A timely and light-hearted offering from the Laudator:

Oliver Rackham, The History of the Countryside (1986; rpt. London: Phoenix Press, 2000), p. 295:

Furze is an important and widely-used fuel; it produces a quick hot blaze suitable for heating ovens, getting up a fire in the morning, or burning heretics.

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  1. Joan M says:

    Also known as gorse or whin. It is very spiny – probably useful in producing a hot blaze for heretics – if the heat doesn’t get them, the thorns will!!

  2. wanda says:

    Nice, I had no idea! Is there a stockpile building up? We’re gonna need it.

    Seriously, I’m praying for the salvation of souls and the conversion of sinners. Myself included.

  3. doanli says:

    Bringing Burning at the Stake back in vogue!

  4. B.C.M. says:

    Re-activate the Order of Preachers. They’re facing pending worldwide deployment!

  5. edwardo3 says:

    “What a day, what a day, for an Auto de fe”.

  6. Mark R says:

    The passage doesn’t mention it, but it is a shrub. It is mentioned several times in Christina Rossetti’s “The Goblin Market”.

  7. deborah-anne says:

    I’ll take several gallons. I need some high octane Furze for some pro-abortion, feminazi, dissenting religious type heretics.

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