The Feeder Feed: Scruffy and Christological Goldfinch Edition

I haven’t posted much about the birds at the feeder.  This, and a recent trip to the Detroit Institute of Art, gives me a chance to use a feature the blog’s software offers and which I have never used.

Here are the feeder pic in a “gallery”.

First, a curious but striking shot of the sky at sunset.  There follow a Junco with a singular white tail feather, a very scruffy male Goldfinch, and a Red-breasted Nuthatch doing what it does best – hang around upside down.

Well… I am not sure I like this “gallery view”.

During a recent visit to the Detroit Institute of Art I spotted a Virgin and Child in which our little Lord has a firm grasp on a Christological Goldfinch.

I seldom lose an opportunity to post shots of … or even write out… a Christological Goldfinch.

Guess who painted this Virgin and Child, who happens to have a Christological Goldfinch.

(Hint: at the bottom of the painting we read: “BENOZZO GOZZOLI PINXIT”.)



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  1. plemmen says:

    Benozzo Gozzoli painted it of course! That is what the inscription BENOZZO GOZZOLI PINXIT means. His formative works with Ghiberti and Fra Angelico are impressive. I really like his “Gift of the Magi” which includes his self portrait.

  2. AnnAsher says:

    Awe. We had a group? Flock? Cluster? Gaggle? Of Goldfinch for just one morning. At one time we counted 12 on our deck rail. But then they were gone :(

  3. pfreddys says:

    If you are taking votes on this: dont like the gallery view. I like to see the birds right up front and not have to go to a different page to see a full size picture. Just my 2<ents.

  4. rodin says:

    An upside down nuthatch visited our yard last fall and became a star. His hire wire act earned him the name of Wallenda.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    Like the larger photos better and not the gallery. Love birds and squirrels as well….

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