The Feeder Feed (Old Master Edition)

I haven’t been able to post about the Feeder, which is nevertheless visible on the Z-CAM.Twitter

When I am on the road I will sometimes post about birds from other sources.

For example, here is a fine Christological Goldfinch from Siena via the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC!

You will recall that this species of finch, according to legend, tried to help the Crucified Jesus by landing on His head and pulling out thorns.  That is how he got his little red streak in his own head.

Therefore, when you see these finches in these paintings of Mary with the Child Jesus, you see a foreshadowing of the Crucifixion.

As a bonus feeder contribution, we can turn to a different type of critter.

Here is a great maiolica dish from Deruta, Italy, dated c. 1550-60:

I love the image and inscription.


"Someone who washes the head of an ass wastes his soap."

I love the Met.

Go to a museum!  You find wonderful things and learn a great deal.

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  1. New Sister says:

    Oh you’re making me miss NY… I wish we who enjoy your blog could meet you at café Lalo (over near Broadway and the 80s some place)

  2. We may need a Manhattan blognic.

  3. New Sister says:

    How about a top-notch cocktail after the Holy Mass in D.C. on 24 April? We could get a garden & invite my heroes – all you Latinist Priests! :-) (I affectionately call the FSSP the Church’s “Delta Force” – Huah!)

  4. Ah yes! Our most blessed donkey, carrying our Lord into Jerusalem, with shouts about his ears and palms under his hooves, but with spittle upon his head from the scribes and Pharisees and priests, still to this day. No use washing his head, since he will only attract more spittle, true Jackass that he is. Ah yes, there are good jackasses out there. And it’s tolerable that someone tries to wipe the spittle off. No offense is taken!

    Father Renzo di Lorenzo

  5. mgalexander says:

    Father, I hope you saw “The Mourners” and “The Art of Illumination” (the entire “Belles Heures” of the Duc de Berry on display) while you were at the Met. If not, I would highly recommend that you return before you leave town. They are the greatest linked pair of museum exhibitions I have ever seen. Both are once-in-a-lifetime events.{A847D374-B77D-4447-B515-6187127F6462}

    In Christ,
    Matthew Alexander.

  6. mga: Oh yes… I saw the Duc of Berry’s book. Very fine. Also, at the Morgan Library is the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves!

  7. irishgirl says:

    What neat pictures-I wish I could get down to the Met!

    I love that inscription about the ass-too funny!

  8. wanda says:

    The dear little Goldfinches, I love the legend that they tried to help Jesus. I can think of a few donkeys heads on which soap would be wasted. But, I will resist…trying to be good and pray for them.

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