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QUAERITUR: Shhhhh! Secret evil societies!

From a reader: Father, we have all heard the rumors of secret evil societies such as the illuminati, the freemasons, etc., the one world government purveyors of evil, but what of their antithesis? I have never heard any stories of, let’s … Read More

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Lighter heavy fare

From a reader: “the dessert I made for Easter dinner this evening, set in front of my “squadron of scotches”

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A reader about a parish with confessions on Good Friday

From a reader: I had to tell you about what happened at our parish ___ this Good Friday. We had confessions on Good Friday for the first time that I can remember since coming here in the early 1990s. Not … Read More

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Pres. Obama, “breakfast theologian”, dazzles again about the Lord’s doubts

Remember when Pres. Obama dazzled us with his theological insights at the National Prayer Breakfast?   He has been at it again. I was sent to link the White House site about the 2012 Prayer Breakfast: […] Now, I have … Read More

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WDTPRS Easter Monday – Post Communion

The Post Communion prayer for today’s Mass in the Ordinary Form caught my eye because of it’s interesting beginning. Exuberet, quaesumus, Domine, mentibus nostris paschalis gratia sacramenti, ut, quos viam fecisti perpetuae salutis intrare, donis tuis dignos efficias. This prayer … Read More

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A priest on giving blessings at Communion time

I have in the past written about the wide-spread practice of giving blessings during Communion time. This is not to be done, because it is outside what is prescribed at this very important moment during holy Mass. Of course this … Read More

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