Dick Clark: RIP

Dick Clark has died.

Does that name bring back childhood memories.



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  1. Legisperitus says:

    Wow. New Year’s Eve will never be the same.

    Maybe the world is going to end in 2012.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    And another gentlemen from a better and bygone era leaves us behind, to muddle along in an ugly world.
    God bless his soul.

  3. bookworm says:

    “Does that name bring back childhood memories?”

    Yes, it does, but not really for “American Bandstand,” which by the time I was old enough to remember it, had become strictly a Saturday show.

    What I remember him for are “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”, the “Pyramid” game shows and the “TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes” shows. Believe it or not, “nun” other than Mother Angelica once appeared on “Bloopers” in the 1980s with clips from the VERY early days of EWTN….

  4. heway says:

    An all-american male of the past! My sister grew up with American Bandstand. By that time I was in the workforce. But one could not and should not forget a man who brought lots of joy to teenagers and their parents. He certainly ‘lived life’ to the fullest. May he be welcomed at the ‘pearly gates’ with music!

  5. Tom Ryan says:

    Can we have a countdown in his honor?

  6. chris1 says:

    Dick Clark’s name brings back childhood memories for 3 or maybe even 4 generations of people…

  7. Dick Clark is one of the few people to have hosted television programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC simultaneously, back when those were the Big Three networks and little else really mattered. I will never forget the episode of Police Squad when he went to Johnny the shoeshine guy for advice on how to stay young and was given a jar of “youth cream.” I have to like a guy who can laugh at himself.

  8. MaryW says:

    R.I.P, Dick Clark

    American Bandstand first aired the year I graduated from high school. That was quite a while ago.

    A real gentleman. Prayers for his soul.

  9. Maxiemom says:

    @Legisperitus, I understand that you think that New Year’s Eve will never be the same. I’m old enough to remember Guy Lombardo and when he passed, we all thought that New Year’s Eve would never be the same too. And while it isn’t the same, someone from the new generation will take over and 30 years from now, another generation will feel the same as you feel right now.

    Dick Clark was certainly one of the good guys – Bandstand was a staple of my youth – dancing in front of the TV and waiting to be old enough to go to the show. Okay, so going to the show never happened, but I still watched.

  10. Eriugena says:

    Twice-divorced promoter of the jungle beat? Sorry, I fail to see what’s to miss…

  11. Supertradmum says:

    My mom and dad did not allow us to watch his show “American Bandstand” because of the “lewd” dancing. Ah, the good old days of parental care.

  12. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Its hard to believe that a man that never aged actually did die. Is there an aging painting of him in an attic somewhere? Yes, its sad, I will miss him and his clean cut old-fashioned image. May he Rest In Peace –

  13. ContraMundum says:

    There was a Far Sides cartoon about him suddenly aging something like 150 years in 30 seconds while on a national television. Somehow, that’s about how I expected him to go!

  14. irishgirl says:

    I remember watching ‘American Bandstand’ in the late 1960s and early 1970s. That was almost always a ‘given’ on Saturday afternoons. One of the things that has stuck in my mind was a yearly ‘dance contest’ where [at least] six couples danced to a particular song each week, and there was voting as to who was the best. The most memorable song was by Creedence Clearwater Revival: ‘Goin’ Around The Bend’, I think the title was. I can even remember the tune, after all these years!
    I loved watching his ‘bloopers’ show with Ed McMahon! That was one show which made my father, who had Alzheimer’s in his last years, laugh!
    Raymond Arroyo, in his biography of Mother Angelica, told of the ‘Golden Blooper Award’ that she got from the early years of EWTN.
    Dick Clark also got his radio/TV start here in Upstate NY! So my hometown has a ‘connection’ to him!
    I was really shocked when I heard on my car radio yesterday that he had died. Another connection to my childhood now gone….may he rest in peace!

  15. oakdiocesegirl says:

    …& “Where The Action Is”, w/Paul Revere & the Raiders..And now Barnabas Collins [Jonathan Frid], too? We used to rush home from school to watch Dark Shadows at 3:30 pm.. WHY are all these characters from my youth dying all of a sudden? [Davy Jones/Monkees]. The world IS coming to an end…part of mine, anyway. Will Leonard Nimoy be next?[oh please no!]

  16. tealady24 says:

    You bet. Watched American Bandstand every week with my best friend back in the day. I remember when a guy named Chubby Checker had a big hit.

    And now Jonathan Frid, how I loved Dark Shadows. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But it was all in good fun with no evil intent on the part of the networks in those days. Not that times like 1968 were such good years, but it was followed by 1969 (in the words of Frank Sinatra), which was a very good year.

  17. Scarltherr says:

    My 11 siblings and I learned to dance watching American Bandstand. We still dance and sing when we get together for celebrations. The last time my Dad saw him he said he looked debauched. Yes, probably. but happy memories and a happy legacy none the less.

    Here’s our most recent family dance fest:

    May he rest in peace.

  18. irishgirl says:

    @ oakdiocesegirl: Sure, I remember ‘Where The Action Is’ with Paul Revere & The Raiders! I remember watching that in the summertime.
    @ tealady24: I was really shocked to hear of Jonathan Frid’s death, too! I used to watch ‘Dark Shadows’ around the same time you mentioned, 3:30 in the afternoon.
    I’m also sad at all the deaths of famous people I knew and watched in my childhood and early adolescence. Those days seem so long ago….they were such ‘innocent’ times for us, even with all the crazy stuff going on back then!

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