REVIEW: October Baby (Fr. Z says you should see it)

I understand that the movie October Baby may expand into more theaters this weekend.

I managed to see the movie recently and I recommend it highly. I won’t say much about it so that you may have the pleasure.

Fr. Z does NOT like spoilers!

Check your local listings and go.

Those of you who might grouse that it isn’t “Catholic enough” will be pleased that a very important moment is given to a priest. As for the rest, I haven’t seen Catholics lining up to make many movies like this.

Again, Fr. Z does not like spoilers, at least in the case of this movie.

Therefore if you are going to chime in in favor of seeing the movie, please do. Add spoilers and I may, with a certain measure of determined satisfaction, ban you from the blog. o{]:¬)

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  1. Liz says:

    We did! My husband and I saw it the first weekend it came out. (It’s a rare treat for us to go out so a good movie was so nice!) It was great and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. I look forward to buying the dvd as well. I loved that before it was quite over the staff at the movie theatre was there to clean up so they watched the last little bit. One couple got up and left in the middle of the movie. I said a prayer for them. You just never know who this might impact.

  2. Cavaliere says:

    My wife and I went to see it last night and agree that it is excellent. It is sad but true when you said, “I haven’t seen Catholics lining up to make movies like this.” I thought it was interesting too that on the Rotten Tomatoes website this film was regarded as favorable by 23% of professional critics whereas it had a 91% of audience liking.

    [It goes to show how out of touch with reality most critics really are.]

  3. Todd says:

    I was going to see it last week, but was turned off by reviews saying that while it had a good message, the cinematography and basic story telling were lacking (big plot holes, big coincidences, etc). Is this accurate, or are you recommending it based on the message and despite shortcomings in filmmaking?

    [It is a small budget film. I suspect you can afford a couple hours to go see the film and make determinations about the filmcraft and screenplay yourself.]

  4. Urget_nos says:

    October Baby was a superbly done movie! It was not a high budget action film but you do not ‘miss’ that about it. The story draws you in, there are characters that you like and characters that you don’t like, the setting and sequence of the movie is very well done, and the acting is very good. One will not be disappointed to pay full price and see this movie in the theaters.

  5. wanda says:

    Go see it! Drag your friends, family, especially teens along with you!

  6. inIpso says:

    Make sure you bring tissues!!!! [Good advice.]

  7. Angie Mcs says:

    With the generally dismal quality of films and -especially – TV programs available today, I am excited about now having a film on my ” must see” list. I don’t go out to movies due to physical problems, but I look forward to getting the DVD and watching the film at home. And I love the idea priests being portrayed in a positive way. Something they very much deserve and undoubtedly could use.
    Thank you for the heads up, Father!

  8. LaudemGloriae says:

    I rounded up as many as I could to see it Monday of Holy Week. Sadly only a few could go and we were the only ones in the theater. Please, spend your money to see and support this film so that we can get more pro-life and pro-family films. It is not a slick Hollywood production, but it is worth seeing.

  9. Cavaliere says:

    It is not a slick Hollywood production, but it is worth seeing.

    I agree on both points and just remember how many slick Hollywood productions with $100 million dollar plus budgets have been complete disasters and definitely not worth seeing.

  10. irishgirl says:

    I haven’t seen the movie myself; but I’ve noticed that it was promoted heavily on EWTN, particularly on the youth program ‘Life On The Rock’. Father Mark interviewed the two brothers who produced and directed it, as well as the young woman who had the female lead.
    Being a single person, I don’t think it would have a ‘message’ for me, since I never married and had kids. That’s just my take on it.

  11. my kidz mom says:

    **GO.** Bring someone! Make sure you stay through the end credits. My high school daughter and I went and we both enjoyed it.

    Todd, I don’t know what review you read, but the cinematography was lovely. And, no spoiler here, the story line actually took my breath away in a couple of unexpected places.

    The producers of OCTOBER BABY have assigned 10% of the profits of the movie to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to frontline organizations helping women facing crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies, and those caring for orphans. See their Catholic resources here:

  12. cvbreno says:

    Go!!! My wife and I saw it last weekend with our two teens. Even my 18 year old son, who normally hates any movie without explosions and aliens, loved it.

    We especially appreciated that the main characters were chaste and respectfully toward each other, and that the boy respected the girl’s father — something our teens seldom see among their peers. We had a some good discussions afterward about true love, respect, and “courtship”, in addition to the film’s main message about life.

    The priest in the film was wonderful, too.

  13. TWINC says:

    It really is a good movie.

    My glowing review is here.

  14. Nun2OCDS says:

    irishgirl This is a must see movie. I, too, am single, never married and have no kids and I have absolutely no regrets that I saw this movie , in fact, I hope to see it again. If it does not speak to your circumstances, it speaks to those of someone you know. Apart from its prolife message, this movie has much to teach us about friendship, compassion and forgiveness. Give yourself an Easter present and go.

  15. HeatherPA says:

    I really hope this comes to a theater nearby or I will have to wait for DVD… I am also really excited about “For Greater Glory” about the Cristeros in Mexico coming out this year. That movie will be a wake up to so many.

  16. rubys says:

    October is great! Seeing it again this weekend. Fr. Z here’s one coming up that we all need to support: checkout this website:
    The OFFICIAL Website

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