What about Pres. Obama’s surrogate Hillary Rosen? Huh?

Hillary Rosen, the left-wing political and lesbian activist and Obama operative, thinks that Ann Romney, the DCIS cancer surviving, MS enduring mother of five, has

“actually never worked a day in her life”.


Does that jive with your experience of women who stay at home to raise children?  They’ve never worked a day in their lives?

In one article I read about this dust up, Hillary Rosen, who has among other things worked for Huffington Post, is described as:

Rosen has twins with Elizabeth Birch, with whom she separated in 2006. She was in 2004 the interim director for the Human Rights Campaign, a leading gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender lobbyist organization. Birch was the executive director of the group for eight years

Hillary Rosen is very interesting.

Hillary Rosen is – or was – an Obama surrogate.

Now that real America is rising up in anger at Rosen’s comments the Obama campaign is pushing her off the cliff, even though they think what she thinks.

They have a distorted view of women and the family.  Let us never forget that Pres. Obama’s choice for HHS secretary said that part of the strategy of paying for Obamacare is to reduce the number of live births, state-senator Obama was a proponent of infanticide legislation, and candidate Obama said that he would want to see his daughters “punished” with a baby.

The Obama campaign treats women as objects of their lust for office and power.

The problem for the Obama people is that Rosen made the mistake of saying what she – and her overseers – really think.   

I would love to hear what you women readers think about Hillary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney.

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  1. heway says:

    Just listened to her apology and the apologies of others in Obama’s administration. Apologies aside, she has made 35 visits to the president. Anne Romney has raised 5 God-fearing, responsible sons and that is a great feat. The only females who will be listening to Hilary Rosen are those who have like agendas. Do not fear them, pray for them. Btw, Michelle Obama also chimed in on this.

  2. Jackie L says:

    “Rosen has twins with Elizabeth Birch” – nature dictates that there was a man involved…where is the father?

  3. Lucas says:

    Heck, I’m a stay at home Dad to 2 girls and its the hardest job I’ve ever had!

    I don’t know how my Mom did it with 5!!

  4. digdigby says:

    An ultra-radical Catholic progressive viewpoint, “Not only do I believe two men or two women can marry but that such a union is SO sacred they should not be allowed to divorce.”
    Try that on some ultra-liberal Catholics and do it with a straight face.

  5. BarefootPilgrim says:

    Thoroughly brainbombed by feminist anti-humanism and self-hatred. Jesus saw it coming (Luke 23: 28-31). Pray for many conversions.

  6. Mrs. O says:

    How is this possible? “Rosen has twins with Elizabeth Birch, with whom she separated in 2006.”
    There had to be man somewhere in there whether sperm donor or something.

    Now, on to the stay at home moms and never working a day in their life. What do I think? Her apology is late. Her understanding of what we do is skewed. If I were to take my children to day care, and PAY that person, only then would it be seen as…a job? Valuable? We have done the numbers, which by the way – most stay at home parents are doing – thus we are interested in the economy – and our pay checks would not cover in most cases what it would cost for child care and after school child care, etc.
    So, I suppose it is only “working” if receive a check? I wonder how many volunteer people would be offended at that.
    At the end of the day, she doesn’t decide for me what is valuable, and what is actually work.

  7. PAT says:

    “I would love to hear what you women readers think about Hillary Rosen’s attack on Ann Romney.”

    Hillary Rosen intended to attack Ann Romney for being wealthy, and thus having never had to work a day in her life. What set off the firestorm was Ann Romney’s fast, spot-on reply via Twitter regarding the work involved in raising five sons. It was brilliant, lightning quick, and it turned the tables completely on the Obama campaign. Instead of spending the day talking about “Ann Romney, the out-0f-touch One-Percenter,” the media topic has been “Ann Romney, the hard working mother of five boys—oh, and by the way, stay-at-home mothers do work hard.”

    Ann Romney just won this skirmish in the Obama Administration’s War on Motherhood.

  8. LauraK says:

    I wrote a blog post, “The pelican and Hilary Rosen.” It was inspired by an earlier post of yours, Father.

  9. kelleyb says:

    I am not surprized at the hostile face of 0bama saying that stay at home moms are more or less worthless. I read that as meaning women are worthless unless they toe the politically correct social agenda of the progressives.  Embrace all the social issues of abortion, redistribution of wealth, class warfare, the diminished value of men in society, the destruction of the family., gay marriage. I have listened to the grey beard feminists for decades belittle what I and countless millions of women have taken as our vocation – raising children.  Finally, the  vicious face of the left has been exposed.  Thank you Hilary Rosen and 0bama for bringing this into the disinfectant light of sunshine. I wonder if other women will “get it”, or will they vote in lock step with the O?
    I wrote this earlier and decided to use it here since I have become more incensed as the day has matured. I do not think My answer would be very civil this evening.

  10. Titus says:

    Rosen has twins with Elizabeth Birch

    Given the disturbing innovation in biological sciences implied by this line, why isn’t this the lead story? Joking aside, this verbiage really grinds my gears: no she didn’t, and it’s a disgusting and perverse lie to say so. That’s what I think.

  11. aviva meriam says:

    Does anyone remember Hillary Clinton’s comments about staying home and baking cookies?

    What amazes me is the notion that these people “believe” they care about women more than conservatives……

  12. Philangelus says:

    Well, thank heaven I worked as a secretary for six months before I started raising my kids. My life, at least, will have had meaning. ;-) ;-) ;-)

  13. AnAmericanMother says:

    OH, man, my thoughts about this are unprintable (daddy was a Combat Engineer).

    But a couple of comments:
    I agree that Mrs. Romney turned the tables quickly. Very sharp. You don’t raise 5 boys well by being stupid.
    Rosen has just realized that Obama is only out for himself and will discard anyone who is no longer useful or who makes a tactical error. After all, he disowned his own grandmother – and his preacher of 25 years after he said he couldn’t . . . . but the useful idiots always think they are immune until the axe falls on them.
    “with whom she separated . . . “? I think they mean “from whom” — these idiots have distorted not only relationships but also the language so much that they no longer know what it means.
    The ‘grey bearded feminists’ (I like that) have preached for so long that you can “have it all”. But you can’t. Choices must be made.

  14. Nicole says:

    Well…whether Ann Romney ever worked a day in her life or not…both women are crazier than bedbugs.

    Ann Romney is a mormon and Hillary Rosen is a liberal lesbian.

    Aviva – yes, I do remember Mrs. Clinton’s comments about staying home and baking cookies :) funny stuff!

  15. yatzer says:

    Well, I remember well the days of gallon buckets of peanut butter and when being out of ketchup was a crisis. “Never worked a day in her life”? It was a greatly rewarding time, but took all the energy and wit I had. Now just caring for a couple of grandkids for a day or two wears me out. I also have a job that is over at 5pm and I can actually stay in bed if I’m sick. That quote is the dumbest thing I’ve heard since the HHS rules were announced.

  16. catholicmidwest says:

    That’d be poetic justice, wouldn’t it?

    I wonder who paid for Hilary Rosen’s college education? Bet she didn’t. The funniest part of all this is watching ALL these rich people trying to out each other over money, when they’re all filthy rich, every single one of them. Apparently that’s not evident to them, but it is to most of us out here in flyover-land. The whole thing looks like a Manhattan cocktail party gone berserk.

  17. catholicmidwest says:

    I’m not looking for a religious leader. I have one. I’m looking for a candidate who will make the appropriate changes in the fall. Freedom of religion applies to Mormons too, let’s not forget that.

  18. Dennis Martin says:

    This was not a gaffe by Hillary Rosen. It was a coordinated strategy. In a speech last Friday?? Obama set things up by explaining how the poor-as-church-mice Obamas, when they had small children, could not afford for Michelle to stay at home to take care of them. That was Good Cop Prez

    Rosen was then supposed to be the Bad Cop and hammer Mitt Romney with class-warfare rhetoric.

    But it backfired. It was,however, deliberate, planned, coordinated. Not an accident.

    It backfired, but a lot of the class warfare stuff is succeeding, in combination with race-war-baiting. Bolshevik tactics. They will work or not work depending on the intelligence and clearsightedness of the populace–their ability to see through the spin. I have supernatural hope but very little human optimism. We have a very manipulable near majority, carefully cultivated for 5 decades now. But one can and must hope. And work to get the truth out.

  19. EXCHIEF says:

    I’m hoping (and praying) that the Marxist’s attempt to gain support among women is beginning to backfire. As far as I’m concerned I hope there are more big mouths like Rosen in his camp. They might just help swing the election to the lesser of two evils.

    BTW I am not a mom (I’m a dad). But I have seen the work involved on the part of stay at home moms. No woman that I worked with in my 48 years in the labor force has worked as hard as the stay at home moms I have known.

  20. Indulgentiam says:

    WOW! Open mouth insert FEET! I wonder if Rosen is as old as I am and therefore a product of the “Charlie” generation. For those too young to remember “Charlie” was a perfume and the commercial to hype this fowl smelling stuff was a lie from hell. The ditty went something like, “you can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…” while some model danced around leading you to believe that you could do it all, look good doing it and ya didn’t need a man… yata, yata (SPIT) yeah “Woman’s Studies” class in college sold this load of horse manure and countless women bought it. When I dropped out of the rat race to raise my child every woman whose respect I once enjoyed ripped into me like I’d just announced that I was leaving to sell crack on the street. It took me a while to come to terms with why woman who choose to work outside the home are so hard on the ones that choose to work, like dogs, inside the home. They just can not fathom why an intelligent woman would forgo a paycheck and title for a poopy diaper, runny nose and toothless grin. I tell them it is a grace and a privilege. They will usually respond by offering me the name of their psychiatrist who has them on “this great antidepressant!” and my heart aches for them and their babies.

  21. Angie Mcs says:

    My husband and I made the decision that when we had children, I would stop working and stay at home with them. We had to give up a lot of things, but I never regretted a day of it. I knew what it was like to work outside the home before their birth, and it held no appeal to me once I had those beautiful babies. I enjoyed every day with them, at every age. Yes, it was very, very hard work but also great joy, and being with them gave me a tremendous sense of purpose and satisfaction. My own mother had to work long hours at an office, come home and cook dinner, clean and do what she could for me. But she was often very tired and unable to give me the time and attention I would have loved from her. After seeing both sides, I feel incredibly grateful that I stayed at home and made every day count, making a home for my family and raising the children who were the greatest gifts God could have given me. Today they are grown adults of whom I am very proud. I do remember Hilary Clinton’s thoughtless “baking cookies” comment and am disgusted that this is still an issue. I am pleased that Rosen’s comments backfired on her and she has been discarded. But I fear that these liberals, or whatever one can call them, will somehow weasel out of this, just as Clinton did years ago.

  22. pm125 says:

    Home is where the heart is – children and their father are the heart of wholesome women. Vanity, allurements of materialism and worldly power do much to foster need and dissatification in children and their father; equality and maturity are essences of family. Love, health, vitality, economy, comfort, cleanliness, and intelligent growth of mind and virtue cannot happen in a home where there is (or due to tragedy, was) no one central mother that places family above all, no matter the income scale or whether the mother also earns money. There are statistics. Catholics can look to Blessed Mary who still watches over and has warned (Fatima) the world, and its families. I think Muslims also respect her role. Natural Law. All imbalance or dysfunction can be seen where people become their own gods, disregarding the First Commandment of God. ‘Love’ becomes ‘love’. ‘We’ becomes ‘me then you’.
    Jackie L.: the father is on a list at a sperm store with all the specs in columns on a spread sheet.

  23. pm125 says:

    Toward the end of comment: I meant love becomes luv or lust.

  24. catholicmidwest says:

    There is a bigger lesson to be had here. When conservatives (or at least non-progressives) repeat the same message over and over again with conviction and don’t allow ourselves to be turned against each other and splintered by our own whining, we are in the majority and we prevail. This is absolutely HUGE.

  25. mwa says:

    @Indulgentiam–maybe you’re thinking of Enjoli?

  26. Peggy R says:

    Stay home mom for 6 years. Extensive career prior to motherhood. Staying home and raising kids is harder, less glamorous. Supervising rational adults is much easier than irrational tots. Lots of easy not terribly exciting dinners as I am no great cook–my poor husband. In my youth I bought into the feminist lie. A career wasn’t enough and didn’t lead to ‘true happiness.’

    My kids need me here. We do struggle financially, in direct consequence of O’s fiscal policy. I am fortunately thrifty, well-trained in a large family and from many years as a struggling college student. (I wasn’t looking for contraception funding.)

    I did see Bill Donohue’s tweet today about Rosen’s having to adopt as a lesbian contrasted with Ann’s natural children. I know what he was getting at–the unnatural lesbian relationship of Rosen, but it sounded like he thought adoption was unnatural. That was unfortunate. As a mother via adoption, I was turned off by that. Our family is not unnatural. Of course the Church does not think so. I am sure Donohue does not either, but his twitter was not quite right.

  27. CatholicCaliGirl says:

    Surviving cancer isn’t Hard Work? well that’s just spitting in cancer patient’s faces.

  28. Bea says:

    You don’t really want to know what I think, do you?
    Not permitted on this blog (or any other blog) LOL

    Moms who don’t work are just “playing” at being:
    cook/maid/washerwoman/ironing lady/nanny/family shopper for food and clothes for a family of 7/chauffer/nurse/psychologist/referee/seamstress/ethicist/vocation director/etc
    and in our “spare time”:
    entertainer/activity coordinator/censor/cake decorator/costume designers
    All this while trying to help (whenever possible) an elderly mom and single aunts.
    Not to mention being one of the homeroom mothers and baking for school events,
    and baking for priests, nuns and friends at Christmas Season, which of course we have even MORE spare time

    I wonder what H.R. does for vacations.
    My “vacations” meant MORE work than staying at home.
    At home I could at least lock myself in the bathroom with a crossword puzzle for a few minutes.
    My only real vacations during those child/bearing/raising years was 3 days in the hospital when the babies were born. I actually gave myself a manicure during those blessed events.

    I challenge her to be a “non-working” mom. No daycare centers or outside help allowed in this challenge.

  29. Clinton R. says:

    Typical feminist stuff. I guess Our Blessed Virgin didn’t work either, all she did was stay home and mother God in the Flesh. I am blessed to have had a mother who did not work outside the home, because she did and continues to do so much to make my home a loving one for me and my father. May the Lord bless all mothers who labor long hours at home to raise their children and in the process nurture productive adults. And May the Lord open the hearts of the Romneys that they may be converted to the True Faith. +JMJ+

  30. Ellen says:

    My mother was a stay at home mom to 9 children. Believe me, she worked hard and long. She was a nurse before she married and had children and she said she worked much harder at being a mom.

  31. 8latinfans says:

    Hilary Rosen’s comments are merely representative of what a lot of Americans think of stay-at-home mothers, unfortunately. When I quit my job 20 years ago to stay at home, my extended family members and friends thought I was crazy at first. Here I was, former valedictorian of my high school class and a college graduate, staying home to raise children? What was I thinking? I think my family’s concerns were mainly financial, but after seeing how happy I was, they backed off.

    Six children later, I can honestly say that staying at home has been a great blessing and a lot of hard work. What is interesting is that it wasn’t until I started homeschooling, too, that the majority of casual observers to our lifestyle backed off the “what do you do all day and aren’t you bored out of your mind?” routine. As if, now that I was teaching my children school in addition to staying at home raising them, that I finally had a “real” job. Whatever.

    Regardless of Ann Romney’s religious persuasion or economic situation, raising five boys IS hard work. Having more money doesn’t eliminate the constant barrage of personality conflicts, the sickness of the day, or the one child who needs seemingly constant guidance to stay on the right path. To say that she has not worked is ridiculous.

  32. Marie Veronica says:

    @Mrs O: I love that insight. I work full time and have three kids. One in daycare, 2 in parochial school. We must also pay for the extended day program and in the summer months, day camp. I would stay home in a heartbeat if we could make that work. Childcare is expensive and in the early years emotionally stressful – “is my baby okay when I”m at work?”

    Childcare is only valuable to the left when you pay someone else to provide it. And then it is “thankless and underpaid work.” Thus the calls for unionized daycare workers. My employer is fantastic and allows me flextime so I can attend to doctor’s appointments, sicknesses, and duck out for the school play. This has made all the difference.

    But I realize I’m fortunate. Some bosses are not so understanding. I’ve seen it. Such persons are positively hostile where it concerns family. They are abusive if you stay with a sick child implying you are “getting away with something,” by having the day off. And! they think nothing of calling parents, “Breeders.” A term with disease-like implications.

  33. Kerry says:

    Via Legal Insurrection-dot-com, what Hilary Rosen said in 2008: “And what about the argument that [Sarah Palin] is a negligent mother who will be distracted from her important role? I am a mother who constantly feels the pressure from others about whether I am fit to be a parent, whether I put my kids first often enough and whether my children get enough of my attention. Who has the right to judge my family?

    My grandmother always said, “You can’t tell time on someone else’s clock.” Judgments about people’s personal lives are better left unsaid and unrealized.”

    Heh, to the fourth power!

  34. PA mom says:

    I agree with someone above that this was probably intended to be another class warfare point. What came through however, is the plain contempt that Ms Rosen feels at the idea that a woman would place and keep herself willingly and with pleasure in such a traditional, vulnerable position as a stay at home mom. This requires genuine respect and love between these spouses, continuous giving and trust. I also agree that if all of these Obama helpers were placed in their true light to the public (LGT activist, etc..) that more people might start to wonder about the company he keeps and what effect it has on our country. Do we want a country that mirrors the views of these very unusual people, to put it mildly? She will likely never understand why it is a beautiful thing for our marriage that I have stepped out of my career to be a stay at home mother.

  35. john_6_fan says:

    I am continually amazed at what Obama and his minions think they can get away with. They actually think their views represent the vast majority of America. Obama’s campaign comments about his daughters being punished with children have always stuck with me. How will his grandchildren feel when they hear that he may have considered them punishments for his daughters mistakes?

    He also made the comment yesterday that he and Michelle didn’t have the luxury of Michelle staying home with the kids. In 2005, their children were 7 and 4 years old. Michelle made $360k and Barack made $162k. Either could have stayed home to be with the kids and they still would have been plenty comfortable (at least by most people’s standards). I think what he meant was, they didn’t have the luxury of living luxuriously if Michelle stayed home.

    I think the Obama campaign made another huge mistake yesterday.

  36. irishgirl says:

    Atta girl, Ann Romney, for what she said in response to this ‘she-male’ (that was a favorite expression of FDR in describing the ‘female’ friends of his wife Eleanor)! I’m glad that Hillary got smacked down!
    My mother stopped working when she got married and raised us three girls. She only went back to work when my older sister was hospitalized with scolosis in her spine (this was in the mid-1960s), and my dad worked two jobs. Mom worked up until the early 1980s when she took care of Dad after he got Alzheimer’s. But we never lacked anything when she stayed home.
    I keep on hoping and praying that Obama and all his minions get thrown out on their ears come Election Day!

  37. kab63 says:

    I have been financially comfortable, and I have been as poor as someone can be. My economic sense (which is Rosen’s confused point) and the “ease” of my mothering were mostly the same regardless. The presence of my husband was the enormous mitigating factor. I am disturbed that the ridiculous politics of Rosen’s remarks have distracted us from the incredible disrespect to and ignorance of a father’s role that this attitude displays. Single parenting (which I also survived when my husband worked overseas for a year) is devastating to motherhood, not to mention economics! The so-called “war on women” is just a veneer for the longstanding war on fatherhood. In all the discussion of contraception and abortion, let us bring men’s duty and father’s rights back into the argument.

  38. Cantate says:

    I was a stay-at-home Mom and had a teaching career before, and a librarian/archivist career after rearing two boys, part of the time by myself as a single mother. I recall some sneers from young women in my second career during any mention of the great satisfaction in motherhood. Hilary Rosen and her kind bought into the feminist lie. I have never met a happy feminist. Have you ever noticed that they are usually angry and abrasive? They are acting contrary to their God-given natural instincts; so they get mad and nasty, get into drugs, drunkenness, same-sex “relationships,” and wonder why they are so unhappy. Rather than trying to fathom the reasons, they attack normal people who have their heads screwed on right. If they have children, they farm them out to kennels for little humans. (Dr. Laura Schlesinger said that day care is CHILD ABUSE. I agree with her.) These day-time orphans are now occupying seats in Congress, and higher places as well. They concoct and pass such legislation as Obamacare. God help us!

  39. AvantiBev says:

    I don’t get too exasperated with it. As women, we have been doing this pecking order thing with each other since prehistoric times, no doubt. We are just as competitive as you men are. In Samuel, we read that Hannah was barren and taunted by her husband’s other wife who had already “given” him sons — they didn’t know about X and Y chromosomes back then so Wifee #2 gave herself a pat on the back.

    I was in college in the 70’s where I remember a “Womyns Studies” speaker who told our sorority members during one of those trendy fireside get-to-know-the-prof dinners that our moms were oppressed and our fathers the oppressors holding women down. Once I overcame my revulsion of the prof’s extensive underarm hair, I managed to speak up and ask if the oppression of the males in my family included the savings bonds my Nonno started putting away for my education at my birth and the 40 years of 5 o’clock mornings that my Daddy had been heading off to the steel mill so that his girls could have 16 years of private schooling. THIS WAS NORTHWESTERN FOLKS! I worked my sweet culo off to get there and my Daddy was working and Mom sacrificing to keep me there and this unshaven, unkempt broad was lecturing me on my family’s patriarchal oppression??? Do you know how many of my friends would have loved to be oppressed by 4 years paid college education at such an institution?!

    But sadly, now that I am 56 and unmarried and CHOSE to not shack-up, hook up and then try to bring up kids without a father, I get the same kind of pecking order sometimes from my fellow Catholic women. “Oh, so you never got married and never had kids? Well, YOU have NO idea how hard it can be to….[fill in the blank with any supposed chore we single gals need not do since we sit around all day sipping champagne and eating bon-bons.]. I even had a woman ask me one time at a baby shower upon finding out that I had never married and then asking how many children I had, WHY I was single and, gasp, WHY I had no children! I tried to be tactful as I could see my friend, the father-to-be, squirm at his relative’s tactless questions and demured that I had never found a great guy like her nephew to be my husband and my, didn’t the cake look yummy. But this old auntie was not to be deterred once she had sniffed out my spinsterhood and asked me, “Soooooo, you’re an actress, aren’t you? You do LIKE men, dear, don’t you?” Cluck, cluck, pick, pick. The hen pecking shall continue no doubt til Judgment Day.

  40. AvantiBev says:

    kab63 AMEN! We must never forget as Catholics and as Christians that God sent the angels to Joseph 3 times – (marry Mary, don’t put her away; run for your lives to Egypt; okay, go back to Nazareth now) because He thought an earthly model of manhood for Jesus was that important. He didn’t set up a Nazareth Office of Aid to Dependent Children for Mary and Jesus; He set them up with a godly, “just man”.

  41. kelleyb says:

    @kab63; you are on point with your comments about the progressives long war on fatherhood. After obama won the presidency, I took comfort in the hope that he would use his bully pulpit to encourage and to teach young men the role of fathers in the black family. He hasn’t even done that as far as I know.

  42. Nicole says:

    catholicmidwest –

    Whether “freedom of religion” applies to mormons too or not doesn’t figure into my comment. Murder of children in the wombs of their mothers is legal in the USA, too, let’s not forget that.

  43. DisturbedMary says:

    God made pharaoh stubborn. He made Hilary Rosen haughty.

  44. I am a stay-at-home dad. I spent 3 years in law school and another 3 years practicing law at a top firm in my area before leaving to raise my son when my wife, a pediatrician, returned to work. Nothing, let me state that again, NOTHING is harder work than raising a child full time. My job no longer ends at 5 p.m. It is a 24 hours, 7 days a week job. When I feel sick, I can’t call in. I am a chef, a doctor, a tour guide, a personal assistant, a comedian, a weight lifter, a cleaning service and so much more. And I do all of this for no pay. My wife and I could have a very big house, nice cars, and much more if we wanted. Instead, we live in an apartment and drive two cars with 100,000 miles on them. But we love and trust Christ and believe that he is leading us in the right direction. For anyone to claim that I do not work is to belittle the choice I made for my family and my lifestyle.

  45. Indulgentiam says:

    @mwa —–Thanks :) for the correction and the link. I was tempted to laugh till i realized how eerily diabolical it is. i am grateful to discover that some of that ridiculous garbage is fading from my memory banks.

  46. Brad says:

    PM125, thank you. Your words were like balm just as my spirits were at their lowest while reading about the feminist anti-God hate machine that is The World.

    “children and their father are the heart of wholesome women”

    So true. Praise God. Thank you for mentioning the father and husband and her love for him. If he is mentioned at all nowadays, it is only to caricature him as a fool on the TV commercials, as the wife’s (partner’s…) most annoying and most overgrown of her brood of brats.

    Proverbs 31…

  47. Laura98 says:

    Ugh… don’t even get me started on this! Who does she think she is???

    Once my daughter was born, I heard it from all sides (except my own parents) asking me how soon I would be going back to work. We were moving back to the US at this point, so I would be able to get a job, unlike before. My mother-in-law was quite put out, when I said I had no plans to go back to work. Fast forward 12+ years, and I’m homeschooling my daughter (she was diagnosed with Asperger’s and needs some special attention and help in schooling). And still, I get grief from family and friends for not working in the “real world” and sending her to the local public school, where they can give her the “specialized education” she needs.

    Well, I guess I just don’t fit into modern society very well … because I believe that Our Lord directed us, as parents, to be the first and primary educators of our children (especially in their religious upbringing). And that my main vocation is to be a wife and mother. That may or may not include having to hold a job (it depends upon our finances). The well-being of my daughter is more important than having the latest electronic gadget around the house though! And Hilary Clinton’s comment ticked me off then… and it still ticks me off. What’s wrong with staying home and baking some cookies?? Everyone I know likes homemade cookies!

  48. LisaP. says:

    AvantiBev, liked your comments, very interesting — I’ve noticed, by the way, that these days the perfect number of kids is one, maybe two. You have more, you’re disparaged, you have fewer, you’re disparaged, and it doesn’t matter why. I think it’s a product mentality.

    Moms who stay home get used to these kinds of statements, which the speakers usually make because they are trying to be compassionate or open minded, oddly.

    I had a neighbor tell me she’d have loved to have been a stay and home mom, they just couldn’t swing it, standing at our fence line with her nice stick built house twice the size of mine with garage on one side and my small no garage double-wide on the other. I didn’t get mad, she was just trying to tell me she didn’t look down on me, but both of us assumed that if either of us might be looked down on it was me.

    I had a nun lately, after my eight year old daughter told her she likes home schooling better than public school, admonish her that “some moms have to work.” Seriously. I think she thought she was teaching my child not to be an elitist and to have understanding for others, while being elitist and not in any way understanding that my kid wasn’t bragging, she was just trying to win an adult’s approval with an “I like school” declaration.

    People are weird.

    I am afraid, though, that I think Ms. Rosen’s comments and President Obama’s comments resonated with many, many people who choose to have a two income household for materialistic reasons and spend lots of internal dialogue time justifying that by denigrating those who make other choices. Finally, they’re saying, someone has the guts to say out loud what I’ve been telling myself all this time.

  49. Springkeeper says:

    Her comments are sadly typical of hostle, liberal, feminists (that is almost certainly a redundant statement). And I say that as a former feminist who initially wanted to be a Marine grunt and sadly had to settle on being an avionics technician. I wish I had the courage and faith in God to be a full time Mom and I certainly don’t think ill of the women who have made that noble choice.

  50. SKAY says:

    Considering the fact that this woman is an Obama insider and supportor of his disastrous economic policies-not to mention his attempt to destroy religious freedom in this country- I think she has a lot of nerve criticizing Ann Romney’s supposed lack of economic knowledge “just because” she has been a stay at home mother(and hasn’t worked a day in her life).
    I agree with Dennis Martin. “This was not a gaffe by Hillary Rosen. It was a coordinated strategy.”

    It is ugly Chicago leftist thug politics coming from David Axelrod,Bill Ayers, Rham Emmanuel and the Obama re election machine.
    Common sense says that we could do a lot better without Ms Rosen’s idea of economic knowledge.

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