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How libs and their “gay” allies want you crushed into silence

Crisis has a piece which talks about how homosexualist Jesuit (tautology?) James Martin, LGBTQSJ has urged his twitter and fakebook followers to attack LifeSite and other faithful Catholic sites for something they didn’t do. This isn’t the first time Martin … Read More

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Fr. Z responds to @JamesMartinSJ about “official” teaching on homosexuality

At Jesuit-run Amerika there is an article by Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr James Martin in which he writes about the “official” teaching, as he puts it, of the Church (he doesn’t use a capital) concerning homosexual inclinations and homosexual acts. … Read More

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Robert Card. Sarah, Terror of Libs

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald.  This is a terrific summary of the hate launched by liberals at Card. Sarah.  We owe the writer debt of thanks for piecing this together for the record.   He exposes … Read More

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Wherein Card. Burke is compared to Archbp. Lefebvre

Just in case you were wondering what sort of people were on the other side of the issue, this is a Twitter exchange between the Jesuit James Martin and Massimo Faggioli, a liberal academic in St. Paul: Card. Burke is … Read More

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Fr. James Martin’s spin on the CDF smackdown of the LCWR

The spin continues. Another example comes from Fr. James Martin, SJ of America Magazine.    (Remember his Twitter campaign to show appreciation of the nuns?) Martin’s arguments against despair over CDF’s smackdown of the the LCWR do not convince.   … Read More

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Check out one blog’s vivisection of Fr. James Martin’s (SJ) claims about LCWR’s vocations v CMSWR’s vocations.

Over at Amerika, our old friend, Fr. James Martin, SJ, wrote a piece in which he manipulated statistics so that it appeared that LCWR orders of nuns were getting as many vocations as the CMSWR nuns (the more traditional groups). That … Read More

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Fr. James Martin, SJ’s, sympathy for a call to ordain women

At the Jesuit run America Magazine, James Martin, SJ – who worked so hard to confuse as many people as he could into thinking that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was picking on all women religious in the … Read More

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Fr. James Martin, SJ, sticks up for Sr. Farley and her teachings

The usual suspects are encircling with nurturing and supportive embraces Sr. Margaret Farley, author of a  dreadful book, filled with grave errors concerning faith and morals.  Click HERE. Fr. James Martin, SJ (whose recent Twitter campaign demonstrates that he sides … Read More

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USAToday’s coverage of the #WhatSistersMeanToMe tag on Twitter (We are mentioned.)

I noticed this in USAToday: Twisting tweets make hash of hashtag support for nuns [Nooo… it brought clarity to support for nuns.] By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY Hesitate before you launch a hashtag. The experiences of President Obama and Catholic … Read More

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Tweeting for the Magisterium of Nuns

The acolytes of the Magisterium of Nuns, such as Fr. James Martin, SJ, of America Magazine, are pretending that the Holy See’s effort to reform the the LCWR is about Republicans and politics, or about their “social justice” work. Fr. … Read More

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In fairness to writers in America Magazine

A couple things: In America Magazine, Sean Michael Winters, who is wrong about most things, got something right about the ghastly MSM recent coverage clerical sexual abuse of children.  He is a bit late in his examination of the case … Read More

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