Pelosi invokes St Joseph for her bill

Did I understand this right? Did Speaker Pelosi REALLY invoke St. Joseph for the passage of this health care legislation? From NO online:

Friday, March 19, 2010 Oh Dear, Saint Joseph [Kathryn Jean Lopez] Correct me if I am wrong, but the outrage of this isn’t that she’s praying to Saint Joseph for the passage of her life-threatening health-care legislation (bad enough) but that she comes as close to claiming his endorsement as she can get away with: [THE VIDEO DIDNT PASTE… Sorry] UPDATE: Yes, as I mentioned on Twitter, she’s also off on what feast day it is today. 03/19 02:49 PMShare

Some one please post a link to the YOUTUBE clip. NB: Pelosi says today is St Joseph the Worker. Fail. Double Fail.


The video… you decide.


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  1. doanli says:

    Let’s hope St Joseph answers her prayer. I think it will not be in the way she is hoping.

  2. Ttony says:

    Father, it’s here:, and it’s a 24 carat disgrace.

  3. rayrondini says:

    whoops – beat me to it, ttony!

  4. Mary Kay says:

    double fail indeed. She should pray she doesn’t get struck by lightning.

  5. Ttony says:

    She, and her 60 Heads of religious congregations …

  6. MWindsor says:

    Well, she certainly got a great deal of cover from the nuns that wrote to support the bill.

  7. What a reprehensible human being. The sad thing is that there are clergy and religious who completely agree with her.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    If we ever needed a miracle from Saint Joseph, now is the time!

  9. Jon says:


    On a brighter note – will you still be in NYC for Cardinal Egan’s High Pontifical Mass at Holy Innocents on Thursday?

    Our parish is sending a bus from Harrisburg, and I know a lot of folks going who would love to see you there.

  10. TNCath says:

    That girl, that girl. She just can’t get ANYTHING about the Catholic Faith correct!

  11. wanda says:

    Sister Simone Campbell, ‘NETWORK’, is on Fox news. Swell. She says she is for the bill. Despite the U.S. Bishops. She says the abortion language is just fine with her.

    She says this is a Gospel issue for her. Dear Lord.

  12. mdillon says:

    I will be praying, through the intercession of St. Joseph, for Speaker Pelosi’s conversion to the truth faith.

  13. JonM says:

    Does a heretic have to rip apart born infants on live television to incur formal, absolute, open, proclaimed excommunication?

    The scandal that she and other ‘my way’ Catholics (Sean Hannity, Bill OReilly included) is enormous.

    We hear much about ecumenism. Well…

    I can report first hand that Baptists love to point out this apparent disconnect and mainline Protestants rendered homeless quesiton whether it is sensable to adopt ‘rigorous disciplines’ while prominent Catholics (in public life or in families) openly violate apparently important precepts.

    St. Thomas Becket, ora pro nobis!

  14. ckdexterhaven says:

    I feel like apologizing to Jesus and his Foster Father, Saint Joseph, that our country has put this evil woman in power. I pray that she has an epic fail on Sunday. I refuse to stop praying for ALL Catholic, pro abortion democrats, that their hard hearts change.

  15. Jane says:

    Nancy don’t insult St. Joseph, but asking him to support your rubbish. By the way Nancy, it was not the feast day of St Joseph the Worker either. That is another of his feast days.

    Stop invoking the Catholic religion to work against it! I pray for Nancy’s conversion and for the conversion of all other politicians, who flaunt a phony Catholicism to try and get their way.

  16. jasoncpetty says:

    May St. Joseph pray for her, that her eyes be opened or be closed forever.

  17. kelleyb says:

    God have mercy on all of us.

  18. Peggy R says:

    I have prayed for St. Joseph’s intercession as well. The Litany of St. Joseph is a good prayer.

    Interestingly, last Lent my spiritual work of mercy was to pray daily for the conversion of Nancy and other pro-abortion Catholics. That was in the wake of her attempt to portray her Vatican visit with triumph. I prayed the Litany to St. Thomas More, authored by a US bishop–I think from Delaware. I’ll have to review again.

    It is tragic for her soul as well as the safety of American lives to see her spiraling into the abyss of sin.

  19. Geoffrey says:

    My question is: Is this woman truly ignorant or purposely malicious?

    More and more I see the importance of the command “pray for the conversion of sinners.”

  20. Today, I spoke with some elderly Catholics, who go to Adoration weekly and until recently, daily Mass. They have tithed their entire lives and love the Church. However, they are for the health bill. Obviously, good Catholics are confused on this. Why they lack discernment, I do not know. Why Pelosi lacks discernment, I do not know. But what she did in invoking the Foster Father of Jesus amounts to blasphemy. How can the very Saint who was awakened in the middle of the night by an angel so that the Christ Child was not murdered with the Holy Innocents by a power-hungry, paranoid ruler, support a bill which kills children? St Joseph vs Herod. Pelosi cannot see the Truth at all.

  21. jlmorrell says:

    JonM hits the nail on the head. All these Catholics in public life who repeatedly defy the Church and cause scandal should have been formally excommunicated long ago. When will our Bishops begin to use real weapons to defend the faith and protect real Catholics?

  22. From the Anchoress, who has an excellent comment and righteous anger on this subject of Pelosi:

    Archbishop Chaput: The Captivity of Catholic Witness:

    . . . supporters of health care reform at any cost, facts don’t seem to matter when a coveted goal seems within reach. The American bishops have repeatedly shown their support for good healthcare reform. They’ve worked tirelessly and honestly for more than seven months to help craft acceptable legislation. But they’ve also shown—and posted readily on the web—how and why the current Senate version of reform fails in at least three vital areas: abortion and its public funding; conscience protections for medical professionals and institutions; and the inclusion of immigrants. Congressional leaders have no one to blame but themselves for the opposition they’ve had to face. . . . If the defective Senate version of health-care reform pushed by congressional leaders passes into law—against the will of the American people and burdened by serious moral problems in its content—we’ll have “Catholic” voices partly to thank for it. And to hold responsible.

  23. Catherine says:

    Geoffrey, I think she’s both. This may not be very charitable, but I draw the line when someone (particularly a fellow “Catholic”) attacks the Church. You know how in the story of Pinocchio, his nose grew longer when he lied? Well, I think her face is melting with each lie.

    St. Joseph, pray for us and for our once-great nation….

  24. chloesmom says:

    Wow … there are no words for this total, abysmal ignorance. “Father, forgive her, for she’s totally clueless” … Unbelievable.

  25. TJerome says:

    If “Archbishop” Neiderauer doesn’t excommunicate Peloooooooooooosi, then I pray the Holy Father excommunicates him. Enough is enough. He if cannot perform his essential functions as the Archbishop of San Francisco, he should be sacking groceries or pumping gas (honest work)

  26. catholicmidwest says:

    Wait–let me get this straight. She prayed to St. Joseph that her bill that kills unborn children might pass with his assistance, right?

    How can someone so completely stupid manage to get elected like that? Oh, I forgot, she’s from San Francisco where they can’t tell boys from girls, even naked. The world is full of idiots. This is proof.

  27. bookworm says:

    I happened to hear Colin Donovan on EWTN radio this afternoon giving a fantastic explanation of the difference between immediate and remote cooperation, and how any so-called Catholic politician who votes for this travesty will be guilty of immediate cooperation in the evil of abortion.

    While answering callers he also addressed the scandal given by the Catholic Health Association and the sisters who spoke in favor of the bill. Then he said as a figure of speech “It doesn’t matter what Sister Y or Father Z say….” but then he corrected himself to add “Now, there is a good Father Z, of course, I’m not referring to him…”

  28. emily13 says:

    I thought it funny that she said “just about every religious order you can think of was there.”

    Really? I can think of a whole lot of orders that were not there.

    Let’s start with those who belong to the CMSWR.

  29. Fr. B says:

    Religious Orders have signed on? SND de Namur? And thereby inferring the whole Catholic Church? This creates so much confusion among the Faithful. Please read the Bishop’s position, and the statement of Cardinal George at the USCCB website for the position of the Catholic Church.

  30. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    Bookworm, I almost ran off the road when I heard that, I was laughing so hard.

    Prayer, Piety and Action. Pray, pray, pray and practice piety, go to confession, go to Mass, enjoin the Church with personal acts of good. Action, call your elected representatives’ offices, if possible go visit in person.

  31. catholicmidwest says:

    Pelosi not only can’t figure out who St. JOseph is, she can’t figure out who’s a sister and who isn’t.

    HEY Pelosi, those are tourists out on the National Mall, not nuns. Put those pills down and get some sleep lady.

  32. New Sister says:

    Let Speaker Pelosi pray to St Joseph all the more – *invite* it…for Ste Teresa de Avila says the glory of commending prayers to St Joseph is that he “fixes” them for us. (i.e., when we don’t ask for the right things, he does so on our behalf.)
    St Joseph, OPN…& happy Feast Day!!!

  33. wanda says:

    Oh, New Sister! Thank you so much for your post! Oh, I needed some hope today!
    God bless you.

    St. Joseph pray for us and for Country.

  34. John 6:54 says:

    Could we all pray for a Fr. Corapi “Butt Kickin Prayer” for Speaker Pelosi?

    Fr. Z you might have to repost this one

    Every day it gets worse.

  35. TMA says:

    St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.

  36. EXCHIEF says:

    She may have made the fatal mistake. St. Joseph just might cause some who were going to support this travesty of a bill to vote NO. I pray that’s the case.

  37. Maltese says:

    Mensque pati durum sustinet aegra nihil.–Ovid

    I can give no other reason why she would maniacally implore a Saint she knows in her heart is against abortion. St. Joseph, despite the odds, suffered so much just to facilitate the birth of Our Lord….

  38. bookworm says:

    Also, did Pelosi forget, or never realize, that St. Joseph the Worker’s actual feast day was intended to invoke his protection of the Church AGAINST communism? It coincides with “May Day,” when the Russkies used to have their big parade of military might in Red Square.

    So it stands to reason that St. Joseph the Worker would intercede AGAINST anything that even remotely smacks of communism, socialism, or an attempt by the state to encroach on the works of the Church. I think she picked the wrong saint to mess with.

  39. I cannot believe that a Catholic can persist in error without some inkling of the Truth, unless she has completely deceived herself. We must pray for her.

  40. Peggy R says:

    BW: Interesting irony in your last post.

    I just viewed the clip. She named the School Sisters of Notre Dame. They are not what they were when I was a kid. Even in the early-mid 70s in the wake of the Council and new NO, when I attended Catholic grade school, the nuns were in habits and the NO was celebrated by the book, sung maybe, altar boys, communion n the tongue and so forth. Things started to change when a young associate pastor arrived and wanted to do mass around the altar with one grade separate from the rest of the school…and habit-less nuns arrived on the scene…

  41. Geoffrey says:

    All day I’ve had this picture of Saint Joseph in heaven putting his hands up saying “Don’t drag ME into this!” (“This” being the US health care debate!)

  42. Random Friar says:

    I am perfectly willing to give a pass to the “St. Joseph the Worker” flub. I hear it often from good Catholics. Easy mental mistake.

    The attachment of the Blessed Protector of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her unborn Son of God? It defies logic and imagination. Truth *is* stranger than fiction.

    And you know why I can’t get more righteously angry at her? Because some of my fellow religious gave her the cover she needed.

    I fear that God is just.

    I can only pray for His mercy on all of us. “Between the porch and the altar let the priests, the ministers of the LORD, weep, and say, “Spare, O LORD, your people…”

  43. Father G says:

    First Saint Francis. Now Saint Joseph. Which saint will she misrepresent next?!

    If you would like to email Ms. Pelosi to let her know about her errors, she can reached at

  44. TonyLayne says:

    The Anchoress truly ripped Pelosi a new one:

    The more angry San Fran Nan makes us, the harder we should pray for her … and for all of us. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.

  45. nzcatholic says:

    That Lady is a dangerous politician. She knows that some Catholics dont support the bill so she goes and sounds like she is a Catholic with the aid of a Catholic Saint. Luke warm Catholics will full into line and those who aint Catholic will think that it must be morally ok if Catholics are supporting it.
    Thats scandel.
    We should pray to St Joesph that the bill fails and that she be converted. Also a perhaps a prayer in reparation to St Joesph for being dishonoured in such a way on his feast day

  46. Ellen says:

    My home parish is dedicated to St. Joseph and I’ve always been devoted to that just man. I pray that this bill goes down to defeat. God help us if it passes.

    As for Herself. I hate to say this about anyone, but I despise her. I’ll pray for her – with clenched teeth, but I’ll pray for her. My Lenten resolution was to say the Leonine prayers every day for our country. I am going to keep on praying them even after Lent. I think we will need them.

  47. SPWang says:

    Oh please. This will be edited, and I’m sorry Fr. but she is a dead set b***h.
    Fancy her using the most chaste, the most dedicated, the most humble of people to ever grace this Earth as a means to peddle ANY legislation even health care reform.
    St. Joseph Pray for us…and her.

  48. Eric says:

    She pronounces the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur as “Do no more.”

    YES! Please, Do no more!

    St. Joseph terror of Demon pass (or is that “Deem and pass”) pray for us.

  49. PostCatholic says:

    Wow. You’d think you guys could distinguish between Speaker Pelosi’s religion and her policies. But once again the vehemence and hate of several of the commenters here exposes the littleness you folks suffer under.

    Is it possible that someone has a Catholic faith and devotional practice which doesn’t align with those of the “slavishly accurate”? Really, folks, can you have no respect at all for those whom you disagree with? Is it an all or nothing proposition with your faith, such that unless someone sees things your way when they expresses religious conviction it can only

    In terms of logic, what you guys are doing is engaging in a particularly mean-spirited polemic called an “argumentum ad hominem.” Shame on Rev. Zuhlsdorf who should be presumed to know better, and also to know the ugly direction in which such a post might lead.

    It’s also interesting that so many people here are “praying” the bill “goes down in defeat” rather than is amended to something that removes the abortion concerns to which they object. That is an error of conflation.

  50. PostCatholic says:

    Hmm… didn’t finish a thought there. Doesn’t matter. You get my point: Do a gut check on your anger. Love the sinner, hate the sin, to put it into your terms.

  51. Tradster says:

    PostCatholic. Aptly named. Even without abortion the bill is a socialist abomination and needs to be permanently defeated. Sadly, liberals never quit or take no for an answer.

  52. Ed the Roman says:


    This is not argument ad hominem. It’s polemic, but it’s not ad hominem. Ad hominem means sayin you can’t accept a position because of who holds it.

    By contrast, Mrs. Pelosi is being subjected to ridicule because she is telling ridiculous lies about the Faith and the Church to get her preferred policies enacted, she’s wrapping herself in the cloak of St. Joseph on his principal feast to do it, and she gets the feast in question wrong as the cherry on top of this poo Sundae.

  53. Mitchell NY says:

    Will she ever shut up? This is a sheer ploy to rope in religous or faithful people into their plan for Healthcare. Let’s see who she sites when millions still can nopt afford Healthcare and make the choice for rent or food and then get monetary penalties for not having insurance. Who will she invoke then on their behalf. If they wanted to fix the system, just set up a cheap gov’t plan where it will be so enticing that everyone will jump ship from their insurance and that will drive the cost through the basement floor. Then their cheap plan will reap so much profit because of sheer volume. Accomplishes both needed things. But Nancy can not see through the clouds of Heaven all around her.

  54. erinalicia says:

    Her statement is so offensive on so many levels I don’t know where to begin. It’s truly frightening.

  55. Kerry says:

    “Droids? I don’t seem to recall owning any droids. RevZuhl Dorfs? I don’t seem to recall knowing any RevZuhl Dorfs.”

  56. wanda says:

    Cong. Ellsworth has changed his no vote to yes because of CHA and the letter from the 55 ‘nuns’. Don’t think that these sad nuns weren’t used by the administration. I’m sure they
    (the administration) began to salivate once they heard of these dissenters..who permitted themselves to be trotted out and put on display..’look, these Catholic ‘nuns’ all support the Health Care Bill!’

    Pitiable. In Charity I will pray for them, it’s really hard though, God forgive me.

  57. EXCHIEF says:


    How are we to distinguish between Pelosi’s politics and her religion when politics IS her religion?

  58. PostCatholic says:

    PostCatholic. Aptly named. Even without abortion the bill is a socialist abomination and needs to be permanently defeated.

    I am no longer Catholic but the experience of having been a Catholic (to the point of having attended seminary) colors my current beliefs. I intended to be apt.

    I am curious what your religious basis for defeat of “socialist abominations” were the abortion language to be removed. Well, let me be more specific. Abomination isn’t precise enough. What’s your religious basis for objection to socialism?

    Sadly, liberals never quit or take no for an answer.
    In my experience it’s both conservatives and liberals who will not quit. Such is the courage of conviction.

  59. irishgirl says:

    Good Lord-I didn’t see the video clip, though. I get really aggravated when I see her and hear her!

    St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, PLEASE pray for us!

    How can she mention his name for the passage of a bill that condemns unborn children to death by abortion? Unbelievable….

  60. poohbear says:

    If a republican invoked a saint, or made any religious comment, in reference to this bill, Pelosi and her crew would be screaming about separation of church and state. Nice double standard :(

  61. Girgadis says:


    As I see it, one of the reasons Mrs. Pelosi evokes such a visceral reaction from folks is because she blatantly disregards the Church’s authority on intrinsic evils like abortion. She was personally summoned for a visit with Pope Benedict, for which no cameras were permitted and from which no photos were released, which is indicative of the level of concern about her erroneous remarks regarding abortion. Since that visit, she has not changed her stance one iota. For someone who calls herself “an ardent practicing Catholic” she is woefully ignorant and seems uninterested in enlightenment. Every time she opens her mouth on anything Catholic, she’s embarrassingly wrong, to put it mildly. Too many people equally as misinformed are mislead into thinking that she represents official Catholic teaching when the opposite is true.

    With that said, I do think health care needs reform. I just don’t think this bill is the answer. It’s overly ambitious and loaded with things unrelated to the real causes of why so many Americans are uninsured. There seem to be two political agendas in this country right now. One is to fool people into believing abortion is reproductive health care to which every female is entitled. The other agenda is that the system we have is just fine and doesn’t need fixing. Neither position is acceptable to me. I don’t want to see this bill passed, nor do I want to see this issue returned to the dustheap and forgotten for another 12 years or so. Many of the politicians who oppose this bill have no intention of offering reform or participating in meaningful overhaul. Should this bill go down in defeat, I wonder if there are enough reasonable and moderate voices left in the Congress to offer a morally acceptable and fiscally safe alternative.

    As a Catholic I cannot reconcile how anyone can say they defend life from conception to natural death and then go on to call health care a privilege and not a right. People should not have to bankrupt themselves and their families to get the care they need, neither should there be pre-existing condition clauses. Unfortunately, no one in either political party seems interested in doing the right thing.

  62. Mike says:

    I saw the Anchoress’ blog, and she said, correcting Pelosi, that we “don’t pray” to St. Joseph, he prays for us.

    Huh? I guess the Q was kicked around on her blog, don’t know how she responded, but it seems a fairly clear point of RC teaching–we pray to the saints, and they go to God for us. Perhaps she’s thinking of all prayer at latria?

    Odd. Especially when correcting Pelosi’s goofy STJ the Worker thing.

  63. bookworm says:

    “neither should there be pre-existing condition clauses.”

    I think the kind of health care reform we ultimately need is something that moves people away from total dependence on employer-provided health insurance — or ANY kind of health insurance as we know it. Maybe the whole concept of insurance just doesn’t work when it comes to health care.

    Imagine how expensive car insurance would become if the law required it to cover not only accidents but also routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotation, etc. Or if your homeowner’s insurance covered things like having your gutters cleaned every year, or hiring someone to mow your lawn — it might be convienient, but the premiums would skyrocket and perhaps become more expensive than just paying for those routine maintenance items yourself would be.

    Now imagine how expensive car insurance would become if people were allowed to buy it AFTER they had already had an accident. Or if people could buy homeowner’s insurance AFTER their house had burned down or been hit by a tornado. Well, that is the dilemma health insurers face when they are required to cover pre-existing conditions.

    So what do we do about it? Do we just leave chronically ill people out in the cold and force them to bankrupt themselves to get the care they need? No, that’s not a solution either. Do we turn to health savings accounts, cooperatives, discounted health service plans, etc. for the routine stuff, and save classic health insurance for the rare and catastrophic events? Do we do what Danny Thomas did with St. Jude Children’s Hospital — gin up enough private charity and fundraising to enable them to treat every child free of charge? Maybe some good people with more expertise in this field than myself could come up with something.

  64. catholicmidwest says:

    Geoffrey, no question. She’s purposefully malicious just like Obama. That’s what I’ve been yelling since I first saw Obama’s sorry face but nobody wanted to listen. He’s a racist and makes no attempt to even cover that up now. People just don’t want to admit it because they’ve been told evil doesn’t exist. Well it does. And you’re looking at it when you look at Obama and Pelosi.

  65. catholicmidwest says:

    Oh Girgadis, let’s be honest.

    Some people claim a person can’t become a non-catholic by a life spent in rebellion. Baloney. It’s as possible to become non-catholic that way as it is to become catholic by conversion.

    A catholic who’s received the sacraments as a child has a mark on his soul, yes. But just as a person can violate and refuse life & grace itself and go to hell, they can violate those marks on the soul by unremitting rebellion. We do have free will.

    Take off the rose colored glasses. Evil exists–it’s real and it’s not just “out there somewhere.” It can attack and it can motivate people if they consent to it. A person can become an agent of evil. There have been many, many, many–small & large–in the course of history.

  66. catholicmidwest says:

    Some catholics–not all, mind you, but some–live behind this little belief that somehow they’re the chosen, the saved, the above-reproach, the immune to evil, while the rest of the world is automatically destined for something they don’t want to name. We even have songs that say things like “we are called, we are chosen…blah, blah, blah.”

    Well, it’s true that Catholicism is the truth, and that Catholicism is the best, easiest and most venerable way to be Christian. It’s also true that the Church can be counted on for myriad helps in the Christian life. BUT IT’S ALSO TRUE that you can go to hell at turbo speed even if you are a Christian if you commit yourself to doing so by rebellion and evil-doing. To whom much has been given, much is expected, as scripture says.

    The added kicker when it comes to ex-Catholics who do evil and then flaunt all the signs of being Catholic: they lead many people into evil by their wicked ways and lying. This is a perfect example of that.

  67. PostCatholic says:

    Since that visit, she has not changed her stance one iota.
    Well, it might be noted that neither did the Pope. As I said, it’s called the courage of conviction.

    For someone who calls herself “an ardent practicing Catholic” she is woefully ignorant and seems uninterested in enlightenment.
    That’s a stretch. You cannot presume that because Speaker Pelosi disagrees with the Church’s positions that she is uninterested in enlightenment. After all, she did attend the meeting.

  68. Girgadis says:


    Respectfully, I haven’t clue what you are talking about or why you addressed that post to me.

  69. Girgadis says:


    Apologies. I see EXACTLY what you are talking about. Thank you.

  70. Londiniensis says:

    Food for thought that Speaker Pelosi said that she had been taught by two of the signatories. By their fruit shall you know them …

  71. bookworm says:

    “Some catholics—not all, mind you, but some—live behind this little belief that somehow they’re the chosen, the saved, the above-reproach, the immune to evil, while the rest of the world is automatically destined for something they don’t want to name.”

    That attitude is not limited to liberal Catholics, however. I see plenty of rad-trad and conservative types who speak almost with glee of a coming chastisement — as if only “those” evil, unwashed, unenlightened folk are going to suffer from it.

    However, we are ALL sinners and any form of massive divine judgment on this nation or on unfaithful Catholics (which I greatly fear more and more by the day) is going to hurt EVERYONE, including ourselves and people we love, and it will NOT be pretty. Also, any “purifying” of the Church means some people are going to be lost, perhaps forever, perhaps even including people very close to us. I anticipate it about as eagerly as I would a root canal or having a leg or arm amputated… yes, these things are sometimes necessary for survival, but that does not make them any less painful. That is why I always pray for God’s mercy above all else.

  72. edwardo3 says:

    Where is Cardinal Torquemada when we need him?

  73. deborah-anne says:

    It’s time to call in Fr. Gabriele Amorth to pay a visit to Speaker Pelosi and Sr.Keehan. Perhaps he can help restore the special dignity God blessed them with which they have destroyed.

    When a Catholic woman chooses radical feminism over Catholicism, you can be sure there will be a reeking of havoc and sulfur. Just my weary opinion. It’s been a difficult week.

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