Good news from Phoenix!

A reader alerted me to this nice piece in the newspaper of the Diocese of Phoenix, the Catholic Sun

My attention was directed to the last line of the piece.  Here is some context, with my emphases.

Fr. Paul Sullivan, vocations director for the diocese, who spent time as a fellow seminarian with the ordinands, said all three are patient yet have a conviction for the truth. He looks forward to formally presenting the men to the bishop for service as priests.

“That is always a very special time when these men step forth from among their families and approach the bishop to serve as fathers in the family of the Church,” Fr. Sullivan said. “This is a very special time for all of us.”

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted said all three ordinands know well the challenges that the Church faces today, including the shortcomings of its members, “but without losing heart, they are ready and eager to be faithful priests of the Lord Jesus” and convincingly share the faith.

Deacon Parks hopes to see the diocesan family who has fostered these newest priestly vocations at ordination June 5 or their first Mass June 6. That is, as soon as he conquers his nerves. He admitted being thankful for the chasuble to minimize the signs of shaking.

Not one to drop his acting techniques too quickly, Deacon Parks just has to remember, “Do the red. Say the black.”

That’ll be just fine. Brick by brick, folks.

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  1. Randii says:

    How large is the Phoenix diocese? 3 ordinands seems like a tiny number and especially as the bishop is as I recall fairly orthodox.

  2. Central Valley says:

    The number of ordinations may be small BUT, you you have to look at how many men are now in formation since bishop Olmsted has been in Pheonix. Formation can take from four to ten years depending on the candidate. Good families and good priests foster more vocations. Kepp your eyes on Pheonix.

  3. bnaasko says:

    Since he studied in Denver, I have had the opportunity to meet Dcn. Matt Henry. He is a fine young man. Good for Phoenix!

  4. Central Valley says:

    Spring is always a great time in the Church, Pentocost and ordinations. This week my family and I will have a great blessing in attending the fiftieth anniversary Mass of Monsignor Raplh Belluomini in Bakersfield,Ca. Fr. Ralph has always been a priest to Say the Black and Do the Red. Had it not been for Fr. Ralph, there might night be an Extraordinary Form Mass in Bakersfield. Starting at San Clemente and now at St. Francis our numbers are 300 plus per week. Fr. Ralph has served the EF community since the early 80’s. We love him. Pray for vocations.

  5. idatom says:

    Fr. Z.;

    Bishop Thomas Olmsted is my kind of Bishop, we could use many more like him.
    Obviously Fr. Sullivan reads your bolg. You will never know all those you have reached via this vehicle and also The Wanderer. I often send links from WDTPRS to priests and seminarians who are on my email list, including our vocations director who is very Catholic.
    Continue your efforts.

    Tom Lanter

  6. And… the recent issue of May’s “Inside the Vatican”, there is a headline including “Brick by brick”:<)!
    It’s happenin’…be patient, pray and hope in the Lord, folks!! [Really? Brick by brick indeed!]

  7. Isn’t order important? Which comes first? Say the Black (Fr Z) or Do the Red (the diocese)? ;-)

  8. TJerome says:

    Sounds like Father Z’s influence is spreading far and wide. Thank God, is all I can say that Father Z converted to Catholicism. Sometimes it takes someone outside of the fold to appreciate what many of us inside the fold take for granted. Best, Tom

  9. Geremia says:

    @Comment by Randii — 24 May 2010 @ 7:27 pm:
    Here’s some info on the Phoenix diocese. In 2004, it had a Catholic population of about 0.6 million.

  10. my kidz mom says:

    Here in Phx we are 706,000 strong. Updated Phx stats for 2010: And yes, Bp. Olmsted is a faithful bishop…we are blessed!

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