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Of vandals, thorns and blooms

Do you remember vile scrubs hacked away at the Holy Thorn Tree in Glastonbury, England? I found in The Mail a story that the Thorn Tree is blooming. Bud by bud.

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Dissident Irish priests whinge about new translation, again, after meeting with Irish Bishops

The dissenting Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland, whom we treated here, are having a nutty over the decision of the Irish Bishops Conference not to conform to dissent but rather conform to will of Rome.   These members of the … Read More

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Very cool Benedictine Nuns in England who use technology well!

From The Anchoress I learned about DigitalNunDaily.  This is a very cool site by some very cool Benedictine Nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery in East Hendred, England. I have a soft spot for traditionally-minded very-cool Benedictine Nuns. They have audio … Read More

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Follow up: TLM at York for St. Margaret Clitherow

You may recall that there was to be a TLM in York as part of a celebration of St. Margaret Clitherow.  Photos are available. Apparently the Anglican Dean of the Cathedral of York, and Chapter, were very accommodating. The music … Read More

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Do you have any good news?

What is your good news? For my part I am – touch wood – not ill or cold or hungry, there is sunshine, the coffee is very strong and delicious, a few encouraging donations have come in, I found large … Read More


Rumor about the upcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum.

A reader sent a link to a story about the upcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum. Actually, he sent two links, one to a French site Golias, not exactly conservative that, and to the Italian site Messa in Latino, which from … Read More

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How a bishop who thinks with the Church can’t help but get it right.

Attention seminarians, priests and bishops. I was going to post about a fine address by the Bishop of Fargo, Most Rev. Samuel Aquila (he says Aquíla, rather than Áquila).  Like I said, I was going to post about this great … Read More

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