No, the Catholic Bishops are NOT supporting the Senate health care bill.

I had a conversation with someone who quipped "I hear the Catholic bishops are supporting the [health care] bill."

No.  The Catholic bishops are not supporting the Senate health care bill.

They are opposed to the bill because of the issue of funding of abortion.

Confusion has been created by other "Catholic" organizations and individuals.

From CNA:

U.S. bishops oppose Senate health care bill, doubt promised fixes

Washington D.C., Mar 15, 2010 / 06:41 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In a statement Monday, Cardinal Francis George, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,  said that the U.S. bishops are now opposing the current Senate health care bill because the cost “is too high” and “the loss too great” for it to be supported. Cardinal George also expressed concern with the Catholic Health Association’s support the bill.

Card. George’s statement in full.

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  1. Sedgwick says:

    Why highlight abortion in refusing their support? Why not highlight the fundamental error and foundation of this whole criminal scam, which is grievously opposed to the Church? Socialized medicine: the State control and disposal of life from cradle to grave. That’s right, Cardinal George: you, all the bishops of the USCCB, all our priests, and all Catholics will exist at the pleasure of the State. That’s what Obama wants, and in fact that’s what the USCCB covertly promotes through its socialist arm, the CCHD.

    To say that abortion is the only problem is spineless and utterly contemptible.

  2. TJerome says:

    Has “Sister” Keehan been excommunicated yet? If not, I wish the bishops would stop making public statements about moral issues they will not use the full authority of the Church to address. Enough is enough.

  3. rosshalde says:

    Can anyone explain why Politicians like Nancy “bat” Pelosi are not simply excommunicated for the fact that they publicly reject Catholic teaching AS A “CATHOLIC”. IS IT UTTER SCANDAL. My Father is not Catholic and people like Pelosi give him AMMO against the Church.
    Now, I do not envy any Bishops their responsibility, because it is grave, but please please, isn’t it time to have Catholics actually be Catholic and let the pretenders stop pretending and acknowledge they are NOT CATHOLIC is any way. Does anyone know of a petition to the Catholic Bishops to actually ask for their action in Excommunicating these people. Just so you know, this is not done to their detriment, but in the hopes that they will release that they CAN’T SERVE TWO MASTERS.

  4. Gabriel Austin says:

    Can someone tell us what us what is the Catholic basis of the “Catholic Health Group”. By what authority do they exist? For whom do they speak? What is the episcopal authority to whom it is subject?

  5. jray says:

    Thank you, Sedgwick. And if the USCCB had spoken clearly BEFORE the election, we wouldn’t perhaps be having this discussion.

  6. TJerome says:

    Yah, jray. My pastor, an uber-left-wing loon, loves Obama. He published in our Sunday bulletin “Thank God for President Obama.” He also published that “Global warming” is a fact, and then proceeded to publish Father McBrien’s rant against the new Mass translations? Any pattern here?

  7. JMody says:

    Two questions only, and they repeat all the good points raised here:
    1. When will a bishop somewhere do something to show the least bit of backbone to a leftist who is supposed to be subject to them? Sister Keehan has demonstrated a consistent inability to “get it right” when trying to speak about what a “Catholic” organization supports. She may be effective in day-to-day administrative affairs, but she FAILS miserably when it comes to this kind of scandalous public speaking, be it through intent or incompetence. She MUST be replaced. The goons at USCCB that review movies MUST be replaced. Countless diocese news editors must be replaced, and the list goes on. If these folks would get HALF the discipline and oversight that people like FSSP or SSJV get, that’d be a real sea change.

    2. When o when o when will bishops start teaching the Church’s timeless position on socialism? Count me along with Sedgwick on this one. Since before the French Revolution, Popes have spoken clearly about how it is intrinsically evil since (1) it teaches man that a perfect society can be built, (2) teaches that it can be built by submitting to the State, and (3) replaces God with the State as the center of life and the granter of all benefits. What has changed? The hammer and sickle have been taken down, but otherwise NOTHING! If the bishops would speak clearly and consistently and often on this subject, the world would be a very different place. Instead, this error continues to spread. The bishops should be railing daily about how this represents more of the same, about how demeaning it is to man to take away the basic rights of freely looking out for himself, of freely associating, of freely disposing of his own property instead of living as a slave.

    All that and abortion too? Those who say ours is a secular government ought to research the cult of Moloch again …

    Our Lady of Fatima, please help us.

  8. Eoin Suibhne says:

    What Sedgwick said.

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