Availability of the TLM in Italy

Rorate has this interesting post about the availability of the TLM in Italy.

 The current situation for the TLM in Italy

(This set of statistics – taken from Unavox via Messa in Latino – counts 64 places throughout Italy where the Traditional Latin Mass is said on Sundays under diocesan auspices, in contrast to the 73 counted by Agoramag. This report also counts a total of 116 Mass sites in Italy [of which 99 are currently active] compared to 119 in the Agoramag report. CAP.)

The Current Situation:

Since Summorum Pontificum went into effect, at least one location with a regular TLM has been established in 42 out of the 225 dioceses in Italy (19% of all dioceses). A total of 116 Mass locations (of which 99 are active as of February 10, 2010) have been established since Summorum Pontificum went into effect, or in 0.4% of all the parishes (which total around 26,000). Worldwide, the Traditional Latin Mass is currently offered regularly (but not necessarily weekly) in a total of 1,425 Traditional Latin Mass locations all over the world (under diocesan auspices), compared to the 222,530 parishes of the Catholic Church.

The 116 Mass sites in Italy are distributed as follows:

In cities with a population greater than 300,000: 27 Mass centers (23%)

In medium-sized or small cities: 19 (16%)

In medium-sized villages /towns : 13 (11%)

In small villages /towns : 40 (34%)

Locations where the Mass has been suppressed: 15 (13%)

Locations where the Mass has been suspended: 2 (2%)

The frequency of Mass in these sites is as follows (note that the categories overlap):

Daily: 19 locations (16%)

Locations with Sunday and Feast Day Masses: 64 (55%)

Weekday Masses (but not apparently on feast days): 23 (20%)

Monthly Masses (not on feast days): 26 (22%)

Sites with occasional Masses: 3 (3%)

A comparison of the situation pre- and post- Summorum Pontificum

The total number of Mass centers has increased from 27 to 116, for a total increase of more than 330%.

Locations where the TLM is said daily have increased from 7 to 19, for a total increase of 170%

Locations where the TLM is said on Sundays and feast days have increased from 11 to 64 (for a growth of 480%)
Locations with weekday Masses from 5 to 23 (an increase of 360%)

Locations for monthly Masses from 4 to 26 (an increase of 550%)

Last but not the least, the number of dioceses where a regular Mass location for the TLM has been established has increased from 24 to 42 (an increase of 75%).

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  1. sacerdosinaeternum says:

    I was most pleasantly surprised while on pilgrimage in Rome a few weeks ago to find five our six Priests offering Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form at different altars in the upper Basilica of St. Peter’s Basilica at 7am. This would never have happened even five years ago!

  2. Maranatha.it says:

    Quoting Father Z. “Brick by Brick” the TLM is spreading all over Italy. Just as an example, have a look of this Photo Gallery http://bit.ly/b1d0Q5 regarding the Pontifical Mass and Vespers celebrated by “our” great Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke, at Artallo, Imperia. The Splendor of the Sacred Liturgy has taken place in a very small parish run by an outstanding young priest Don Marco Cuneo, who is also a famous “cerimoniere”. Wish to see some day soon such a splendid TLM celebration in the Basilica of St. Peter in Vatican by our beloved Benedict XVI.
    God bless, Paul & John

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