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Wyoming and 18 states defend 2nd Amendment against New Jersey, federal courts

From FNC: 19 states join legal fight against New Jersey’s concealed weapons law CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Wyoming is leading a coalition of 19 states asking the U.S. Supreme Court to let them submit a brief supporting a New Jersey man’s … Read More

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“Meanest mother in Wyoming”

I saw this on facebook, which I look at about once a day. Wonderful!  Reason #6467 to love Wyoming.   Speaking of Wyoming, help the Wyoming Carmelites ….

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Mystic Monk Monthly Memo

The present Coffee of the Month offered by the Wyoming Carmelites is perfect for those of you who desire triumphalistic liturgy. Isn’t it time to refresh your coffee supply? (That’s a trick question.  The answer is YES!) And for you … Read More

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Why Fr. Z pushes Mystic Monk Coffee.

Other than the fact that I get a commission every time you buy Mystic Monk Coffee using my links… and please, I ask you to do so, because it really helps… this video will also show you why I like … Read More

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Strawberry Moon

Yesterday (and early today) was the super rare Transit of Venus, but a while back there was a spiffing eclipse of the Moon. Here is a great photo from Astronomy Pic of the Day, of said eclipse over Cody, WY, … Read More

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Of Tea and Coffee

From a reader: Father Z, don’t forget to let everyone know that Mystic Monk has great tea! I’m abstaining from coffee (decaf) until Obama leaves office! I’ve been off for 2 months. God bless you! Okay! Did you know that … Read More

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It’s still swell! And it’s seasonal!

The Carmelite men of the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are building their monastery in Wyoming and earning their daily bread by roasting, blending, and selling you coffee and tea. Their seasonal Pascha Java is back at Mystic … Read More

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The Wyoming Carmelites have released their new special Coffee of the Month. With a name like “Flores Organic Bajawa Ngura“: sounds sort of like something an animated African rat monkey would sing.  You’ve gotta try it, right? “But Father! But Father!”, … Read More

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Starbucks endorses unnatural “marriage”. Buy Mystic Monk Coffee, not Starbucks.

Need another reason to buy Mystic Monk Coffee?  As if my requests weren’t enough?  As if helping Wyoming Carmelites wasn’t enough? From LifeSiteNews.com: In news that will come as a heavy blow to many coffee lovers, Starbucks has officially backed … Read More

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GREAT NEWS! Monastery plans approved for Wyoming Carmelites

You may not have noticed, but I have been pushing Mystic Monk Coffee, sold by a new group of Carmelite monks in northern Wyoming.  I have done this to help with their cash flow before they begin to build their … Read More

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WY Carmelite Monks: efforts to block their monastery

From a reader: Your readers might want to know that there is a strongly vocal minority in the Meeteetse area of Wyoming that is trying to delay or even block the Carmelite Monks from building their monastery.  One public hearing … Read More

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REVIEW: Mystic Monk Coffee

was so impressed by the proposed plans for the new Carmelite Monastery in Wyoming, that I decided to check out Mystic Monk Coffee and help them peddle some. Pounds and Grounds and Compounds I developed a strong interest in good … Read More

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Pounds and Grounds and Compounds

I deeply admire religious communities who make and sell things to support their life and apostolates. Take for example the Carmelites behind Mystic Monk Coffee. How many pounds of coffee do you have to sell in order to build this? … Read More

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