Writers so bad they defy even blogosphere invective

It may be that the MSM campaign against the Catholic Church is losing some steam.  

They are therefore going to simply lash out with barely concealed hatred.

Case in point:

Check out the Boston Globe today and read a piece by the stunningly obtuse ex-priest James Carroll, whose books are so bad that they defy even blogosphere invective.

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  1. Athelstan says:

    I’ve reached the same point with James Carroll that I have with Maureen Dowd – they are really unreadable to me now. Especially when the subject is the Church.

    Carroll is a man who lost not only his collar but his faith. He is a bitter man. We ought to pray for him.

  2. esquiress says:

    I don’t get it — If you hate the Vatican and the Magisterium, if you want a democratic process that allows for women priests, gay rights, etc, but you are still attached to Romish liturgy, there is a place for you: the Episcopal Church. Surely swimming the Tiber in that direction has to be better for your soul than letting it marinate in hate for an institution you neither love nor respect…

  3. tewter says:

    How can leaving the Catholic Church for the Episcopal church be better for one’s soul under any circumstance? Those who claim to be Catholic but do not accept the laws of the Church and her teachings have already in a sense left the Church even if they call themselves Catholic. They are masqueraders. The invective spewed by Dowd and Carroll indicate a deep need for prayer and conversion. That is why some of us have to suffer for them. They, sadly, do not have an authentic relationship with Christ because they are so full of themselves.

    Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the Catholic bishops of the USA to inform the “Catholic” Hospital Association that they may no longer use the term “Catholic” in their title. We are in an all-out war and should not hide behind false prudence when what we need to do is confront with fortitude.

  4. SimonR says:

    I agree that the media are running out of steam.

    They must also surely see the support for the Holy Father at the Urbi et Orbi and the Regina Caeli today.

    I don’t remember seeing the crowds spill out onto the Villa Della at any recent Urbi et Orbi. Could be my memory is faulty of course!

  5. irishgirl says:

    SimonR-yes, and in spite of the rain that was pouring down!

    People like Carroll and Dowd are idiots, anyway. I am so sick and tired of people like them that I’d wish they’d go away!

  6. Widukind says:

    Having read Carroll’s article, which was bad enough, I also began reading the comments to it. These were so sickening I had to stop my reading and get out of it. The density and vacuity of these people is amazing. Are these the same educated, enlightened people who are buddy buddy with Obama? America does have a problem. I have always wondered about people like Carroll, and even the SNAP people, who go balistic over a sliver of iniquity in the eye of the Church, and then ignore the planks of the same inquity gouging the eye of secular institutions. Where is their outrage? And a second thought, are all these critics of the Church as niveous as they seem to be? If moral inconsistancies are the soup-de-jour, then let us have a peek at theirs. How many of them condone abortion? — which would necessitate then a wholesale acceptance of sexual promiscuity, extramarital gymnastics, and contraception — and homosexual relationships and activity? Of what does their sexual menu consist of? Could it be that they rail against the Church, and pay microscopic attention to her inquities, because theirs is a much broader and more delectable array of sexual iniquities? Are they only seeking cover for their own guilt? I might pay attention if such critics were transparent and sterling examples of the virtuous life. Wake me up if you find one of them a paragon of virtue and truth! It galls me when the pan keeps calling the pot and kettle black.

  7. Thomas S says:

    If we held a FAITH OF JAMES CARROLL MEMORIAL DERBY which horse would win:


    Both CHARITY and PERSONAL INTEGRITY were late scratches.

  8. catholicmidwest says:

    Yup, maybe they are running out of steam. An ex-Catholic, ex-priest, ex-writer for National Catholic Reporter. Wow. We’re down to the bottom of the barrel aren’t we?

    No need to read the article. I can sum it up. He hates Benedict XVI from the get go. There, time saved. Next.

  9. Sedgwick says:

    James Carroll, may you fall on your Constantine’s Sword.

  10. Marcin says:


    Swimming the Tiber out of Rome will not be best for their souls, but definitely better for their psyche.

    Now, your question why they don’t simply move to Episcopal/Anglican community has been baffling me for long time, until I realized that it is the word “Catholic” that they deep down in their confused hearts still esteem. They will smear with excrements the Church and the Pope, they will ridicule Christ’s orthodox servants, yet they cringe on a thought of loosing _that_ adjective. They know it points to Truth.

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