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Of Priesthood, Vomit and Italian Cruise Ships

In the matter of the Italian cruise ship… oh how I hate this story…  I don’t want to post on this, but … o no…. >gluck< …  I am going to anyway. “I struggled with this, but …” I feel … Read More

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For Lay People: Participation at Holy Mass: Which Form? WDTPRS POLL

Rorate has a poll going for their readers about participation at Holy Mass in the Ordinary Form, the Novus Ordo.   The way to know their readers, thought it is clearly gauged for lay people, not priests. I think that … Read More

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2nd Grader “has a dream”, and it’s about Pres. Obama, babies, and abortion

For your “Ex ore infantium” file… I saw this at Life Site with my emphases: I received the following from a second grade teacher: The class has been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and we were talking about how … Read More

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Question to Readers about PODCAzT: update – pondering

A few days ago I asked about suggestions for a regular PODCAzT topic (HERE). Today a kind reader, JFB, used my Kindle Wish List and sent a gift of a book for my Kindle: The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic … Read More

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Mystic Monk Report: “YEEHAW!” Edition

I have noticed a sharp uptick in orders of: Roasted with the rugged tough horse rider in mind. A strong and smooth blend of South American coffees. The dark and light hints make it special at any time of the … Read More

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Readers’ Choice Awards have opened up nominations.

The the 2011 About.com Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards have opened up nominations. May WDTPRS ask for your support?  Thanks!


Note to priests, bishops about their blogs, links and WDTPRS

I am going to update links on my sidebar to blogs by priests and bishops. I would be happy to update your link if it is out of date or add your link, if you are a priest or bishops … Read More

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Today we begin what was called for decades the Church Unity Octave, 18-25 January inclusive.  The purpose of the octave is to pray for the unity of the whole Catholic Church.  This octave was originally approved by St. Pope Pius … Read More

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“Here comes everybody!”

I get lots of hate mail and I share very little of it. Why waste our time? After glancing at 99.999% of the missives in this category I think, “There’s 8 seconds of my life I will never have back.” … Read More

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TONIGHT: LIVE streamed Presidential ProLife Forum in SC with candidates

Tonight, 18 January, there will be a LIVE Presidential ProLife Forum presented by Personhood USA in partnership with other national pro-life organizations 6:45 pm – 8:30 pm EST. All Presidential candidates have been invited to participate, and, as of this … Read More

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SOPA and PIPA and Wikipedia

The SOPA and PIPA plague continues. Did you all see that Wikipedia is “blocked” today? UPDATE: I used that page (above) and called the offices of my representative and both senators. I suggest that you take less than five minutes … Read More

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