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This is confirmation of what we already know.

From a friend:

…..1962 Missale Romanum!!! (and Latin breviaries are not far behind..)

The AD should play a gingle like “Tradition, works every time it’s tried” or “Catholic identity, 20 centuries of guaranteed success” or “2000 years: how’s that for time-tested reliability?”

“But wait, there’s MORE! Young people like it! With a New “old” Missal you get several young vocations a year and countless graces a day! Order Now!”

http://www.paxbook.com/algorithmiS/servusPrimus?iussum=monstraPaginamPrimam (scroll down to the right )


1. Missale Romanum Ex Decreto SS. Concilii Tridentini Restitutum Summorum Pontificum Cura Recognitum
2. Missale Romanum
3. Der Glaube in Bildern
4. Missale Romanum Editio Typica Tertia
5. Catholic Church and Modern Science
6. Liturgia Horarum vol. II. Tempus Quadragesimae. Sacrum Triduum Paschale. Tempus Paschale
7. Compendium Eucharisticum
8. Liturgia Horarum vol. III. Tempus per annum, hebdomadae I – XVII
9. Lettera “Communionis Notio” su alcuni aspetti della Chiesa intesa come Comunione
10. Rituale Romanum
11. Pontificale Romanum
12. Annuario Pontificio 2009
13. Communicationes 2005
14. Communicationes 2008
15. Liturgia Horarum vol. I. Tempus Adventus, Tempus Nativitatis
16. Liturgia Horarum vol. IV. Tempus per annum, hebdomadae XVIII – XXXIV
17. Ordo missae ad usum fidelium
18. Bibliorum Sacrorum Nova Vulgata editio maior
19. Rituale Romanum ed.princeps
20. Liturgia Horarum Tegumentum e corio factum
21. Martyrologium Romanum
22. Dominus Est
23. Breviarium Romanum

No. 9 is also interesting. That’s certainly due to either more parish priests educating their people, or the faithful themselves getting interested and looking for stuff. “Gravitational” pull full steam ahead! Of course the actual numbers would be interesting to know, but it’s still a pretty comforting to see no?

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  1. doanli says:

    My priest commented to me last week that it is the young people, young families coming to the old Latin Masses, not just the old who are there for strolls down memory lane.

    I am waiting for a Latin Missal to arrive at my local Catholic store; my 11 year old son has expressed an interest in learning Latin now. :)


    Has anyone seen the latest ALTAR EDITION of the ’62 Missal printed by the Vatican (without the notes by that Manoli (sp.?) fellow. Is it good quality?

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