Obama Defends HHS Mandate: It’s “Not Fair” That Catholics Won’t Fund Birth Control

A biretta tip to CMR I saw this on Weasel Zippers.

Pres. Obama simply lies to a reporter about the HHS mandate. He uses the dodge that “insurance companies”, not the Catholic institutions, will have to pay for the objectionable things. He lies in this because he leaves out a significant point: many religious institutions, and businesses owned by people of faith, self-insure.

If you leave out essential information in an attempt to lead someone to a false conclusion, you lie.

Go HERE. At about 2:00 minutes the relevant part comes up.

So, the First Gay President, the most aggressively pro-abortion President we have ever seen, the one who actually supported infanticide, says that it isn’t “fair” that Catholics stick to their guns.

But, Pres. Obama thinks it’s fair to force Catholics to violate their religious beliefs.

Kudos to the reporter for asking the awkward question.


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  1. wmeyer says:

    Father, he only lies when he speaks.

    I cannot help but wonder whether he even recognizes his lies at this point. They seem to be an automaticity.

  2. Darren says:

    I am waiting for him to proclaim himself the Messiah. I think he truly believes that he is the truth, and that anything not conforming to his beliefs is a lie.

  3. Sissy says:

    Two lies right around the 2:40-2:45 mark: “We exempted churches, we exempted religious institutions” and the part about “big institutions that accept a lot of federal money”.

    Is is completely false that “religious institutions” are exempt. He later says explicitly that religious institutions such as “hospitals and universities” are not exempt. There is also no provision in the law that says only those employers receiving federal money are mandated to provide this coverage. So that is false and misleading, as well. He can’t even keep his lies straight anymore. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

  4. Sissy says:

    Darren said: “I am waiting for him to proclaim himself the Messiah. I think he truly believes that he is the truth, and that anything not conforming to his beliefs is a lie.”

    He may suffer from that delusion. He said in an interview a few years back that his definition of sin is “failing to live up to MY standards”.

  5. Andrew says:

    According to Pres. Obama, not taxing the wealthiest Americans is a “cost”. He is wrong. It is a reduction in revenues. Anyone who studied finance knows that governments do not incur a “cost” since they are not “for profit” institutions. A cost is a price of doing business. But the government’s role is fiduciary and therefore governments incur expenditures. No cost! Now in the absence of a tax, there can be no expenditure. Fewer taxes result in a reduction in revenues. I wish he would stop talking about how much “it costs us” not to tax people. His thinking is completely upside down.

  6. wmeyer says:

    Andrew, he (and other pols) gets away with such nonsense because most citizens these days are woefully ignorant of the mechanics of economics. I wish every citizen would read Thomas Sowell’s excellent Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy”. That would arm them with all that they need to regain contact with reality.

  7. CatholicByChoice says:

    Persecution will break many Catholics in America, maybe even break the majority of Catholics, but there is a remnant whose faith will be strengthen by undergoing these trials of faith. I pray to be among the remnant: “Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel – all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.” 1 Kings 19:18.

    It is so important that all U.S. Catholics ponder this question: are we American Catholics or are we Catholic Americans? Catholics across America are being constantly bombarded by a powerful political campaign of confusion and deceit designed to separate a majority of Catholics from their rightful leadership. Sometimes I step back and look at all the evil rolling towards us and I wonder: has God launched His own “Catholics Come Home” campaign?

  8. LisaP. says:

    Yes, Sissy, but don’t forget: “But when we’ve practiced quite a while/ how vastly we improve our style.” :)

    I used to write for a nonprofit. My boss would talk a lot about how to “characterize” things. Many folks who do public rhetoric for a living not only don’t value honesty in discourse, I truly believe they no longer recognize it. Words are about moving people, not about clarity, communication, discourse, education — we’re all on Madison Avenue now.

  9. Sissy says:

    CatholicbyChoice said: “Sometimes I step back and look at all the evil rolling towards us and I wonder: has God launched His own “Catholics Come Home” campaign?”

    I think you are right; I pray so. It wouldn’t be the first time the Lord has used an “evil king” to bring His people back to repentance.

  10. CatholicByChoice says:

    Hi Sissy. It seems to me that since the earliest days of Salvation History we have been fighting the same battle: always against the evil influence of the worshippers of the false god Baal (those who sacrificed babies and children). We still have a cult of Baal, worshipped today by abortion proponents. And now, those who worship Baal are demanding that Catholics also bow their knees to Baal.

    We must be very clear when we communicate with other people…this is a continuation of an age-old battle and Catholics MUST stand their ground and demonstrate to God our great faith, devotion and love. We must not be intimidated by “political correctness,” we must speak the truth whatever the cost.

  11. Michaeleus says:

    How long before we hear that Catholics are racist?

  12. Sissy says:

    LisaP: I think you’re on to something with Obama. I’m not sure he even recognizes concepts like “truth” and “lies”. There is only “what will get the job done?”. Like all marxist, the end always justifies the means, and for him, the “good” thing is whatever accomplishes his goal. Silly “morals” are for the little people. When you see a person lie so continually and so smoothly, you know that it is just second nature; he’s been doing it so long, he no longer knows the difference. He doesn’t even seem to mind that his transparent lies will be refuted immediately.

  13. FaithfulCatechist says:

    “That’s not fair.” is usually heard from children and teenagers.

    Barack Obama: the Adolescent in Chief.

  14. AnnAsher says:

    @LisaP – so true!

  15. Michaeleus says:

    I’m *not* saying he’s a Muslim (really…I’m not), but he was raised in a Muslim country and they believe lying to infidels is not sinful.

    Just saying….

  16. DJPNicholls says:

    Are you aware that on the iPhone, the video in this post has moved down out of place and obscures the text below? [It’s always something, isn’t it?]

  17. Facta Non Verba says:

    I’m proud of the reporter for asking that question, but I wish she would have cross-examined his answer with some follow-up questions on point. “Not fair” really isn’t an explanation. According to whose rules is the “fairness” question being judged, and at what cost to whose liberties?

  18. acardnal says:

    @Michaeleus: Catholics are already being called bigots and intolerant. Racist is next in the conga line diatribe of epithets against us. And then there is the infamous “hate speech” legal charges which may put many of us in jail for calling homosexual behavior sin.

  19. tech_pilgrim says:

    If Obama was a Cable company,

    Church: Hello Obamavision, I see HBO is added to my bill, this network has immoral content and I don’t want to see it
    Obama: I understand and respect you, but everyone is mandated to buy HBO
    Church: Wait, what? This is against our service agreement [constitution in the real issue, of course]
    Obama: Oh snap, don’t worry, I fixed it. You will not see HBO on your bill. HBO is now added to everyone’s basic package, you are no longer paying for it
    Church: …..but we buy the basic package….
    Obama: darn tooting!
    Church: ….ummm, Obamavision…if WE pay the basic package, and HBO is part of the basic package, arn’t WE paying for HBO?
    Obama: now hold on, you are expecting the individuals who want to pay for HBO to do so THEMSELVES? That’s just not fair.
    Church: Can I speak to your supervisor?

  20. Supertradmum says:

    tech_pilgrim, you could have added. Obama: Didn’t you read the fine print? The manual is only 2074 pages long

  21. SKAY says:

    “and they believe lying to infidels is not sinful.”

    You are right, Michaeleus. It is called “taqiyya”.

  22. Marcus de Alameda says:

    His lying is systemic with his marxist philosophy. Truth is a moment to moment rhetorical debate.
    I don’t think his sexual orientation is fully hetero-sexual either. He’s a slippery ellusive fellow for sure, and I think we know little about who he really is.

  23. Kerry says:

    There is one reason to vote for the One-half,to find out who he blames for the mess he inherits. And after long thought, I have found something to generally compliment the President for; he always ‘Sounds’ like he’s telling the truth.

  24. WesleyD says:

    Another distorted half-truth is his reference to the regulations applying to colleges and hospitals that “receive a lot of federal money” (at 2:51 in the video). As he surely knows, the regulations apply to all institutions regardless of whether they receive federal money. Some of them receive none!

    Also, when viewers hear the phrase “receive federal money”, they often think, “Oh, these Catholic institutions are getting rich off our tax dollars.” But in fact most of the federal funds that colleges get are from student loans and from G.I. bills, and most of the federal funds that hospitals get are from Medicare and Medicaid recipients (and public employees who have government health insurance). Yes, this is federal money, but it’s money given to the person for their own health care — not some kind of hand-out to the college or hospital!

  25. EXCHIEF says:

    His whole life is a lie. He has lied about his family, himself, and every subject he has addressed since being “immaculated” to the Office he currently degrades. He is arrogant and narcissistic. If you or I or just about anyone else did what he has been doing to the country the media would be all over us. He is, as they say in Chicago, a made man. One day we may find out just what sort of political machine and/or machinations caused a nobody like him to blast into the presidency in just a few short years. Logic and common sense sure don’t explain it.

  26. Andrew says:


    Very well said. I would add one thing: what does money have to do with freedom of religion? Are people supposed to pay for their religious freedom with cash? Is the principle of religious freedom somehow diminished by certain monetary transactions? Unfortunately, good many Americans these days think so.

  27. Sissy says:

    Andrew, it is as if Obama is saying “If you receive any federal funds, you can check your Constitutional rights at the door”. He has a very warped sense of what liberty is, but then, don’t all marxists?

  28. LisaP. says:

    People do have the attitude in this country, I pay you, I own you. It’s like the guy who gets pulled for drunk driving who yells at the police officer that he pays his salary. I’ve seen this a lot with parents and the schools, the school has to do X or Y because it gets federal money. While to a degree this is a safeguard so schools can’t refuse to serve properly children with special circumstances, it becomes this weird thing where you spend so much time demanding that the school give your kid what’s coming to her that you ignore what is best for your kid — ignore when a school simply can’t deliver what it is legislated to deliver, ignore what your own place is in the education and care of your child, in her safety. You ignore what is right in the pursuit of legal rights. I’ve known parents who come awfully close to the line on letting their kids go into situations that are not safe or healthy for them because the law says they are supposed to be safe, because the entity takes federal money and “has to” keep their kid safe.

    So, I agree, the “they take federal money” line is intentionally used, and it is used to evoke a gut reaction that has been trained into Americans for some time now in many aspects of their lives.

  29. Emilio III says:

    This seems to be on the old iTunes feed and not on the new one. Are we sure iTunes has not been taken over by the Feds while we were not watching?

  30. dwfinke says:

    I don’t understand how birth control can be covered under MINIMUM health care coverage. Are eye lash extensions covered too? ER visits and life saving operations are MINIMUM; not convenient things like birth control.

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