WDTPRS Skype voicemail fixed… sort of

I have solved my skype voicemail problems …. at least in part.

I can receive my voice on only one of the computers on the network, the one that runs the Z-Cam no less.

Therefore, I can from time to time shut down the Z-Cam and collect my voicemails.

Thanks to those of you who used the number to leave prayer requests and feedback.

I need to make some choices about renewing my skype numbers in the first week of June.

If I get more voicemails (and perhaps even donations to keep the voicemail numbers in the USA and UK!), that will help my decision making process.

I am mystified as to why I cannot get my voicemails on my other desktop or my laptop with which I travel.  I am wondering if this has something to do with audio card drivers.

I have written to skype numerous times about the problem and have never received a response.  Apparently other people have this problem too.

  • My USA number is: 651-315-8191 (not my US mobile phone)
  • My UK number is: 020-3239-5957 (not my UK mobile phone)
  • My skype id is: wdtprs

Right now I have wdtprs open on the ‘puter that runs the Z-Cam.  So… if you are listening when a call comes in you will probably hear the ringtone before it goes into voicemail.

NOTA BENE: I do not answer the calls.  I have skype set up to send you directly into voicemail.

I very much enjoy getting your VMs and thank those who took the time to leave them.

I may make a PODCAzt later today and plan to include at least one of them (now that I can pull them in). 

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