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I have been making some changes to “sharing” buttons.

Please help!  I hate lonely zeros.

When you visit, use the buttons with ineffable vigor!

Also, I have been allowing many more “ping backs” from Catholic blogs to move through the moderation queue.  Link to my posts, your “ping backs” will probably be posted here.  We have to help each other out.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Dax says:

    I’m with Banjo. Additionally, I just don’t Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tweet, Goog or Google. If there is even a remote chance I will read something about the Kardashians, I pretty much stay away.


  2. xsosdid says:

    Hi Father,
    Of those sites I am only on Facebook (not sure what the other buttons do, to be honest). AND I hate facebook and wish I wasn’t on it. I have people from 30 years ago who want lots of “friends” and now I get a message in my inbox every time one of them breaks digital wind. I have been on Facebook for a couple of years and, frankly, I still don’t know how it works. When I see that Facebook button on a website I dread going near it because I think pushing it will only generate more of this meaningless fluff.
    I’m sorry, Father, love ya, but I am not pushing that button. (I would rather, and I will, push the “donate” button!!!)

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