Cardinal Burke… cappa magna… ‘nuf said.

It may not be possible to have a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Washington D.C., but it is possible, apparently, in Sydney, Australia.

Cardinal Burke… cappa magna… ‘nuf said.

Card. Burke

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  1. RichR says:

    The man is a humble servant who takes his role as a chief shepherd very seriously. He proclaims the truth and does so in a way that shows his genuine concern for souls. I find that such a humble man in such a pomp-filled ceremony a warming dichotomy – it is obviously for the glory of God, because his life clearly shows a deference to others rather than himself.

  2. Brad says:

    Australia is running very hot and cold!

  3. Giambattista says:

    I am boiling mad about the DC fiasco and would love to unload but I won’t because the title of this post put things in perspective for me. “Cardinal Burke… cappa magna… ‘nuf said.”, indeed!

  4. Scott W. says:

    I see the good cardinal continues to be punished and hidden away. First with a red hat and now this!

  5. nfp4life says:

    Praise God for the red hat!

  6. DavidObeid says:

    We went to this Mass yesterday. The Cardinal was very impressive.

    A comment on the whole DC thing over there and the Sydney thing over here…

    It’s not like the Church in Sydney is falling over itself to have people like Cardinal Burke here or to have pontifical masses celebrated. The Mass came about because of a couple of guys with guts in the Australian Catholic Students Association and the Old Mass community in Sydney who are usually ignored and/or treated like circus freaks by the rest of the Church here.

  7. irishgirl says:

    Good for the Aussies to have this-bravo to the ‘two guys with guts’ mentioned by DavidObeid!
    And bravo to Cardinal Burke!

  8. kallman says:

    The church was packed to standing room only. He is also saying Low Mass on Sunday as well as speaking engagements. One of the bishops of the Sydney Archdiocese as well as the archdiocesan MC were in attendance.

  9. sawdustmick says:

    How about someone (with a bit of bottle !) over here in the UK invite His Eminence ?

    I would be willing to put him up in very humble surroundings for as long as he wanted !

    Ad Multos Annos

  10. WGS says:

    and I like seeing surplices used rather than cottas. Cottas are for kids.

  11. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Scott W.

    “I see the good cardinal continues to be punished and hidden away. First with a red hat and now this!” I totally agree with your very witty comment.

  12. William says:

    I was just over at New Liturgical Movement and it seems that a S.H. Mass, EF, will be celebrated in York Minster Cathedral, graciously sanctioned by the Dean of that now Anglican Cathedral. Hey, why not hold that DC Mass at the National Cathedral? Ya think the Dean there would spring for it? Now, wouldn’t that be a kicker!

  13. disco says:

    I wonder, is the winter cappa magna worn at opposite times in the southern hemisphere? Or is there a fixed range of dates for its use?

  14. tperegrinus says:

    I’m not the best at estimating, but there would probably have been at least 2000 people at the Pontifical Mass on Saturday. Possibly more. Perhaps someone on this board with a few pure mathematics degrees could estimate (@DavidObeid). The Pontifical Low Mass was also well attended, (although it was the scheduled Mass for the ACSA conference which had some 250 participants including four Dominican Sisters from Nashville, brothers and four priests of the Order of Preachers, and other religious and seminarians).

  15. dcs says:

    Hey, why not hold that DC Mass at the National Cathedral?

    Another option would be the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, which is not under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Washington, D.C. but of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

  16. Gregorius says:

    As a Catholic in the Archdiocese of Washington, I would ask the people to refrain from spitting vemon at H.E. Cardinal Wurel, the Archdiocese, and or the Basilica. The majority clergy and faithful in this diocese may not be clamoring for the EF, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all “under the spirit of Vatican II” or that we hate tradition. There is very little liturgical abuse found in our parishes, and we have very orthodox priests like Msgr Pope. It is all well and good that H.E. Cardinal Burke was able to celebrate Mass in Australia, and also dissapointing that I won’t have the oppourtunity to see a similar event here in April, especially since I was unfortunatly unable to attend the Mass last year, but some of the comments I’ve seen here and at other places about trying to undermine the bishop’s authority or going to the Episcopalians is really depressing and betrays a lack of knowledge of what really goes on in this archdiocese. (Thus endeth the rant)

    I do apologize, Fr. Z, if this was an innapropriate place to place this. I do agree that no comment is needed for this gorgeous Mass celebrated by Cardinal Burke. I only ask that you all pray that I and other youth may be able to see a similar event here.

  17. Tom Smith says:

    Cardinal Burke in UK

    In reply to SawdustMick, HE will be in London in June at the invitation of Pro Ecclessia et Pontifice ( the organisation that organise the prayer vigil against the Soho Masses, and who have been told by +Niholls on radio to shut up!! See below from their latest newsletter: “The next important date is Saturday June 18th 2011 when we have a Conference in the Lecture Hall at Westminster Central Hall, which seats 450, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. When we were in Rome last October we were fortunate enough to see H.E. Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, Rome. He very graciously agreed to come and speak for us on June 18th. So I would advise you to keep that date free. “

  18. PAT says:

    Gregorius, I’m in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, as well. Do you know why the FSSP is not welcome here?

  19. Gregorius says:

    As far as I know, they haven’t been invited to the archdiocese. On the other hand, I have never heard of any plans of theirs to try to establish a house in DC either.

  20. PAT says:

    Gregorius, I’ve been told that they have tried to get permission to establish a mission here (implied: more than once) but have been refused; that they are “not welcome” here. I’m just wondering why.

  21. Tony from Oz says:

    David Obeid,
    It’s great that you got along there mate; I’d forgotten you said you were going – and, but for the fact it was around dinner time, I almost gave you a call enroute home to Canberra yesterday!

    Anyhow, I was a member of the choir of nearly 30 people which was expertly conducted by two old friends and stalwarts of the Trad scene here in Oz: Stephen Smith (who conducted mostly the gregorian chant hymns and propers) and Hugh Henry (polyphonic pieces). The choir sang Victoria’s Missa O Quam Gloriosum, together with a wide array of other lenten motets and gregorian hymns – ‘Parce Domine’, ‘Attende Domine’ etc – appropriate to the occasion, as well as an harmonic setting of Ecce Sacerdos Magna for the Cardinal’s entry in his Cappa Magna, of course!

    It must have been the longest introit ever chanted – or so it seemed – as we waited for the Cardinal to vest and for the procession to form up and re-enter the church – I think we went through an entire psalm twice with antiphons repeated every two psalm versicles! But the chant for these lenten ferial days are just lovely. A fellow from the congregation told me that Palestrina’s ‘Super Flumina Babylonis’ made him cry – so that is some indication of the fine work and wonderful expertise that both Stephen and Hugh have built up in marshalling and rehearsing, and, most of all, in re-establishing the traditional patrimony of Church music here in Australia over the past 22 years. I salute them.

    As for the liturgy itself, one of the serving team told me that Canon Guitard (?) ICKSP remarked that usually, when he MCs these liturgies, it is really hard work; but that, on this occasion, so well rehearsed and competent were the servers, it was ‘like a holiday’. Once again, special kudos must go to my friend, Alan Shearer, for his vast knowledge and competency in marshalling and coordinating all those involved in the conduct of the liturgy.

    Apart from the Cardinal, the Deacon for the Mass was Fr Terrance Mary Naughtin OFM Convent., and the Sub-deacon was Fr Andrew Benton (Archdiocese of Sydney).

    I should add, if nobody has already, that I understand that EWTN recorded the Mass for rebroadcast – but I know not when. Perhaps somebody has further details?

  22. Tony from Oz says:

    And here is a set of beautiful photos of the Pontifical Mass at the Throne at St Brigid’s, Marrickville, Sydney, NSW, Australia (hoping you can access these off this facebook site):!/album.php?fbid=10150109905810965&id=693870964&aid=295221&closeTheater=1

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