In fairness to writers in America Magazine

A couple things:

In America Magazine, Sean Michael Winters, who is wrong about most things, got something right about the ghastly MSM recent coverage clerical sexual abuse of children.  He is a bit late in his examination of the case in California, but he makes some good points…. a few of them new, as well.

Furthermore, Fr. James Martin, SJ, in the America, has a solid offering which must be read – especially reading thisFr. Martin’s piece is called "Celibacy does not cause pedophilia".   And he got something posted in the Huffington Post … which will surely draw thought and balanced reactions in that combox.  I think he underplayed the homosexual factor in the abuse cases, but he made a solid argument.

I bring these to your attention out of fairness.  They got this right.

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  1. RuariJM says:

    May I also draw this to everyone’s attention? It’s headlined ‘Should I stay or should I go?’

  2. DWB says:

    Funny how no one in the MSM would every have the huevos to openly question the vows of celibacy taken by buddhist monks.

  3. EnoughRope says:

    DWB: To play Devil’s Adv for a minute…. To my knowledge there haven’t been many cases of Buddhist monks molesting kids or sleeping with teenage boys in this country or Europe. While I don’t for a second think that celibacy has anything to do with it (the MSM is grasping at straws and trying not to offend gays by calling it homosexuality), the Buddhists (to my knowledge) remain off the radar.

  4. DWB says:

    EnoughRope: Off the radar maybe, but only because no one is willing to turn the radar set on. Unfortunately, there seem to be plenty of cases. They just rarely make it out of the local news.

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