Catholic League responds to “The View” about the Boulder, CO, school dust up

The dust up in Boulder, CO, where a lesbian "couple" has tried to force a child into a Catholic school, despite the terrible strain that could put on the child in time to come, has produced some of the sloppiest reasoning and dumbest comments I have yet seen on the internet.

Refreshing, therefore, are some comments form the Catholic League.

March 16, 2010


On yesterday’s episode of "The View," the panelists criticized the decision of a Colorado Catholic school not to enroll students of a lesbian couple. Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded today:

When this story broke last week, I told the staff it was inevitable that the gals on "The View" would address it. Why? Because they never miss an opportunity to rip the Catholic Church whenever it fails to ratify the secular thinking in the dominant culture.

"We’ll be hearing from Bill Donohue tomorrow probably," said Joy Behar on Monday. Was she at all uncertain? If five Catholics with a history of anti-Semitism bashed the house rules of a yeshiva, would it not occasion a news release from Abe Foxman at the ADL?

I cite this example because none of those upset with the Catholic school is Catholic. Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg are all ex-Catholics. Sherri Shepherd (the only one who is not offensive) is Protestant. And Barbara Walters is Jewish. Hasselbeck, in particular, needs to let go: it’s been a long time since she shopped around to find some new religion and yet she is still obsessed with Catholicism.

Both Behar and Hasselbeck said yesterday that Jesus would not have approved of the Catholic school’s decision. Nice to know they have a pipeline to the Almighty, and that they consider themselves to be tolerant, non-judgmental and without a trace of bigotry.

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  1. Scott W. says:

    I’m not in the least interested in seeing the View, but if anyone did, can you give a summary of what was said?

  2. Fr. W says:

    What would Jesus say? He has already said it. The bible is the word of God, that means Jesus’ word. “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, …. will inherit the kingdom of God.” Also, the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, when she speaks, Jesus speaks. We know what Jesus would say.

  3. albizzi says:

    There was a thread on that issue since the beginning on:,3428047.0.html
    In my opinion, the lesbian “couple” intended to instrumentalize the matter in order
    to make once more the catholics feeling guilty.
    Somebody on the forum said one cannot forbid a catholic school to teach that homosexual way of life is a sin. Then what if that poor kid speaks so to his “parents”. Has the school to be silenced?
    The conclusion is that catholic schools are intended to catholic children born from
    catholic parents or at least to children born from benevolent parents to the
    Church’s teachings.
    One good thing would to make the parents to read and fully accept without
    reserve the main teachings of the catholic catechism before they ask their kids to be in a catholic school. This would have the merit of:
    1/ Avoiding the current controversy
    2/ Possibly evangelize them if not immediately, at least later when their kid
    is catechised.
    This remembers me of the story of Thomas Jefferson who was the first ambassador of the new US Republic in the French kingdom. He had to place one of his daughter in a
    catholic school near Paris (since there was no other available) under the condition she wouldn’t be taught the catholic catechism. This couldn’t prevent this girl to intend to
    convert to
    the catholic faith as she wrote her father who immediately withdrew her from
    that school.

  4. THREEHEARTS says:

    Another of those cliches that irritates. So dumb and unintelligent. It is not what Jesus would do to be the crux of our views on the actions of life?. That we already know. The proper question, not the one asked, is what “DID”, Jesus do??? It is only fools who decide for Jesus what He would do. We do know what He did. He obeyed His Father and the Law. He came to fulfill it, not as those of today’s dreadful intelligentsia would demand of God, that is Jesus do as I judge/think You would. Am I the only one who sees the foolishness and pride in deciding what He did. I always believed He condemned sin harshly

  5. Cathomommy says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck went to the same all-girls, Catholic high school that I attended, a couple of years behind me. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that the pant-suit clad Sisters of Mercy (the few that were left), the ex-hippie lay teachers, and our treacly, “Gather Us In” folk masses did not give her a firm grounding in the Faith!

  6. Bob Glassmeyer says:

    What do you expect from The View?

    What’s really sad, among other things, is that there are not a few Catholics who would consider The View part of the Deposit of Faith.

    Having given up alcohol for Lent – and desiring to see that abstinence through to Easter – I’m going to avoid The View.

  7. TJerome says:

    I can’t imagine a sentient human being watching the View, at all, for anything.

  8. frjim4321 says:

    I’m assuming that most competent people are working at 11 AM or whenever the View comes on. Which brings up an interesting question as to what View’s demographic is. I’ve caught it a couple times on the fly . . . emotionalism over substance, outrage over logic. That being said, we do have a P/R fiasco on our hands with the Munich sexual abuse revelations, and it’s not hard to understand why some of the media outlets would be making hay over these difficulties, particularly due to the involvement of the current pope. The Munich thing is going to keep the Denver thing on the front burner for longer than it ordinarly would have been.

    SLIGHTLY BUT NOT OVERLY OFF THREAD: Does anyone know why the zero-tolerance approach of the U.S. Charter was not coupled with similar policies in Europe? And, what now do we make of the European prelates who eight years ago were saying, “That’s a U.S. problem – we don’t have that here”?

    Fr. Jim

  9. TJerome says:

    Fr. Jim, what exactly is the Pope’s “involvement.” I read the story and it’s a real nothing-burger put out by the leftist, anti-Catholic, prevaricating 24/7 press.

  10. wanda says:

    I do not, have never, will never watch ‘The View’. Too much shreiking and cackling.

  11. frjim4321 says:

    TJ, its a bit off thread and I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole . . . maybe a thead will open up on this . . . but to anyone who knows how a diocese works it is incontrovertible that the future pope was involved in the reassignment of a known sexual abuser . . . BUT (and I mean BUT!) there may not have been any rules against it at the time. Also, they probably thought that therapy was enough. It’s not fair to read 21st Century knowledge into a 20th Century sitation. Fr. Jim. [Apparently some people don’t understand the role of the Vicar General in personnel decisions in German dioceses. In a German diocese the VG is a very power figure.]

  12. AnnaTrad51 says:

    This is one of the many reason we cut the cable so to speak. Haven’t missed it, well maybe for the Olympics, but we survive quite nicely without TV.

  13. irishgirl says:

    I never watched ‘The View’ even when I had TV-waste of time.

    Fr. W-right on! THAT is ‘what Jesus would say’!

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