REVIEW: Mystic Monk Coffee

was so impressed by the proposed plans for the new Carmelite Monastery in Wyoming, that I decided to check out Mystic Monk Coffee and help them peddle some.

Pounds and Grounds and Compounds

I developed a strong interest in good coffee when, for a few years, I had a job in a coffee/tea store long before the invasion of Starbucks and Caribou was spotted on the horizon.  We designed our own blends and roasted our own beans.

I am in Kansas City, visiting a friend, who purchased some varieties of Mystic Monk Coffee.  I have now had a chance to try a few of them.

In my mug right now is Midnight Vigils Blend.

I am favorably impressed.

I prefer a sturdy bean (Sumatra is a favorite) and dark roast.  I like my coffee very strong.

The Mystic Monk does it for me.

I endorse this coffee.  I have decided to change my own coffee drinking patterns. It is competitively priced compared to, say, Starbucks (which I have been been buying), especially when you consider free shipping on their 4 Bag Sampler.

Furthermore, buying coffee from the monks will help the monks.  As a bonus, if you buy it through my link, you will help me as well.

You can buy their coffee HERE and help them build their place while fueling your caffeine addiction.

What’s not to like?

Buy coffee.  Build a monastery.

UPDATE 31 Aug 21:23 GMT

I just saw that you can buy their coffee in larger amounts!

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