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The face of homosexual anti-Catholicism to come

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami had an editorial letter in the Miami Sun Sentinel in defense of true, natural marriage.  Wenski’s note was dignified and measured.   He began: Those who see “same sex marriage” as progress towards a more “tolerant” … Read More

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When Lent is over, Easter comes – art for your reflection

From time to time I have showed you some art by artist Daniel Mitsui, who has a blog entitled The Lion and the Cardinal, an obvious Patristic reference which never fails to delight me. I want to remind you of … Read More

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Tie one on!

A reader reminded me about something on the Vatican website for the Office of Liturgical Ceremonies: 5) The maniple is an article of liturgical dress used in the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Holy Mass of the Roman … Read More

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UPDATED: Sackbut by Sackbut: A rediscovered Mass for 40 voices: I HAVE IT!

UPDATE 30 March 1909GMT: I HAVE IT. Sheer glory. There is included a DVD (Region 0) which has more audio in surround sound and a documentary on the recording. “But Father! But Father!”, you are surely saying.  “You mentioned sackbuts.  … Read More

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Immarcesciblis gloriae corona

If a person can strive this hard for a moment of worldly glory and interior satisfaction, how much more should we strive for the “unfading crown of glory”? A friend a benefactor of this blog alerted me to a video … Read More

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Reason #5648562 for Summorum Pontificum

Yes, I think we do need a New Evangelization. Don’t watch any of what follows on a full stomach.  Especially the part with the priest. I found this through the blog Fides et Forma. Sts. Peter and Paul parish in … Read More

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WDTPRS Wednesday 3rd Week of Lent: a polishing not a torture

COLLECT Praesta, quaesumus, Domine, ut, per quadragesimalem observantiam eruditi et tuo verbo nutriti, sancta continentia tibi simus toto corde devoti, et in oratione tua semper efficiamur concordes. A bit strange in its style, no? Well, this is of new composition … Read More

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Rumor volat

A reliable source in Rome tells me… In a time when the Pope barely receives visiting Nuncii, the Pope is going to receive the head of the new Anglican Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, Msgr. Keith Newton. If true, … Read More

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NYC: All-Night First Friday Vigil with TLMs and Exposition

I was alerted to this event in New York City at one of my usual haunts.  This comes from a friend: For all of you planning to be in (or near) New York City this weekend, you won’t want to … Read More

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Today’s great blog posts you don’t want to miss

As you carry on with your blog slog today, be sure not to miss these items. First, New Liturgical Movement has a very good article about the architectural-liturgical symbolism of the fascinating Basilica of St. Clement in Rome.  You will … Read More

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RADIO SABINA STREAMING – Rosary in Latin and Prayers for Pope Benedict

Z-Cam & Radio Sabina, or “Fr Z TV” is on the air most of the time! Because of a special prayer intention right now I have just entirely Latin chaplets of the Rosary followed by the Litany of Loreto and … Read More

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