How about some of your good news?

I think we could all used some of your good news.

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  1. jbalza007 says:

    Our parish, St. Margaret Mary’s Church (Oakland, CA), an apostolate parish of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, is blessed this year to have Solemn High Liturgies for the whole Easter Triduum! :)

  2. Mandrivnyk says:

    Oh, do I have good news! Not long ago, I asked for all of your prayers regarding my declining employment situation. Life here can be grim, my student loans aren’t going anywhere, and I was down to my last $12. The next day, I got my first call in a long time for a job interview, and I start the job this coming Tuesday! It’s a good one, too!

    Even better, my Mom is very seriously considering going to Confession on Good Friday, for the first time since… I don’t even know. Before I was born, anyway.

  3. Ceile De says:

    Deo volente, my wife should be baptized on Saturday at the Easter Vigil and receive Holy Communion at the Extraordinary Form on Sunday, thanks to His Holiness and Summorum Pontificum.

  4. Ceile De says:

    Some more good news – Cardinal Mahony defends (albeit while indirectly defending himself) then Cardinal Ratzinger:

  5. Charivari Rob says:

    Just a few days ’til Easter…
    We’ll be getting away to see family for a day or two…
    Figuratively and literally turning the corner from a dark, cold winter to a hopeful new spring.

  6. A good friend of mine will be received into communion with the Catholic Church on Holy Saturday, while another will be receiving all the Sacraments of Initiation!!!

    I will be visiting the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius Thursday-Sunday to not only see the beautiful Triduum Liturgies, but to also further my vocational discernment!

  7. laurazim says:

    I love my husband, I love our children, I love being Catholic! I love my Holy Mother Church, I love my dear Bishop (Morlino!). I love the freedom of finding and reading wonderful Catholic blogs and delve more and more deeply into the rich and amazing history of what it means to be Catholic. I love that Canon Pintabone re-joined us on Palm Sunday, and that his ankle injury is healing well.

    I love that in the face of the onslaught of attacks that satan and his minions continue to hurl at our beloved Holy Father and Holy Mother Church, there are good, holy, faithful priests who tirelessly preach and catechize the Truth in love–and likewise for so very many wonderful, faithful sisters and laiety who pray, pray and pray without ceasing. Thanks be to God!

  8. Paulus Magnus says:

    I just enlisted, although oddly the Army doesn’t think a BA in theology qualifies me as a chaplain’s assistant (fine by me, since I wanted intel anyhow).

  9. SPWang says:

    Lent is nearly over!!

  10. Norah says:

    By reading the documentation I have been able to ascertain for myself that the attacks against the Holy Father re Munich and Fr Murphy are shoddy journalism and massaging of the facts.

    Researching the online documentation of lawyers in the case of Fr John Quinn I have ascertained that, unless they have more evidence than they have provided online, once again the truth has been massaged.

    Bad news is that journalistic and lawyer ethics seem to be foreign territory for some journalists and lawyers.

  11. Jack Hughes says:

    I have a strong feeling that marriage and a big family is my vocation, now to find the girl.

    In other news I’m falling deeper in love with my Holy Mother Mary every day and will celebrate the 2nd aniversary of my Baptism on Saturday.

  12. antonb3182 says:

    Hi Father,

    I had two wonderful religious experiences in Sri Lanka during a visit to see my grandfather.

    Firstly, I attended a Mass celebrated by Archbiship Malcolm Ranjith at the National Shrine of St Anthony to celebrate the end of the National Pilgrimage of the relic of St Anthony in Sri Lanka. It was a special occasion for the nation and was timely now that that civil war is over and the nation needs to focus on rebuilding itself.

    Secondly, I attended Mass on Palm Sunday at the Immaculate Conception Church, Batipiliya (a small fishing village in south-west Sri Lanka). The Mass was with 30 parishioners and was in Singhalese. I spoke with the Parish Priest afterwards, Fr Camillus Kure, who struck me as a very prayerful pastor in country in much need of healing and love. Throughout my trip I was impressed by the religious fervour and piety of our Sri Lankan co-religionists and felt it was a priviledge to join with them in worship.

  13. Ttony says:

    I’ve just posted a picture here of the first pair of goldfinch to have come to the feeder.

  14. JonM says:

    My ignition cylinder totally jammed – but at the bank at home.

    I had driven, in a matter of less than 48 hours, from the tar heel state to NJ, Newark, and back. Much of it during a fierce storm. I was also driving two Marine officers, my best friend and his soon to be fiancé, while in the North. A dead car would have been a bummer.

    I am so thankful this happened where it did. The garage I like was only three miles away and they got the part the same day!

  15. Ed the Roman says:

    Boy and I had an overnight on the USS Alabama. Much fun.

  16. KarenLH says:

    I’ve lost sixteen pounds since Christmas.

  17. OPmom says:

    Thanks to Fr. Z and Team Rubicon I was able to locate our missing friends in Concepcion, Chile after the earthquake. Thank you, Fr. Z!

  18. Ellen says:

    My mother and father will soon celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. My cousin who is a priest obtained a papal blessing for them. They will love it! All 9 of the children plus most of the grandchildren will be there to celebrate this Easter.

  19. rollim says:

    We have started organizing a Gregorian Choir for EF Mass in Archdiocese of Niterói – Brazil!

  20. Re: chaplain’s assistant in the military —

    Aren’t they, at bottom, chaplain’s bodyguards, since chaplains don’t carry weapons? So I’d suspect marksmanship would be the important qualification.

  21. mormormax says:

    I had a root canal yesterday. Doesn’t sound like good news, I know. I was so scared I was near a panic attack. Then the dentist prayed before beginning and all my panic left. It took three hours but felt more like 30 minutes. God is so good!

  22. SuzyQ says:

    My 18 year old daughter decided not to have an abortion, despite some pretty intense pressure from the baby’s father. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy a couple weeks ago and had him baptized by the time he was a week old. Not only was he not a victim of abortion, he’s now a child of God.

    God is good! :)

  23. Tomorrow I will be leaving for a Triduum retreat up in New Hampshire, as a preparation for the novitiate. I will be praying for you, for the Holy Father, and for the Church.

    I also wanted to comment congratulations to SuzyQ!

  24. New Sister says:

    Friends – I was going to share this under the Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form posting, but it’s also proper for the “good news” category:

    I attended a fundraiser in Alexandria, VA for the broadcasting (EWTN) of the *Pontifical Mass on 24 April*:
    *~85%* of those in attendance were between *20-35 years old* ! The other 15% were Priests and just a hand-full of us “middle-aged” laity.

    Deo gratias!!

  25. New Sister says:

    Suzy Q – may God continue to bless your family – this child must be very special!

  26. bernadette says:

    I sang in the choir for the chrism Mass yesterday. Our bishop addressed the latest scandal, defended the Holy Father, and thanked his priests for being good, faithful servants of the Church.

  27. lacrossecath says:

    My sister is discerning a vocation(and not to priesthood, lol).

  28. Michaelus says:

    Mass on Palm sunday was packed, daily mass this week is running almost double the usual number and tomorrow there will be sung office of Tenebrae down the road in Norwalk (St. Mary’s/ 8PM). I suggest that there will be more people at the office tomorrow than all the people on Earth who actually take Maureen Down seriously. Oh – and the pastor finished moving the tabernacle back into the newly renovated sanctuary at our church – it is beautiful.

  29. JoyfulMom7 says:

    This Saturday, five of my children and I will celebrate the one year anniversary of joining the Catholic Church. Though we have suffered much since becoming Catholic, we rejoice in our Faith and are thankful to God for the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church. Also . . . my oldest son has been looking into the Faith (he has a job cantoring in a very conservative Catholic Church) and is seriously considering converting to the Faith!

  30. For the weekly EF Mass at my parish, Blessed Sacrament in Springfield, Illinois, every First Saturday is now a Missa Cantada. And our pastor, Fr. David Hoefler, has begun using his homilies to catechize us on the coming new transation of the Missale Romanum.

  31. Father Flores says:

    Will celebrate the Chrism Mass with my shepherd and fellow priests. Also a full day retreat starting in about an hour. Pray for us.

  32. lux_perpetua says:

    so much good news its almost unbelievable.

    cancer is officially gone [well, as official as it can be].

    i’m soon to receive a Breviary, and the Carmelite Supplemnt, in Braille! yes, in braille [though it’s the new version, it does not diminish my joy in the slightest because I can finally participate in the Liturgy of the Hours.

    i’ve started applying for social service positions sponsored by Catholic religious communities. It’s hard work since many orders are so unfaithful, but thanks to Fr. Z’s blog I’ve become educated about key buzzwords to stay away from “ecojustice, liberation, etc, etc” and think that I have found some truly holy communities and ministries to deepen my relationship with Christ and discern my vocation.

    After feeling completely disconnected from catholic community I have found a wonderful church with a vibrant young adults group who does ample pro life work and ministry to the homeless. Thanks be to God.

    And lastly, my mother called me the other day after having “stopped by” the church to say a prayer. She has not been to Mass [with a willing heart anyway] for 6 years. Praise be Jesus Christ!

  33. SonofMonica says:

    Good news: God is profoundly blessing Pope Benedict (because the world is persecuting him).

    Good news: I am being confirmed this Saturday and receiving Holy Communion for the first time (after a long wait).

    Good news: I have been appointed to my parish’s liturgy commission (and I read this blog.)

    Good news: We know the end of this long, long story (and we win).

  34. Beau says:

    My daughter will be taking first communion on Easter :)

  35. Heard from a friend from high school who, back in the day, was a real party girl. Having gotten knocked up, married, divorced, and lost custody of her daughter, she got saved (as evangelicals call it), married, and has three lovely daughters. Last step, someday, reception into holy mother Church, but for now I am happy.

  36. Liz F says:

    I have a horrid headache. That’s good because I was wanting to do something for the Holy Father today. Thank you Fr. Z. I was hoping you would ask for good news soon. I love reading everyone’s good news. I am edified by it and often I pray for the people commenting. (I will pray for your mother to go to confession, Mandrivnyk. That is so exciting.) P.S. We have other good news like a gorgeous sunny day after a long winter.

  37. patrick_f says:

    Last night I learned Charity, Patience, and Obedience.

    Our Pastor… for all his qualities, doesnt really have people skills. So I recieved an opportunity to pray for him, and work on myself too (the incident, which I wont mention, sorta rubbed myself, and others the wrong way)

    Easter Vigil is almost here, and my heart is almost overflowing with excitement. I guess thats not news,,, just how I feel.

  38. KAS says:

    I was given an entire extra week on my paper!!

    I’ve managed to stick to my workout schedule this week.

    I resisted buying Easter candy!!

    God clearly has been meddling in my life–THANK GOD!

  39. My dad is recovering from a complicated brain surgery and other difficulties. Hopefully he will be able to go to rehab soon and get his strength back–and then he and my mom will hopefully be moving closer to me!

    I am (slowly) recovering from a shingles outbreak. Although it’s slow going, I am already much, much better than I was a couple weeks ago–definitely good news! In the meantime, I’ve been accepting it as a good Lenten mortification, and a way to share in Christ’s Passion in some small way.

    We’re actually going to have a fair and rather warm Easter this year! As opposed to the very cold or stormy Easters we’ve had the last few years.

    Deo gratias!

  40. Mike says:

    My son (a junior is high school) says he wants to attend a week-long seminar on Aristotle this summer, taught by a Thomist philosopher. Sponsered by Opus Dei.

    As well, he’s translating 40 lines of Vergil a day, and may want to minor in Classics in college.

  41. erinalicia says:

    I’m pregnant with my 4th child – due in Sept. Whoo hoo!! Praying to St. Gerard for his intercession. Also, my parish will be receiving 15 new members at the Easter Vigil. Yay!

  42. Brian2 says:

    There was a nice cover story in the Dallas Morning News, last Sunday, on the upsurge of young vocations to the Cistercian Monastery in Dallas.

  43. Brian2 says:

    I don’t know why my comment box is so big. My apologies.

  44. irishgirl says:

    I got invited to have Easter Sunday dinner at the home of one of the members of our TLM chapel. He saw me after Palm Sunday Mass and asked if I wanted to come-and I said, ‘Sure!’ !

    I’m not driving right now-stupid DMV issues-so I’ll have to get a ride to his house. In fact, he’s also going to pick me up at my house for the Good Friday service at the chapel. My regular ride, the organist, can’t take me because she will have her husband, one of her children, some grandchildren with her.

    I also found out-through the FSSP website and the ‘calendar card’ that I get with their monthly newsletter-that a priest who was formerly in my Upstate NY diocese is now a member of the Fraternity! He’s in residence in one of their parishes in PA. When the last round of church closings took place, he had no assignment given him. He was given the choice to be a chaplain at either a nursing home or a prison. He didn’t want those, so he went down to the Fraternity’s boys’ school to be a teacher and a chaplain. I’m happy he’s with the Fraternity-now he doesn’t have to contend with liberal parishioners who complain about his ‘traditional’ mindset. And he still comes to his former diocese to say the TLM twice a month!

    SonofMonica-I like your ‘Good News’, especially the first and the last ones! Yeah-we know WHO WON!

    And it a’int the NY Slimes, VOTF, Hitchens and his kind, or any of the others who are persecuting the Holy Father!

  45. My 6th grade son came to me unprovoked to ask to be an Altar Server. Pray for him that his proximity to the Sacrifice of the Mass may ever lift him up spiritually and call him in vocation as Christ would have him be.

  46. Sorry for the double-post, but I just heard some more good news from my diocese (Dallas):

    *3000* new Catholics will be entering the Church on Saturday.

    Our two auxiliary bishops-elect will be ordained next month. They both seem like really good men. My Lay Dominican community is invited to the ordination, and I am planning to attend–I’m so excited!

  47. shellac says:

    I may have a job soon. I would be working with Oswego county opportunities. OCO for short. I would be working with young men w/ down syndrome. I cant help but think what a great way to love Jesus in serving his kids. :-) I just need to get green lighted for fingerprints. So my brother and sisters keep my family in your prayers. May our Good lords will be done in all our lives.

  48. momoften says:

    As one of my son says 21 days until he visits Pontifical College Josephinum in Ohio…lovely Mass this morning in EF form, just the beginning of a lot of time in Church, but much loved!

  49. novusgordo says:

    Good news: I’m getting married on the feast of St. Joseph the Worker!

    Good news: there are still wonderful priests out there, priests who truly teach the Faith, priests who truly help their flocks to grow in holiness. (For us, the fathers of the Pittsburgh Oratory, who have helped my betrothed and me so much in our preparation for marriage. And, just to make it even more wonderful, who agreed to celebrate our nuptial Mass as a Latin OF Mass – no “ICEL Sacramentary” nonsense for us!)

  50. MargaretC says:

    I now live in a city where I have easy access to mass in both the extraordinary and ordinary forms.

    I attended Palm Sunday mass at our cathedral and witnessed a beautiful, reverent celebration of the mass in the ordinary form. The choir was heavenly. The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Cecilia, which may help.

  51. kat says:

    Beautiful holy week:
    Mission on first 3 nights; all complete EF ceremonies of Sacred Triduum.

    My son passed his Confirmation test and will be confirmed during Easter Week.

    My daughter is preparing for First Communion for May.

    And we’re supposed to have sun and 70 degrees tomorrow!

  52. Elly says:

    I’ve been working to improve my life in a variety of ways. I’ve been praying the rosary most days, just ordered a 1962 Missal, and in an effort to be more feminine and modest I bought some long skirts which I’m trying to wear whenever its practical to do so (which is taking a lot of getting used to!)

  53. Jenny says:

    I’m now 26 weeks pregnant and the nausea has finally subsided. My thoughts have turned to what we need for this baby #3. We were discussing the merits of a double stroller to keep at least two corralled. The Sunday after this discussion, the homeschooling family with five children that sits near us offered us their double stroller out of the blue! They are moving and didn’t want to take the stroller to the new house. Woo hoo! One less thing to think about.

  54. Louis says:

    My dad went to confession yesterday for the first time in 40 years.

  55. Liz F says:

    Louis, that’s the kind of good news I love to hear about. Woohoo!

  56. idatom says:

    Ditto to Liz F’s comment about the return to the Church of Louis’ Father. I will have a Mass read for him and for Jenny’s new baby. This will be more good news for them.

    Keep the Faith
    Tom Lanter

  57. prairie says:

    My protestant husband is actually considering coming to mass with me for the next few months. Long story I won’t go into. He may decide not to, but the fact that he’s even considering it is a miracle.

  58. Dr. Eric says:

    My In-Laws move to Alaska in less than a month!

  59. coeyannie says:

    I’m happy to be Catholic today. I will be happier when Catholics stop saying “take Communion” and say “receive Communion”. After all, when you receive Holy Communion on the tongue, you are not “taking” it, ditto, for in the hand, except for some lame brains who grab at the Host. Anyway, I choose to be happy today, even though I am crabby.

  60. Martial Artist says:

    My wife and I heard on Sunday that we will be having our Rite of Full Communion within the next several months. We are both filled with joy at the prospect.

    Keith Töpfer

  61. Louis says:

    Thanks Liz F and Tom Lanter. He has been going to Mass every week. I have never know him to miss a Sunday and only missed one Holy Day and that was b/c he thought the Bishop said it was optional. I had invited him one time to confession. and then I asked he and my mom if they could watch the little kids while myself and the big kids could go. Well, he went on a special day and time for Lent. My mom told me but said I could not say anything to him!

    prarie, I will offer my rosary for you and your family. my wife is an anything but Catholic Christian.

  62. tioedong says:

    the Philippine Bishops conference has the Visita Iglesia on line…with seven Manila cathedrals and the stations of the cross. link So that the Pinoys in places like Saudi can do their “visits” on Holy Thursday.

    We live in the provinces, but still follow the old customs. LINK

    and our neighbor has her chapel put up so they can chant the Passyon in Tagalog

  63. Joe S.R. says:

    For holy week this year, the priests at my parish are facing (and faced at the solemn mass on palm Sunday) ad orientem!This will be the second year in a row for us.

    And I recently got news that I may be getting a donation towards my school debts, which have prevented my from pursuing a vocation to the religious life.

    God be praised!

  64. Mary G says:

    Chrism Mass today. Beautiful to see all our priests gathered around the Bishop to renew their Commitment. Our diocese is large geographically but small numerically. Our Cathedral was crowded for the Mass.

  65. bookworm says:

    My daughter will be confirmed on April 9 — I have promised to get her a new purple dress for the occasion (purple seems to be her favorite color at the moment).

  66. God willing, I’ll be celebrating Easter Mass at Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, New Jersey. Then Monday and Tuesday at the Inn of Cape May in NJ. Then a drive up North to NYC and points northern – who knows where?

  67. wanda says:

    It is truly heartening to hear everyone’s good news. We really need it don’t we? Ttony, I loved your picture of the Goldfinches, just in time for Fr. Z.’s museum picture, too. They are beautiful, here we are blessed with the American Goldfinch.
    Dr. Eric, your exclamation point speaks volumes!
    I am so happy to hear SuzyQ has a new grandson and that her daughter chose life for her baby!
    Happy to hear of the other expectant Mother’s excitement over their children. And finally, I’m happy for you Mandrivnyk, I remember your prayer request from a previous post. May you be happy and blessed in your new job and I’ll pray for your Mom, too!
    God’s love endures forever.

  68. benyanke says:

    Just got home from Chrism mass. Awesome seeing the bishop and catching up most of our 25+ seminarians!

    Praise be to God for Bishop Morlino!

  69. Ame E. says:

    In central MA, there are 3 extraordinary form triduums going on, and one Latin Novus Ordo triduum, We are blessed with the choices out there. My son is serving Good Friday, Holy Saturday and playing organ for 2 masses on Easter.. It is his birthday today by the way and he is 16… this was my premature baby..
    God is good.

  70. prairie says:

    Thanks, Louis! I’ll pray for your family, too.

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