Ad multos annos Pope Benedict

Say a prayer for Pope Benedict today on his 85th birthday.

He is now one of the oldest of Popes in history.

Here is a shot of my Vatican Curia wall calendar.


Close up of the birthday item.



I read in the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, some remarks by His Holiness on the occasion of his birthday:

“I find myself on the last stretch of my journey in life, and I don’t know what is awaiting me.”

“I know, however, that the light of God exists, that he is risen, that his light is stronger than any darkness and that God’s goodness is stronger than any evil in this world, and this helps me go forward with certainty,” he said.

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  1. pawelthegreat says:

    Truly blessed to have such a Pope. Keep praying for him!

  2. The Cobbler says:

    Quite frankly, good comments for any time in one’s life, not just the tail end on this earth.

  3. pm125 says:

    Pope Benedict XVI is the most realistic voice the in wide world. Hoping (selfishly) that the last stretch of his journey is a long one, during which he gets some rest.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Agreed. I always remember, when I see him, that he intended to retire, had certainly deserved that, and got “conscribed” into the Papacy. He said “yes” thanks be to God. We all benefit.
    I will never forget hearing the bells toll after his election. As they rung, a giddiness that I had never experienced, came over me. I was alone in my house, watching the proceedings, and as the bells rung, a kind of “holy joy” filled my spirit. I even laughed! It was the oddest, but most wonderful thing.
    When I heard the words “Joseph…” I knew, and my happiness skyrocketed. What a day!
    Surely this is the most difficult era to be a Holy Father. May God bless him and keep him healthy and safe.

  5. irishgirl says:

    ‘Ad multos annos’-hear, hear!
    We love you, Papa Benedict, and pray always for your health and safety!
    Please God, may you remain many more years with us!

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