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I have good news and bad news about the blog!

The blog was down for a while tonight.  The culprit was my access log that had maxed the allotted space on the server. In one year almost to the day my access log was 136GB.  136GB!  That meant that another … Read More


Some idiot protestors try to occupy St. Peter’s Square

A few whackjobs of the International Indignados movement tried to “occupy” St. Peter’s Square. Protesters unhappy about the Vatican’s wealth clashed with police in St. Peter’s Square, with one of the demonstrators scaling the towering Christmas tree. A few dozen … Read More

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Ven. Pope Pius XII’s ‘remarkable’ aid to save Jews

Justice will not be done in the matter of Ven. Pius XII until he is called “Righteous Among the Nations” at Yad Vashem. From CNA: Researcher reveals Pius XII’s ‘remarkable’ aid for Jewish refugees By Kevin J. Jones Denver, Colo., … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Where to get a ferraiolo? Fr. Z asks help and make a business proposal.

From seminarian: I am a seminarian in first year theology and in my fourth year of seminary formation. A classmate and I will be attending separate weddings and both were asked to wear our cassock. My question is this: can … Read More

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What does “justice and peace” really mean?

People toss the phrase “justice and peace” around. Biretta tip to Phil Lawler of Catholic World News for a great catch.  He noted something interesting about “justice and peace” in a speech Pope Benedict XVI gave to members of the … Read More

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Jesus saves. So should you! (Save a backup of files, that is, not the human race.)

Do you have a disciplined back up routine for your computer?  Important files? I read under another entry a comment from a reader whose mother has recently passed away.  Her computer acquired a nasty virus and she almost lost all … Read More

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Happy Feast of the Ass

No, I am not talking about whom you think I’m talking about. I picked this up from Southern Fried Catholicism, an amusing blog by Fr. Joe Tonos.  I hope you will go spike his stats. Today on the medieval calendar, … Read More

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