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One – first – liners

Minds are mostly dulled by mouse clicks, not delighted. But there are those clicks which bring you to gems. At the blog Faith and Theology I saw a great post in which a man and his daughter search their home’s … Read More

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“Things of the 1960s should remain in the 1960s.”

In reference to my recent post: Reason #64675 for the new, corrected translation.  This was in reference to the super-bad translation of the Post Communion in the lame-duck ICEL version… of the the very worst I have ever seen. That … Read More

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Norma Jean Coon: reconciled

Norma Jean Coon, who had been involved with some wymyn who think they can be pryssssts, Norma Jean Coon, who renounced her involvement with the same women, abjured her pretend ordination as a deacon, and sought reconciliation. She has an … Read More

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