Reason #5863 for Summorum Pontificum

From the site of the Italian daily La Repubblica comes this.


Melissa, a street-artist, play the sax during Mass.
She earns her living in the streets with her saxophone. Melissa has always had a dread: to play in a church. Don Paolo Farinella, parish priest of San Torpete, in the historic center of Genoa, fulfilled her desire. And she moved the faithful.

It moves me, too.

The priest, by the way, is a long-time and well-known dissident.


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  1. Sword40 says:

    Horrid!!!!! I lasted 43 seconds. God spare us!

  2. AnAmericanMother says:

    Proving yet again my theory that these “artists” only perform in church when they can’t get a gig anywhere else.
    With the emphasis on “perform” as opposed to providing appropriate music from the choir loft . . . .

  3. rachmaninov says:

    let me beat that! yesterday at Mass in England after the final Blessing, the Priest took out his remote control ,pressed a button and he left the Altar to……Chariots of Fire. it was such a moving experience…..I felt like telling Father he was going to slow!!!
    I wont mention the Diocese, but it wouldnt take too much thought to work it out

  4. Legisperitus says:

    Mass sitting at a desk?

    The woman in yellow looks like the enforcer.

  5. acardnal says:

    I am sure the new Prefect of the CDF will get after these dissidents with all due dispatch. Right?

  6. dominic1955 says:

    Its sad that people cannot recognize beauty anymore. Doesn’t Father sense a cognitive dissonance between the gorgeous church he’s in and the silly things he does/wear/allow?

  7. deliberatejoy says:

    I got about 20 seconds in before my computer gurgled and crashed.

    I think it’s a sign.

  8. Mike says:

    Look at all the white hair–this is the Church liturgy of the past…it’s dying…

  9. Nah says:

    Guy at :38 in the back in the upper left corner (dark hair and beard) – I agree sir, I agree.

    That was AWFUL. I live in New York and I could easily find a better street performer then that. There was nothing redeeming about that. It is an monstrosity outside of the Mass. In the Mass… Have mercy.

  10. acardnal says:

    rachmaninov said ,”he left the Altar to……Chariots of Fire. it was such a moving experience…..I felt like telling Father he was going to slow!!! “ As I recall, there was a lot of slow motion action in the movie so perhaps the priest had that in mind during his recessional. ;-)

  11. Tradster says:

    Was there an actual tune hidden in there anywhere?

  12. Legisperitus says:

    1:30 – Menorah on the altar!

  13. wmeyer says:

    And self-intinction! Appalling, all in all.

  14. digdigby says:

    The most vital aspect of the ‘new’ liturgy is still missing. A Gong.

  15. moon1234 says:


    EXACTLY. I am 34, soon to be 35. At our EF parish the children outnumber the adults by almost 8:1. The last time the Bishop came he was astonished how many young people were there. There were 12 or 12 families and over 100 children.

    A few generations of this type of attendenance at the EF and the organic solution will work itself out.

  16. As an alto sax player in my school and college days, I could only stand 13 seconds of this horrid stuff. Really–aside from any question of liturgical propriety–I cannot fathom how she can make her living playing the saxophone, on the streets or anywhere else.

  17. Rachel K says:

    Her technique is not good. I taught woodwind instruments and understood that the cheeks should not puff out when playing- this is a sign of poor teaching. Although actually she sounds as if “self-taught”.
    I assume too that she is “extemporising” (i.e.- making it up as she goes along!).
    Sorry to hear this dreadful noise- it is not what I have experienced in the OF- we used to use Tudor Polyphony (Byrd, Tallis etc) in our old parish. Only a few good amateurs, but still…..

  18. charismatictrad says:

    Sometimes, I witness things that disturb me so much I actually don’t know what to do with myself. This is one of those instances.

  19. Cafeam Fruor says:

    Egad! It’s horrid even for street playing. The amateur saxaphonists that haunt the subway stations near me are a hundred times better.

    The self-serve intinction at 3:16, with Father sitting at the desk with his head resting on his hands, was what really made me want to scream, though.

  20. eyeclinic says:

    At 00:58, the woman on the right in the front row looks like she’s going to bust a gut…or break down in tears. I went the gut route,only ending in tears after realizing how forgiving our dear Lord must be!

  21. asperges says:

    Apart from the hideous music (which in fact she played with some skill), how many liturgical errors can you name?

    I spotted: Celebrant improperly vested; no server; one candle; presence of menorah; priest seated behind altar; intinction; ‘self-service;’ playing through the liturgy (could be film misleads); no crucifix; applause. That’s 10. I’m sure there were more.

    But that’s fine. At least he isn’t a member of SSPX: now that WOULD be serious.

  22. Joe in Canada says:

    Why oh why didn’t Fr leave her in her dread? Some things require trained professionals.

  23. Supertradmum says:

    Ouch! In the Midwest, the saxophone is called either “Satan’s instrument” or “Satan’s Horn”. Talk about smoke of Satan entering the Church–more like a fire!

  24. APX says:

    Now now. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it wasn’t her. Maybe it was her reed…

    As a seasoned oboist and a self-taught tenor saxophonist, I think I damaged my hearing listening to that. I had to whip out my oboe and play Vivaldi’s Domine Deus to clear my head of that.

    I don’t think saxophones are supposed to make noises like that. At least mine never did. She does not have good embouchure at all. Her cheeks should not be puffing out and she not hitting too many notes in tune. I’m having difficulties trying to determine what chord progression she was following. This makes the St. Louis Jesuits sound accomplished.

    Once the clapping and the bowing started, it was officially a performance.

  25. Mary Jane says:

    Bleh! I’m not a saxophone player, but I play piano, some organ, and I sing in a number of choirs…so I have musical training…and wow, that was just sad sad sad.

  26. heway says:

    In 77 years, I have never seen or heard anything like that! And I can’t believe all those white haired people stayed for it. I have no problem with an orchestra for liturgy – but quality please.
    What sort of a church is this? Is the celebrant missing his legs or just his mind?

  27. markomalley says:

    Just got done cleaning up the blood that ran out of my ears. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  28. St. Louis IX says:

    Those Catholics are looking pretty old……..70s reunion?

  29. amenamen says:

    If you turn off the sound, the music isn’t quite so irritating. And give Melissa some credit where credit is due. With her kimono/robe, she is by far the best dressed person in the parish, lay or clerical.

  30. amenamen says:

    Da sempre, Melissa, aveva un sogno

    “Melissa has always had a dread”

    Perhaps that was a typo, and it should be “a dream.” Perhaps.

  31. AnnAsher says:

    Her “dread” was the Holy Spirit saying “Noooo”.

  32. One of those TNCs says:

    I listened to the music, noting that it was inappropriate for the setting, but not being too upset by it…then I fast-forwarded and caught the Communion line. GASP!

    Forget the music! Focus on the Communion abuses! And no one in that church realized that what they were doing is forbidden?!?

  33. Charivari Rob says:

    Asperges, she wasn’t playing throughout Mass. The video showed the priest and the reader speaking and the congregation showed no sign of experiencing the music that was on the audio track. I assume it was edited later. Until the last few seconds of the clip, when you see that she is playing during Communion, it wasn’t even clear that she was in the church at the same time.

    Poorly edited or at least poorly synchronized, I would say. Perhaps it was the acoustics or whatever they were using for a mike with their camera, but there were a couple of points where the sounds just didn’t match her movements.

    By the way (since a couple of people brought it up) – is there a reason to be sure that the candle holder is a menorah?

  34. Michelle F says:

    I’ve got it: the tone-deaf saxophonist – who played in the Sanctuary, behind the Communion Rail – was the Lord’s punishment upon the priest and the parishioners for the multiple liturgical abuses occurring in the parish!

  35. No comment. It would not be charitable.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  36. nemo says:

    I will never complain about all the babies screaming during the polyphony in the FSSP chapels again.
    I will be grateful for 1. babies 2. polyphony 3. liturgy

  37. DBuote says:

    A) She’s terrible, B) The people don’t even look particularly amused. And if they aren’t amused or entertained why are they even there. C) A grey stole?

  38. Matthew says:

    Those are the strangest Anglicans I’ve ever seen, they are up to some shenanigans these days.

    I know that it certainly couldn’t be a Roman Catholic Church, just too nutty.

  39. fvhale says:

    At 3 minutes 15 seconds into the video clip, communion is carried out by the priest “sitting at the desk” on one side of the altar, and communicants picking up hosts and self-intincting.

  40. Cathy says:

    I think she may have been sent by God to provide them with mortification for liturgical abuse.

  41. Legisperitus says:

    Charivari Rob: For one thing, it’s not being used to hold candles. For another, if you do a Google image search for “menorah” you get things that look exactly like that.

  42. GrogSmash says:

    Oh my.

  43. PostCatholic says:

    I won’t comment on the liturgy, because frankly I don’t care. What is nice for me is to see San Torpete again. I have very fond memories of Genoa and of all the cities I’ve visited in Italy, I think it would be the one in which I would be happiest taking up residence.

  44. Tantum Ergo says:

    It moved me too!
    (I’ve been a bit blocked up, and Ex-lax just wasn’t doing the job.)

  45. RobertK says:

    New label for the priest in this video. A “Liturgical Terrorist”!.

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  47. theidler says:

    Well, I’m sure the LCWR will take her. Good grief, I play loud and nasty music, but I don’t want to hear garbage like this at Mass.

    I’m so tired of this era of liturgical chaos. Really really tired.

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