A reminder from Fr. Z


Stow the excuses.

Examine your conscience. 


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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Father G says:

    …and while you’re in line for confession, say a prayer to Saint John Vianney for all of us priests who will be hearing confessions this week.

  2. Jack Hughes says:


  3. wanda says:

    Fr. Z. reads minds from thousands of miles away. Thank you for the push.

    Will pray, Fr. G.

  4. Carolina Geo says:

    Confession was at the top of my to-do list for the day. (And now, thanks to Fr. Z, I’ll need to get there earlier because there’s sure to be a line! :-)

  5. Rachel Pineda says:

    :-) Wanda, I was thinking the same thing. Thank God for priests.

  6. B.C.M. says:

    Yeah. Thank you Father Z. As soon as I read the title, something inside of me said:

    “He’s going to tell you to go to confession. So go to confession.”

  7. PilarDLS says:

    I just had my first Reconciliation on Tuesday, and it was a wonderful experience. I had been dreading it, and the very kind priest was Christ himself to me that day. I’ll never forget it!

  8. Jane says:

    I went yesterday.

  9. MikeM says:

    Thanks for the prodding, Fr. Z. I had already told myself I was going to go, but then I was sitting around the apartment going through my usual delay tactics, which usually end with “Well, it’s too late to go now,” when I read your post. I got up and went.

    Fr. G, I just so happened to be in line for a confessional next to a St. John Vianney side altar.

  10. Wayne NYC says:

    I just came back from confession.
    I thank God for this Sacrament and
    for the priests that administer it.
    I went to Old St.Patrick’s Cathedral
    which last week was designated a
    Basilica by Pope Benedict XVI.The first
    Basilica in the Archdiocese of N.Y.
    It’s still surrounded by the original
    wall built by Bishop Hughes right after
    the Nativists attacked the Cathedral in 1842
    smashing the stained glass windows to bits.
    They returned during the Draft Riots of the
    Civil War but were stopped by Irish parishoners.
    The Church persecuted aided by the Church Militant.

  11. Art says:

    Thanks for the reminder Father. Went this morning.

  12. kelleyb says:

    I love the reminder, because I usually forget. Went last night.

  13. xsosdid says:

    Love confession! Remember, Mercy Sunday is coming. I think that the first Thursday is also a plenary indulgence.

  14. dimsum says:

    Thanks for the reminder Father. I went yesterday. Our pastor reminded us last Sunday: before Mass, during the homily and at the end of Mass.

  15. LarryD says:

    Went today, with the sons in tow. Not all that willingly, but once we had gone, they were happier for it. Funny how grace works that way.

  16. Lori says:

    My sister was planning on going today for the first time in nearly six years!!! I’ve been praying. I’ve also been working on my Mom, probably 20 years for her.

  17. Planning to go in the morning before Mass! Thanks for the reminder, Fathers Z and G. :)

  18. kat says:

    Went this morning. While in line, I was reading my Crusade for Priests prayer booklet, so said lots of prayers for lots of priests! God bless you all for being our Other Christ and forgiving us our sins, and giving the advice we need to grow in holiness.

  19. Father G says:

    Thank you for your prayers!
    I spent four hours in the confessional this morning.

    I ask for your continued prayers as this is my first Holy Week as a priest.
    I have a busy schedule this week as you can imagine.

    May Our Lord bless you all.

  20. AngelineOH says:

    Thank you for the reminder, and for caring so much that you give us that push. We went this afternoon.

  21. Rob in Maine says:

    I missed the half an hour window in my area.

    As I am now back in my old office at the our main Hospital building, I can now got to daily Mass again. I’ll seek the priest out Monday morning.

  22. wanda says:

    Father G., How wonderful, your first Holy Week as a priest! The Year for Priests – you’ve been in our prayers then. May you be blessed with grace and peace this week. Fr. Z.’s place is a great place to come any time and whenever you may have special prayer need.

  23. wmeyer says:

    I most sincerely wish that I could go. But I await the Tribunal results on my wife’s annulment. My own case took 33 months, and hers is now at about the 2 year mark.

    I pray for grace and patience.

  24. Rob F. says:

    Yeah, missed the half hour window at my parish too. Despite the long line at the end of the allotted time, our priest left right on time.

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