Watch for this link in the liberal media

Today’s email inbox has the feeling of the traditional night of the week a thug comes home after a few with the guys and beats the tar out of the wife and kids.

The clerical abuse of children is the prized belt liberals outside the Church and progressives within the Church heave dramatically from their pants and use on Catholics who are not manifestly liberal or progressive. 

I say on Catholics, because this is a manifestation of anti-Catholicism.

The teachings of the Catholic Church and those who faithfully embrace them stand in the way of their deconstructing tank.

An example in the latest round of inebriated abuse comes from Nicholas Kristoff in The New York Times, who tries to draw the reader to conclude that since all members of the Catholic hierarchy are morally obtuse, because some members of the Catholic hierarchy did not excommunicate priests who harmed children, therefore a Catholic woman religious who approved a direct abortion should not have been excommunicated.

Kristof demonstrates that he doesn’t really understand what excommunication is.  He does, however, manage to mention the Borgias.  Clever, Nick. 

Lisa Miller gives another example.  Writing for her pander Newsweek, she laments the galactic injustices perpetrated against the noble American women religious at the hands of the wicked male hierarchy…. and, oh, by the way, did I mention the clerical sexual abuse of children?  What right do bishops have to act like bishops?  Isn’t ironic that a bishop (who by the way is a member of a group that protected pedophiles… did I mention pedophiles?) excommunicated a compassionate sister? 

You can go and read both those pieces.  They will sting a bit, mostly because they will offend your intelligence.  It’s the violation they commit in their attempt to humiliate that is must harmful.  The thwack of their belts leave marks that will quickly fade.

Watch articles and op-ed pieces in liberal and progressive publications, secular and Catholic, and remember that they are pushing an agenda.  They are trying to get Rome to crack on what they call a "policy" and ordain women, or approve same-sex relations, or distribute contraceptives, or lighten up on abortion, or … etc. 

Like an inebriated brute using violence these people will use anything at hand to beat the Church down into submission.

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  1. una ecclesia says:

    Unfortunately, journalism in several cases has ceased to become informative on the issue itself and has changed into informing us of a particular ignorant writer’s unstantiated and often logically faulty claims and arguments. Hopefully we as Catholics will not do as they do.

    That being said, I do not seem to understand this case with the sister who approved the abortion, for there are too many questions left unanswered. Was there really no other option besides the (wrong) direct abortion (was it even a direct abortion?), and would have continuing the pregnancy led to the deaths of both the mother and child, or just the mother herself? I also find it interesting that she has not even responded or protested but resigned voluntarily of her post. Also, why was she the only one to for whom the excommunication was publicized? Would not the doctors and others directly involved in the decision also have been automatically excommunicated?

  2. Peggy R says:

    “Saintly Nuns v Evil Male Hierarchy” motif part #3949499339…

    It’s all over the place this year w/the visitations and investigation pending. Also, women religious are not excluded from those involved in abuse of children. SNAP has chat pages about abuse by women religious as well. So, the women religious and their defenders need to get off their high horse.

  3. Dr. Eric says:

    All secular journalism is yellow journalism.

  4. CeeLee says:

    The MSM really want to driver Catholics out of the Church and into their arms. They really think they have something to offer us.

  5. StMalachy says:

    Unfortunately though attacks like this do have an impact on improperly formed Catholics – of whom there are many! The grand tactic is to make people feel they are in the minority or that they are the ones who are “out of touch” because people like to be part of the crowd.

    The tactic was well described as long ago as 1925 in a book called Mein Kampf.

  6. KAS says:

    If these women hate the Catholic Church so much they can take their heretical little butts down to the nearest ecclesial community that shares their particular beloved heresy and JOIN THEM. I’ll pray for them and that they lose all ability and authority to misguide weak uncatechised Catholics.

    I am so GLAD, as a woman who struggles to conform her inner and outer self to the teaching of Christ handed down in his Catholic Church, to see the hierarchy stepping up and being vocal about excommunications. It is wonderful each time a Bishop or a Priest stands up and tells it like it is–rather than pandering to people who love comfort more than Godliness.

  7. Jack Hughes says:

    You know that something is amiss when Sr. Joan Chittister OSB is being quoted, listen to this “Churches that cling to sexism in the name of God will find themselves ignored on other issues.

    Hmmm…. so why dear sister are traditional religious orders such as the Benedictines of Mary and the Dommnican Sisters in Nashville thriving with young women seeking to take Christ as thier spouse, and why are Orders that have thrown off the ‘spirit’ of Vatican Two and instituted a proper return to their roots such as the English provence of the Dommnican Friars overwhelmed with young educated, professional men who are willing to leave everything behind to follow Christ?

    Like the Little Flower we need to pray and sacrifice much for these poor misguided fools

  8. irishgirl says:

    Jack Hughes-bravo for your words!

    These misguided ‘religious’ can’t see past their own noses.

    There’s a talk coming up in my area from ‘sister’ Theresa Kane [remember when she stood before John Paul II at the National Shrine in Washington during his 1979 visit and ‘demanded’ that women be admitted to all Church ministries….a not too subtle shot of admitting females to the priesthood]. She’s going to be talking about the Vatican Visitation of women’s religious communities. And guess what? It’s being sponsored by ‘Call to Action’…sheesh….

    And KAS-I’m with you, too!

  9. Blissmeister86 says:

    (Yawn), there’s nothing progressive at all about these arguments. They’re merely pesky recycled heresies that have been used against the Church for centuries.

  10. Margaret says:

    Latest issue (June 7) of Time Magazine features this lovely headline: Why Being Pope Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry.,16641,20100607,00.html Frankly, there’s too much steam pouring out of my ears right now for me to read the article… Grrrrr…. (You have to see the cover illustration to get the full impact.)

  11. Norah says:

    Unfortunately the number of people who are able to intelligently analyse this viterol is very small compared to the number of people who take as gospel every piece of writing, no matter how ill informed, that criticises the Catholic Church. How can we get the truth out there? I have posted around the traps e.g. that the documents used by the NYT didn’t support their claims and have been accused, by baptised Catholics, of defending paedophilia! It would seem that if objective truth supports the Church it is jetisoned in favour of anything which confirms prejudice.

  12. robtbrown says:

    1. There’s a reason why the editor of Newsweek Jon Meacham, an MOR type who seems a decent sort (an Episcopalian), is appearing on TV more and more often. He is positioning himself near the lifeboats as the ship continues to take on water.

    2. On Lisa Miller’s Facebook page she asks the question whether it is possible for a feminist to be anti-abortion. All three responses were terse and in the negative.

    3. I don’t think that Newsweek and the NY Times have much influence on cultural and religious issues. In the past they were news organizations that could subtly inject their own ideology. Now cable news has taken over reporting and the print media must be more and more commentary, that ideology is more and more evident.

    Only those who already agree with them are interested in their articles.

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