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Monday Supper … and poetry

I am posting a Monday instead of Sunday Supper offering. We are having a meeting of our literary group, and I am cooking. We are reading G. M. Hopkins, in a certain phase. We are having “spaghetti al seminario” and … Read More

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Two “Brick by Brick” notes for your edification

First, may I ask the readership to take about 5, maybe 6, seconds to VOTE for this blog?  Click HERE. I had great notes from readers. First, … St. Benedict’s Chapel in Chesapeake, VA … dedicated their new church this … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can I attend SSPX Triduum?

From a reader: I attend the Extraordinary Form of Mass celebrated each Sunday by a priest of my diocese. This is great and I’m very grateful to be able to receive my liturgical heritage as a Catholic each Sunday. However, … Read More

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