WDTPRS – Wednesday 1st Week of Lent – Oratio super populum (2002MR)

Tuere, Domine, populum tuum,
et ab omnibus peccatis clementer emunda,
quia nulla ei nocebit adversitas,
si nulla ei dominetur iniquitas

This "Prayer over the people" was in the Liber sacramentorum Augustodunensis for Ash Wednesday, and it seems to have been inspired in some measure by St. Leo the Great’s s. 57.

Protect your people, O Lord,
and mercifully cleanse it from all sins,
for no adversity will harm it,
if it is dominated by no iniquity

O Lord, protect Your people,
and cleanse us from every sin,
because no adversity can harm us,
if we are not dominated by sin

This comes at the end of a Mass in which we hear also of the Sign of Jonah and hear Christ’s words about the evil generation, how the men of Nineveh will arise in judgment.

I think you have probably heard the darkly facetious quip that if God does not punish us now, He will owe Sodom and Gomorrah and apology.

Do penance.  

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  1. Dr. Eric says:

    I agree, repent. But, there are usually more than 50 righteous people in our cities which hold back Our Lord’s anger. The question is, for how long…

  2. Dr. Eric says:

    Hmmm, how do I delete that post? I don’t like how it was written.

  3. Timbot2000 says:

    Interesting, It would be helpful if English still had an operative word like “Volk” that could be used singularly in the place of “populum”, as it is “people” is a plural in modern English and using “it” with it, while true to the Latin, does sound very strange. Modern English speakers would say “them”.

  4. AJP says:

    speaking of penance, is this the week of the Lenten ember days? Or were they last week?

  5. Dr. Eric says:


    Today is the first of the Lenten Ember Days according to the internet sources I checked.

  6. Gabriella says:

    Do penance!

    Fr. Z., I’m so happy to come accross a priest that ‘orders’ us to do penance ;)
    Something very rare nowadays!

  7. Random Friar says:

    Not only penance, but think of it. When people see us, they should see something that causes them to repentance and conversion as well. They should see the power of God shining through our weakness.

    At the Eucharistic table and in all the Sacraments we receive something far greater than all the Wisdom of Solomon or the Temple of Jerusalem. We are called to be living Monstrances in the world.

  8. TomB says:

    Ember Days are Wed., Fri., and Sat. this week.

  9. JonM says:

    Question for those who know…

    I am trying to follow the previous law (one meal a day, meat only once a day except Friday and Saturday when meat is forbidden.)

    I know that Ember Days had stricker penances; can anyone tell me A) What were they and B) When are these days?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. wanda says:

    Oh, Random Friar..”We are called to be living Monstrances.” I have much work, prayer and penance to do. Thank you for this stunning comment. It stopped me in my tracks.

  11. TomB Thanks for the reminder about Ember Days.

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