE.  Visit his place and take a look around. Sarah Palin’s remark warrants … Read More

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Does this seem to you to be a new journalistic low?

I haven’t ever heard of anything like this, except in my sometime-interest in astronomy, when people were recruited to monitor big listening arrays or perhaps help map the genome. The Washington Post has asked for 100 volunteer readers to go … Read More

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The “most pro-abortion president to occupy the White House”

I have been away from my usual fixes of American political news.  Thus I was interested to read this on CMR: During a speech in Dallas on Wednesday night Sarah Palin attacked President Obama for being the “most pro-abortion president … Read More

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Palin… in comparison, and in the news

In the news in more way than one. I just heard that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is going to be a Fox News contributor and even as a host! That should be interesting!

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