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  1. dahveed says:

    During Easter vigil Mass, my wife (finally!) came into the One, True Church. I’ve prayer for that for many years. Happy doesn’t begin to cover it. ;)

  2. Benedict says:

    Photos from Good Friday at the the Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC. Notice the Dominican triple prostration during the Veneration of the Cross.

  3. LadyMedievalist says:

    Lots of Easter joy in this house as two very dear friends were received into the Church on Saturday!

  4. Faith says:

    The good news is that Christ is truly risen!

  5. melanie says:

    Beautiful Triduum at our newly restored church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Redditch (UK). Even more beautiful EF Mass on Easter Sunday morning (for the first time) at St. John Fisher Church, West Heath in Birmingham. Thank you to Fr George Grynowski for celebrating Mass in the EF every week and now beginning to become regular on solemnities too!

  6. RuralVirologist says:

    Una Voce, Cape Town, was born on Palm Sunday, 2012. Please pray for us!

  7. Charivari Rob says:

    Easter morning Mass: S.R.O.

  8. irishthree says:

    I have lots of good news! My wife and I are adopting our second child, a boy this time, and he was born Tuesday! We were blessed with our daughter 5 1/2 years ago and she could not be more excited about the arrival of her brother.

  9. 1catholicsalmon says:

    The Mass on Holy Thursday was just so beautiful, meditative . A year has passed since our PP replaced the Altar rails in order for the congregation to kneel when receive Our Lord, and at this Mass I counted eight parishioners who knelt!!! Amazing. This can be accredited to the hard work and dedication of our PP and the AP : encouraging silence as much as possible in church; placing great emphasis on the Adoration of the Eucharist; always setting excellent examples (in other words…living The Faith); and the introduction of the Mass Ad Orientum.
    Our PP is not swayed by negative reactions, and he can be trusted to be pointing in the direction True North no matter what the weather! Thank God.

  10. JayDeee says:

    I was received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. Just. Wow. Then we knelt at the altar rail and I think most of us received on the tongue (I wasn’t looking around, though). Our RCIA team was wonderful. Mike, the leader this year said, “I had it pretty much together until I saw you receive communion, and that’s when I started crying.”

    I’m Catholic, ya’ll, Deo Gratias!

  11. pinoytraddie says:

    I Did the Visita Iglesia with some of My Family Members and of the Seven Churches we Visited,One was a Salesian Parish where they Printed Booklets for The Stations that We Used the duration of our Visits to these Churches(we did two stations per church),the other was The Chapel of the Archdiocesan Major Seminary.

    At the Easter Vigil,A Small group of Old Ladies lent to Me an Extra Candle.

  12. dnicoll says:

    Became a Catholic at the Easter Vigil :-) And immediately sent off my membership application for the Confraternity of St Peter (

  13. APX says:

    I’m sick as a dog. Just when I thought I was over my head cold, it hit me like a tonne of bricks and turned into a chest cold just in time for the Triduum. I had completely lost my voice, but I was able to get enough of it back to make one final confession before Easter. It sure didn’t sound pretty, though.

  14. DisturbedMary says:

    No only did someone have to say it but Drudge posted it for all the media to ignore: Pope Benedict’s Easter words on the darkness coming over the world because mankind can no longer distinguish between good and evil.

  15. Supertradmum says:

    Having a vacation week with my son, whom I have not seen for months. Wonderful and happy time. God bless you, Father Z, this week especially.

  16. Titus says:

    I had an excellent Easter: the Vigil was beautiful, our toddler was good almost the entire time, we had spectacular weather, my dear wife cooked the most wonderful lamb roast, and a delightful day was had with my family and that of my uncle (including a new healthy baby who they have welcomed after several terrible miscarriages).

  17. CCS says:

    Took my son to church for all three nights of the Triduum. This was his first time in church as he is only two weeks old. It went really, really well.

  18. Cathy says:

    Our parish Church-built in the 80’s, is about to undergo necessary renovations – permanent altar and ambo, crucifix in the sanctuary, and enough money was raised to build a new adoration chapel. In the process, many blessed discoveries – the stained glass windows taken from the original Church building were found – they were very carefully packed away and stored in the basement. These are to be used in the adoration chapel. My brother-in-laws company was selected for the renovation and he will be the superintendent on the remodel. Please keep him in your prayers, he’s very good at what he does, and he is very particular and a perfectionist in his work. Please pray also for those in our parish who are offended by the remodel – will detract from the original intent, design and architecture, that they will find rejoicing in the solemn beauty restored, brick by brick!

  19. bmc0123 says:

    My wife was also received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. I’ve been praying for this for so long, and my prayers have been answered. As Dahveed above says, happy doesn’t begin to cover it.

  20. Angie Mcs says:

    I have had a wonderful week of good news! My first grandchild, a healthy sweet little girl, was born last Tuesday. She and her Mother (my oldest daughter) are home and doing well, and I am going over to see them as soon as I’m done writing here!

    My husband went to confession for the first time in 42 years! Since I was being brought into the Church, and he was my sponsor, he needed to go. But he knew he really needed to go for himself and was in tears afterwards, he was so happy he did it.

    I was received into the Church during the Easter Vigil. Earlier in the day I made my First Confession, which was very difficult for me. I’d had some lost years behind me. The Father who listened to me couldn’t have been kinder or more comforting. After listening to my rather long list of sins, he seemed to know exactly what was hurting me the most, and he focused on that. When he told me I was talking not only to a priest but but to Christ through him, receiving Gods love and mercy, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love. I received a very clear and beautiful absolution, then went to the communion rail to pray. The entire experience was beyond any description I could continue to write. And it continued in the evening with the Vigil. When I returned to the pew after Communion, I looked at Jesus on the Crucifix a long time, talked with Him and knew I was starting a new life. I will try so hard to be worthy of Him and all He has given us.

    So, we are grateful in our family for many things this week. We had two births, my little granddaughter’s and my own.

  21. irishgirl says:

    It’s not until May, but I’m going to report it anyway: I’m going on an honest-to-goodness traditional Catholic retreat-and it’s all paid for, courtesy of the younger of the two Bishops who run the seminary! I mentioned to His Excellency last summer that I wanted to go on the annual Ladies’ Retreat, but didn’t have the financial means to pay for it myself. He said to me, ‘Well then, you call the Sisters [a community whose Mother House and Novitiate is in the same area as the seminary], and have them call me.’ I don’t have a phone right now, so I emailed them instead last week. And I got an answer back-there is a room reserved for me!
    And congratulations to all of the new Catholics who were received at the Easter Vigil!

  22. mamajen says:

    Congratulations to all the new Catholics! My husband is a convert, and I have so much respect and admiration for people who make that journey.

  23. The first EF solemn high Mass of Easter in recent decades at Holy Ghost Church in Knoxville, wonderfully celebrated by three young diocesan priests. With Palestrina’s Missa brevis for the Ordinary and Mozart’s Allelulia for the recessional. See photos.

  24. Marius2k4 says:

    My little brother was baptized and confirmed at Easter Vigil, where he followed my example of kneeling and receiving on the tongue.

  25. Gregg the Obscure says:

    A wonderful potluck Easter dinner at the home of some of our fellow parishioners after Mass yesterday.

    Humorous aspect of the dinner: a pleasant young man attended who is about two degrees of separation from the parishioners. His given name is Dalek. When introduced to him I asked “As in Dr. Who?” and the reply was in the affirmative. I was sufficiently startled that I didn’t return to that topic.

  26. lpscott says:

    Two things, Father.

    First, our 3-year old slept through the entire Holy Thursday Mass, which allowed my wife and I to actually pay serious attention to Mass.

    Second, my 9-year old son was serving at Good Friday service, passed out during the Gospel, and did a full face-plant onto the marble floor. Thankfully, all he has to show for this are a couple of slightly chipped teeth and a few stitches. Of course, he is now a minor celebrity with the other servers his age because boys of that age think stitches and such are “cool”.

  27. LaudemGloriae says:

    The beautiful weather on Easter day meant that the children played outside all afternoon while my husband did his gardening. This allowed me to be *alone* in a *quiet* house. This is exceedingly rare. I ate Italian creme cake, played piano, listened to the Exultant from St. Peter’s, and read the Catholic encyclopedia entries for “Heaven” and then about “ressurection bodies” and their qualities. So much to hope for.

  28. MissOH says:

    Welcome to all new Catholics!
    JayDeee “I’m Catholic, ya’ll, Deo Gratias!” – I love it!

    Was able to attend Holy Thursday and Good Friday services in the EF. Was a sponsor for a young woman being confirmed during the Easter Vigil at a university so the mass was… exhuberent (good jazz combo)- but Jesus was there and we were blessed to be in a country where we can worship without fear of attacks on our church. Also our little one attended and was good the entire mass.
    Attended a Solemn High EF mass for Sunday and had very good roast pork with fixings for dinner (I am the only one who really likes lamb).

  29. Quanah says:

    I have an interview tomorrow.

  30. mrsmontoya says:

    No bad news, which is always good news, and it is a lovely day.

  31. Mary Jane says:

    Absolutely awesome Triduum. Allegri’s Miserere Mei Deus went off great on Good Friday after the liturgy. We were worried about it because a few of us had colds, but it went great. Beautiful Solemn High EF Mass for the Easter Vigil. Went nearly 4 hours…I’m still exhausted….but it was really amazing and all the music went fantastic. Spent yesterday with family and homemade icecream. :)

  32. Daria says:

    During his Easter sermon our pastor described Pascal’s wager. Having heard it before, I didn’t find it especially exciting, but it turned out that my daughter’s boyfriend (non-catholic, non-anything) was very impressed with the idea. This just might have been a turning point for him.

  33. Sid says:

    In Mount Airy, NC, we had a profoundly solemn and beautiful Triduum in the Ordinary Form. On Easter Sunday there was a Missa cantata in the Extraordinary Form. The priest always “said the black and did the red.”

  34. Banjo pickin girl says:

    I missed Thursday through Saturday but made it to Mass Sunday at 7 am. Very nice. Vewy quiet, as Elmer Fudd would say. You could still smell incense from the midnight before. And even though I still feel crummy a lot I am getting better at accepting it a little at a time.

    I also found a nice leg of free range lamb and cooked some of it. A taste from my childhood came back. And I got my Mom a box of candy and “helped” her with some of it.

  35. lucy says:

    What a wonderful Easter Triduum this has been! We spent Good Friday in Sacramento for services at the FSSP parish there. Our entire family rose at 4am, left at 5am, and arrived in time for Tenebrae at 8am. That singing was like angels in heaven (I can only imagine). Then Stations of the Cross, Veneration of the Cross (with the corpus intact unlike our local Novus Ordo parish where the corpus is for some reason removed – maybe I’m not aware that it should be?). And finally Holy Communion. An awesome day spent with good friends and fabulous well-formed priests. Thanks be to God! Then a High Mass in my home parish with the same priests. Awesome! The Sequence for Easter Sunday was beautiful! The whole thing was beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting! Deo Gratias!

  36. SimonDodd says:

    I have not only good but great news (for me, at least): I was received into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. After several years of study, preparation, and prayer, I was able to stand before friends, family, priest, congregation, and our God and say “I believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God,” and to receive confirmation and first communion. :D

  37. Flos Carmeli says:

    Our baby boy was baptized at 6 days old during Easter morning Mass! We now have a new baby Christian!

    Congratulations and many blessings to all those who came into the Church this past weekend!

  38. St. Peter Canisius says:

    I participated in my first Good Friday service since becoming Catholic (on 4/23/11). From the prostration of the three priests and three deacons, through the adoration of the Holy Cross and beyond, I have been truly moved by the Easter Triduum. As a Lutheran I attended many Good Friday services , but never like this one! Like comparing a 12″ B&W to a 60″ HDTV.

    Thanks be to God, Father Z, EWTN, the Coming Home Network and all the Catholic folks who brought me home. I am truly where I belong.

  39. Liz says:

    Congratulations to all of your and your good news. I did stop and say a couple of Hail Marys for all of your intentions. Well, one for all and one specifically for Quanah’s interview. I wish you well at your interview. I love the good news. It’s all so uplifting and hopeful!

    We got a new beef cow, a baby bull calf. (I’m learning the terms!) I feel so rural now! We named him Charles Dismas and his nickname is Chuck: yeah, as in “ground” some day! Meanwhile he’s darling! No really, he’s cute!

    Today is Fr. Gordon MacRae’s birthday and I pray it’s his last behind prison bars!Please pray for his appeal, for his cellmate Pornchai who is celebrating his anniversary of his entry into the Faith, and for the many people they are helping both in and outside of the prison walls. Please read about them at:

    God bless you all and enjoy the octave. Woohoo!

  40. Charlotte Allen says:

    My parish’s Easter gift was (thanks to our new pastor) the restoration of the tabernacle to the sanctuary instead of the side altar where it had resided for many a year. And you should see the new tabernacle! It’s absolutely gorgeous, a towering thing in a very Florentine Gothic style: all gold leafed wood except for some panel paintings in clear, bright Fra Angelico colors (so appropriate, as we’re a Dominican parish). It’s exquisite–and our pastor plans to have an entire reredos constructed for it as soon as we can raise the money (count me in!). We have what I deem the most beautiful parish church in Washington, DC, except that it’s been in sad shape for many years thanks to a destructive urban-renewal project of the 1950s that decimated the Catholic population that could have paid for the church’s upkeep and some stupid post-Vatican II ideology that resulted in the trashing of nearly everything in the sanctuary, turning that large space into a vacant cave dominated by an enormous “2001”-style marble slab. Now, we have something lovely in the sanctuary as well as the presence of Christ. It could not have been a better Easter miracle.

    @Benedict: I was at that Good Friday liturgy at the Dominican House of Studies (I’m in a couple of the photos, although they’re long shots in which my head is the size of a pinhead, so I’m essentially anonymous). That is the most solemn and beautiful Good Friday liturgy in Washington, and I’ve been attending it for more than two decades. It hasn’t changed much over the many years in which I’ve attended, except for this: There are about three times, maybe four times as many Dominicans from the House of Studies in attendance–which says something about a dramatic upsurge in vocations. Up until a few years ago, everyone in the congregation did the triple prostration, religious and lay people alike. But I think because there are now so many Dominicans–and attendance at that liturgy has swelled in general–the lay attendants just kneel before the crucifix once and kiss Christ’s feet. The triple prostration is now limited to the priests, brothers, and nuns in attendance.

    Oh, and here’s another Easter gift from our new pastor: He got rid of the backyard wading pool that used to be constructed in the sanctuary for those being baptized at the Easter vigil. Those baptisms used to be a laughably embarrassing ceremony in which the poor catechumens would have to don some sort of hideous brown robe and then sit in the wading pool being good sports until the baptism was over. It looked like a fraternity initiation. After the baptisms the wading pool just sat there in the sanctuary collecting one-celled life forms throughout the Easter season. My husband is an unbaptized Prot, and although I pray for his conversion constantly, I just couldn’t visualize him sitting in that wading pool wearing a sackcloth toga and looking like an extra in a very bad swords-and-sandals movie. I didn’t attend the Easter vigil this year (we got distracted with champagne because April 7 is my birthday), but I’m sure that it was duly solemn and dignified. Brick by brick, as Fr. Z would say.

  41. Maxiemom says:

    I attended Easter Vigil with my parents (89 year old father and 83 year old mother), my husband and my son at my parent’s parish where my husband and I were also married. Four people were taken into the church at the vigil. Then we spent a wonderful Easter Sunday together. I so treasure time with my parents – and am thankful for still having both my parents on earth.

  42. cornelius74 says:

    We had a really good Triduum at our parish of Our Lady Assumption in Prague, Czech Republic. Everything went as it should have, including the choir and chamber ensemble performing Franz Schubert Messe on Easter Sunday. And also another thing, after the Vigil, we took picture of us, the altar boys (well, boys, I am 38 myself and not the oldest), all the 23 of us, with the Father. Where I come from, priests are mostly happy if there is an altar boy at all…

  43. JaneC says:

    Easter Sunday at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Sacramento was lovely. I’m coming to the end of spending three weeks with my parents, which I know they’ve really appreciated. My husband loves his new job, and after six weeks of looking we finally found a rental place near the new job that meets all our needs and is within our budget (no easy feat!). Lots and lots of good news here!

  44. poetgrl says:

    I recieved all three sacraments of initiation!

  45. MargaretC says:

    Cathedral parish had another beautiful Triduum…Novus Ordo, but done by the book and supported by excellent music.

    I made dinner for my family, including my parents, who are both in their 80s, but very fit and healthy, thanks be to God.

    My brother bought the latest iPad, so he gave me his old one. I have successfully synced all my Kindle books, and downloaded iBreviary.

  46. Another retreat at Carmel not this weekend but the next. :) I’m so happy…

  47. Gregorius says:

    I just returned from Charles Town, WV, where I got to visit the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, a monastic community that celebrates everything according to the EF. It was the first time I had ever seen EF Triduum Liturgy, and despite their small number, everything was amazing. Their Tenebrae liturgies were hauntingly beautiful. Needless to say, I will be returning to visit again soon. Pray for them, that they be allowed to be permanently established in their new home.

  48. Martial Artist says:

    Two blessings stand out. I was able to attend, and participate, in Tenebrae at our Dominican parish on each of the mornings of the Triduum, and my wife accompanied me on Thursday and Friday, as well. And on Holy Thursday I received in the day’s mail a formal communication from the Office of our Archdiocesan Tribunal that I am now “ecclesiastically free of the bond of my prior marriage.” We should be able to complete the necessary marriage preparation and celebrate the convalidation of our marriage within the context of the Noon Mass on a Sunday in latter June, or shortly thereafter. Deo gratias!,

    Keith Töpfer

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