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New ceremony for the creation of cardinals

My old mentor Msgr. Schuler used to ask the unwary: “What’s the difference between a priest and a monsignor? … None. But often the monsignor doesn’t know it.” To be made a cardinal of Holy Church brings with the office … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Slow News Day Edition

It seems to me such a slow news day that I should… I dunno… tell jokes or maybe post a picture of some birds.

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QUAERITUR: Doctor’s orders legit reason to miss Sunday Mass?

From a reader: Thank you for your ministry, your constant words of encouragement, and your prayers. I have a question about Mass obligations. I recently (11 days ago) gave birth to a slightly premature but otherwise healthy baby boy. The … Read More

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Veils, ciboria, baldachins, and the Eucharist.

A priest acquaintance, Fr. Bede Rowe, has on his interesting blog A Chaplain Abroad, an entry about a veil for a ciborium. A ciborium is a sacred vessel which resembles a chalice but with a cover used for hosts to … Read More

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Dr. Peters on the diverging view of two dioceses in the matter of RealCatholicTV

The Canonical Defender Prof. Peters has posted some thoughts and response regarding the seemingly divergent approaches of the Archdiocese of Detroit and the Diocese of Diocese Wayne-South Bend in the matter of Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV. HERE. Prof. Peters doesn’t … Read More

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