More dopiness

Mo Dowd of Hell’s Bible is also never clever.

She did, however, come up with this one all by herself!

Yup, we need a Nope.

A nun who is pope.

Hmmm.. what rhymes with nope… ?

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  1. DisturbedMary says:


  2. Jason Keener says:


  3. Thomas S says:

    What rhymes with nope?

    How about Frigid-ice-queen-who-should-do-mankind-a-favor-and-never-open-her-poison-tongued-mouth-again-or-put-bilefilled-pen-to-paper-because-she-is-a-bigotted-hateful-tedious-and-unentertaining-ope?

  4. This chick should douse her head is some freezing holy water and pray for deliverance.
    Yeah, that’s all we need.
    Some damned femi-nazi woman religious in charge of the Church.
    As if things weren’t bad enough:<)!

  5. DetJohn says:

    Ditto for Dope

  6. EnoughRope says:

    She gives me hope for a literary future!

  7. SPWang says:


  8. Misanthrope? (Well it spells like a rhyme anyway ;) )

  9. SPWang says:


  10. kiwitrad says:

    But not Ms O’Dowd I hope

  11. JARay says:

    Good’un kiwitrad!

  12. Father Flores says:


  13. jaykay says:

    “Yup, we need a Nope.

    A nun who is pope”.

    Sorry, dear, but “nope” – as in “not a hope” – is exactly the appropriate answer to that little pipedream. Now go away and play with your burlap banners and sand-in-the-font and try not to annoy the adults.

  14. poohbear says:

    A nun who’s a pope???
    Wash your mouth out with soap!

  15. frleo says:

    If you think that is a hope
    You must be quite the dope

  16. irishgirl says:

    Dope-that’s the word to describe Mo Dowd. Makes me ashamed to be Irish.

    I like what you all said, Thomas S [that was a tongue-twister!], nazareth priest, jaykay and pooh bear! Good comebacks! [thumbs up]

  17. TJerome says:

    Ms. Dowd’s on Dope. She just another fake Catholic at the New York Slimes.

  18. And yea, MoDo did have a dream. And she saw the chaste Bride, yea, Mother Church herself, with a triple tiara on her head, resplendent upon her throne. And she was within a place like unto a schoolroom; but instead of a scepter, Mother Church bore a yellow ruler in her hand. Quoth she, “Come here, MoDo, and write upon the digital whiteboard what I shall say.”

    “What shall I write?” said MoDo.

    Quoth the Church, “‘I will not show disrespect for the Pope’. 100 times.”

    “I will not write it,” said MoDo.

    “Then I shall whack you with my ruler, and then you shall write it.”

    “But wherefore should you make me do such a thing?”

    “So that you may know what it would be like to have a nun as Pope. Start writing.”

  19. germangreek says:

    I hope
    The dope
    Can find enough rope
    To hang (metaphorically, of course) herself with!

  20. irishgirl says:

    Good one, Suburbanbanshee! Love it!

    (I never went to Catholic school as a kid, but my late mother-born in Germany-did, and she used to tell us stories about how nasty the Sisters who taught her in elementary schools were. They did the ruler on the knuckles routine!)

  21. lofstrr says:

    Mo honey, the Episcopal church has everything you want… including your Nope. So go already.

  22. Suburbanbanshee: ROFL!!!
    She wants a nun for the Pope?
    Your accurate comment says “nope”…
    If the poor thing would just think
    Maybe she could help us out of this stink!

  23. Rob Cartusciello says:

    And slide to Hell via slippery slope.

  24. Bob Glassmeyer says:

    I scope
    with my soap on a rope
    a misanthrope
    who’s smoking dope
    and about to elope
    and cannot cope
    with walls painted taupe
    in the insane asylum
    I’ve called home for some time now

  25. PilarDLS says:

    Soap, as in, “Wash Maureen’s nasty mouth out with soap.”
    Grrr. She’s part of the Al Gore “global warming” windbag brigade.

  26. Bornacatholic says:

    I can’t remember who it was who dubbed her “Queen of Snots” but that moniker fits her perfectly.

    She chose Feminism over Catholicism and look at her now. She is bitter, angry, single, alone, and all she can do is hate the Church as a way to justify her perfidy.

    I hope her hatred for Holy Mother Church remains icy cold because if it ever rises to a state where her hatred is lukewarm then she is toast.

    With hatred there is hope.

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