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Wheels coming off the wagon – update

Update, below. Originally posted 12 January. ____ There is a particularly annoying pattern in my life’s days.    When it comes to my “tech stuff”, life goes along as smoothly as if it were zooming down a newly paved road.  Then, … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: subdued by cold edition

The feeder is busy right now, since there has been a cold snap. This year I have Redpolls. This cold fellow is a Junco. They are mostly ground feeders. Here is one sitting in a bush outside my kitchen window.  … Read More

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I picked this up from The Pulp.it:

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Bp. Bamerba (D. Scranton) intervenes with Jesuit school and their pro-abortion speaker

Bishops in the USA are going to have to decide what to do about Catholic politicians who are openly causing scandal by taking a position against the natural law and the Church’s teachings either by public acts or by private … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Priesthood ordination customs

From a seminarian: As ordination season is fast approaching, I am hoping you can enlighten me concerning a custom relating to priestly ordinations which has become a topic of discussion among seminarians of late. Specifically, I am wondering whether you … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! The “Soap Sisters” have a new Store: The Cloister Shoppe

The Dominican Nuns in Summit, NJ, the “Soap Sisters” (they have a lot more than just soap) have set up a new store. They depend in great part in the sales of their products.  Therefore, when you buy soap and … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Should priests with effeminate manners work to correct them?

From a reader: I hope you will not take this the wrong way but given certain sad realities of our time, do you think priests who are unusually effeminate in manner (e.g. speech) should work to minimize this aspect of … Read More

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Democrat Catholic Governor of Washington State now supports contrary to nature “marriage”

Over at CatholicVote I saw that yet another Catholic Democrat has abandoned her Catholic identity on what will be the bitterest, and eventually violent, issue of the war on morals and religion in the public square and attacks on the … Read More

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For the Just Too Cool file, I read on The History Blog that the only surviving documents connected to William Wallace are returning to Scotland. Included is the Lübeck Letter and is the only surviving document we have that was … Read More

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