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State of the Union Address. Wherein Fr Z has dubitations.

As I fortify myself to watch the State of the Union Address tonight, I am minded of one of the best lines of invective ever uttered. Back in the 70’s Mary McCarthy and Lillian Hellman had a war, during which … Read More

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Worthy of public office, or not?

With a tip of the biretta to Catholic Fire, this quote is from His Excellency Most Reverend Robert Vasa, Bishop of Santa Rosa in California. “Any government leader, particularly those who claim to be Christian, who claims to be pro-choice, … Read More

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The future of Catholic hospitals

Remember Catholic Healthcare West? Catholic Healthcare West now Dignity Health; Dominican Hospital to remain Catholic, hospital president says By JONDI GUMZ – Santa Cruz Sentinel SANTA CRUZ – Dominican Hospital officials announced Monday that they remain wedded to the Catholic … Read More

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NJ Bishops defend true marriage

I note with interest at the National Catholic Register (the Catholic one) that the bishops of New Jersey have issued a statement about same-sex “marriage”. New Jersey Bishops Release New Statement on Marriage Same-sex ‘marriage’ ‘is not marriage and should … Read More

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Robert George on Pres. Obama’s attacks on religious freedom and Catholics

Prof. Robert George, on his blog Mirror of Justice, comments about Pres. Obama’s blatant attack on the the 1st Amendment, religious liberty and the Catholic Church.  My emphases and comments: The Obama administration’s abortifacient and contraception mandate is appalling, but … Read More

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