The editorial offices of Hell’s Bible

It looks as if at least one editorial cartoonist has gone my point about Hell’s Bible.

I am not sure who did that cartoon, but I would like to buy him a beer.


Your readers amaze me.  No sooner do I put this out there, but the great Fr. GM writes to say:

Sean Delonas of the NY Post. He also painted the altar mural at St. Agnes on 43rd St.. (In NYC).

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  1. deborah-anne says:

    This is priceless! The only thing missing from the cartoon is a couple of gimlets.

    Continued prayers for Pope Benedict.

  2. TomB says:

    Thank you Fr. GM! I saw him painting some of that mural, and I’m very glad to know who he is!

  3. TomB says:

    Fr Z: I’d buy him a six-pack of Jack Daniels for that one!

  4. Traductora says:

    You’re kidding! I have always loved the Post’s bizarre cartoons and I have always loved the St. Agnes mural – but I had no idea that such different things were done by the same person. Incredible.

  5. Cricket says:

    Sean Delonas is great. If you can find it online, check out the wonderful cartoon he did at the time of Pope John Paul II’s death. It portrays the Pope as a giant, striding with ease across the world.

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