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Shooting the Moon

This is simply too cool not to share. After voting for WDTPRS (which will take about 5 seconds) take a look at this. This from Astronomy Pic of the Day. About 1,300 images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft’s wide … Read More

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Set a new trend in naming that baby!

I don’t do “help me name my baby” questions around here, except to suggest that you pick a saint’s name, spell it normally, and go for it. That said, I would like to see a new trend back to some … Read More

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Card. Burke and Card. Cañizares: liturgical abuse weakens the faith

Here is a story you won’t find over at the National Catholic Fishwrap… which is getting absolutely creamed in the Reader’s Choice Awards voting for Best Catholic Newspaper.  NCFishwrap is polling dead last, and I mean dead fish at 4%. … Read More

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Sacramental reality is no less real than sensible reality

I hammered out and sent in a column for The Wanderer today.  Here is something I included this week (modified for the blog): Latin Fathers such as St. Leo the Great saw the season of Lent  in sacramental terms. The … Read More

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What is the Pope of Christian Unity up to now?

The first time I used the phrase “Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity“, which is starting to get around, liberals were in grand-twit: they are losing control of what “ecumenism” means and how it is pursued.  Benedict is … Read More

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Did liturgical optionitis and degraded liturgy lead to dissent about morality?

I was alerted to a column by Louis Verrecchio over at the excellent CNA. It weighs in at about 1700 words. I will edit and add some emphases and comments and then shoo you over there to read the rest. … Read More

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That smudge.

Ash Wednesday is around the corner.  In the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, the lovely and persistent feature-writer Anna Arco has an article with comments about that ash-smudge. Don’t rub off your ashes, urges bishop By Anna Arco … Read More

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