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When the Global Killer Asteroid arrives, let’s do better than the Great Successor!

How are we going to get Bruce Willis up to 2011 AG5, that killer asteroid that’s heading our way?!? Don’t ask North Korea’s Great Successor Kim Jong-un! Whatever their next act is, Ladies and Gents, it’ll be a blast too. I … Read More

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What about Pres. Obama’s surrogate Hillary Rosen? Huh?

Hillary Rosen, the left-wing political and lesbian activist and Obama operative, thinks that Ann Romney, the DCIS cancer surviving, MS enduring mother of five, has “actually never worked a day in her life”. [wp_youtube]T_BRWBUVhyc[/wp_youtube] Does that jive with your experience of … Read More

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U.S. Bishops Issue Call To Action To Defend Religious Liberty

From the website of the USCCB: April 12, 2012 Urge strong lay involvement Outline threats to First Freedom at all levels of government and abroad Call upon dioceses to pursue religious liberty fortnight, June 21-July 4 [Mark your calendars.  Get … Read More

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WDTPRS Easter Thursday – diversity and wholeness

The Collect for the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form caught my eye: Deus, qui diversitatem gentium in confessione tui nominis adunasti, da, ut renatis fonte baptismatis una sit fides mentium et pietas actionum. This is a modern tinkering with … Read More

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