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A reader returns to confession after 15 years

From a reader: Your discussions of Confession helped me go to Confession for the first time in 15 years. It was a wonderful experience. I did memorize the Act of Contrition but I stumbled over it. Father helped me through … Read More

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The Pope’s egg heads

I had to read the headline twice. From CNS: Pope’s chocolate egg heads to prison By Bridget Kelly Catholic News Service Pope Benedict XVI admires his 551-pound chocolate Easter egg before donating it to a youth detention center in Rome. … Read More

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QUAERITUR: What to do about liturgical abuses?

I am under siege in email from frustrated people pouring our their tales of liturgical abuses, perpetrated or scheduled, for Holy Thursday. They ask “what am I supposed to do”? Most of the time, there is nothing we can do … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s sermon for Holy Thursday evening Lord’s Supper Mass – a theology of kneeling

The Pope’s sermon for Holy Mass evening “Supper” Mass. Within this sermon there is a tremendous reflection on the posture of kneeling. My emphases and comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters! Holy Thursday is not only the day of the institution … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s Sermon for Chrism Mass: hits hard about priesthood, disobedience, zeal for souls

The Holy Father’s sermon for Holy Thursday Chrism Mass (in the morning, not the even “Last Supper” Mass). UPDATE: This sermon is starting to get some sizzle.  The New York Times is out and the head line is “Pope Assails … Read More

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