WaPo – What’s in: Latin Mass

An alert priest reader sent me this:

In the Washington Post’s annual "What’s In and What’s Out"
list for the new year, the list for 2010 includes:

What’s out:  Latin fusion
What’s in:  Latin Mass

(scroll about 45% down the page, just past the pictures of Emily Blunt and Rosamund Pike)

WaPo say we got the BigMo.


Brick by brick.


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  1. Henry Edwards says:

    Does “Latin fusion” refer to a certain type of Latin music? (Different from Gregorian chant, I assume.)

  2. MarkJ says:

    If only the Latin Mass were “in” in Brussels, Belgium! My family and I went to Mass at Notre Dame du Finistere in downtown Brussels today (January 1), and we’re not sure it was a valid Mass at all… no Kyrie (other words substituted), no Gloria (song substituted), no Creed, no washing of the hands, changed words during Eucharistic prayer, hand holding during the Our Father (they literally tried to drag my two daughters to the altar to hold hands with the priests, but we physically held them back), omitted prayer after the Our Father… with so many omissions and changes, we didn’t receive Communion. I’d say the Modernists definitely have a hold of this Church. No wonder the Faith is in a crisis in Europe! I made that point to the priest after “Mass”, and he denied there was any crisis in the Church in Europe. Modernists apparently define crisis as they whatever they want to…

  3. boko fittleworth says:

    This is great news! I’ve been a slave to those intoxicating rhythms for too long. Now maybe I can take this rose out of my mouth, stay off the dance floor, and get some work done this year.

    The bit about the Latin Mass is nice, too.

  4. Genna says:

    I guess they mean hybrid as in mostly vernacular with a bit of Latin thrown in. As with fusion food, neither one thing nor the other. A happy and blessed decade to all.

  5. mrspi says:

    I find the in/out list dubious at best. The “in” stuff isn’t necessarily better than the “out” stuff.

    For myself, if “Latin fusion” means Latin in a Ordinary Rite Mass and it’s to be “out”, then I’m sunk. It’ll mean no Latin at all at my Cathedral: no Gloria sung in Latin, no Sanctus, no Agnus Dei, no Palestrina. Sunk, I tell you. Luckily, as long as we have our music director, Latin fusion will stay “in”. Not sure *where* it’ll be out, actually.

  6. jlmorrell says:

    I like that, “Wapo say we got the BigMo”. I pray it stays “in” long enough to get to my neck of the woods in southeast Texas.

  7. Hidden One says:

    To all: a single Google search is sufficient to determine what is meant by Latin fusion.


  8. Maltese says:

    Let’s face it: the Latin mass is COOL! By way of comparison, who has written a great artistic musical arrangement for the Novus Ordo? Mozart, Palestrina, even Bernstein each were inspired by the Traditional Latin Mass; from the Kyrie to the Gloria, to the Agnus Dei, some of the most profound art on earth was generated and inspired by the TLM. The Bugnini Mass is a dull, boring, uninspired pile of liturgical trash in comparison.

  9. isabella says:

    I wonder how the Post got this as an issue, but hope the bishops see it. We had our first TLM on Christmas this year.

    @MarkJ – I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m thinking of moving to Europe for a while and one of the top 3 things on my list is a Catholic country with the Latin Mass freely available. I wasn’t really think of Brussels, but was that standard procedure? I know it isn’t really funny but I had a picture of you in a tug of war with your children in my mind; like that poem by Christina Rossetti where she tries to save her sister from being taken by the goblins after tasting their fruit.

    @Maltese – are you really from Malta? It’s in my top three, but seems like I’d have to live on my savings, but despite Kmiec, abortion is still illegal (? – as of last time I looked) and from reading the paper, it sounds like a Catholic country. I’m going to try to visit during the rainy season when things are cheaper.

    Happy New Year, everybody! I think my time zone was one of the last to be able to say that.

  10. Maltese: You don’t know what beautiful art has been inspired by the OF Mass, because for the most part, publishers haven’t been interested in it and musicians have been scared off it. You’d be surprised what’s been out there in lonely corners of the Catholic world, and is finally being made public.

    That said, now that the continuity of OF and EF Mass will be emphasized instead of deliberately hidden by mistranslation into English, you’ll see a lot more of our EF musical heritage in use in the OF.

  11. Henry Edwards says:

    May I suggest that if you (like me) looked at “Latin fusion” and immediately thought of an OF Mass with some use of Latin, then perhaps you’re spending too much time online, and need to get outside for some fresh air occasionally.

  12. Mitchell NY says:

    Latin Mass is in, why am I not surprised.If only parishes and some Priests would advertise it more. I still talk to people who have no idea what the MP is and that they are allowed to request Mass according to the 1962 Missal..God Bless the Holy Father and his Pontificate. We need him for many years restoring a sense of equilibrium in the CHurch.

  13. JaneC says:

    Latin Mass is “in.” Unfortunately, as with the attempts at using pop music at Mass, it will be about ten years before the people who try to make Mass trendy will realize that Latin Mass is in.

  14. wolfeken says:

    Let’s just hope the religion reporters there — who have covered the TLM several times in positive lights — don’t get canned as the industry downsizes.

  15. ssoldie says:

    Latin Mass is in, does not mean The Traditional Latin Mass is in, and time will tell weather or not the new Novus Ordo Messa translation’s will be done, I believe the novelities of the last 50 years will continue in the N.O.M.

  16. wolfeken says:

    ssoldie — In mainstream media, Latin Mass means traditional Latin Mass. Considering all of the recent activity on Latin liturgy has been about the TLM, it is an extremely safe assumption the Washington Post is talking about the increasingly common old Mass in Latin, and not the extremely rare (and not growing) novus ordo in Latin.

    Regardless of one’s views on the matter, I don’t think I’m alone in this interpretation.

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