Video interview with Card. Burke

As we come to the 7th anniversary of 07-07-07, the date that the text of Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum, let’s enjoy a video from Catholic News Service.

This is an interview with His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke.



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  1. FrJLP says:

    Of course, we know that Fr. Z meant the “5th” anniversary of SP. I remember it clearly as it came out just after my ordination to the priesthood 6/16/07 and I hosted a very well-attended conference on it. Over 500 of my parishioners attended…

  2. Bea says:

    I sent this to our pastor. SIGH.
    Say a prayer anybody out there that he will become re-animated as he was when the SP first came out in 7/7/7.
    Thank you Fr. JTZ for posting this.

    Congratulations, FrJLP, May Our Lord’s Blessings follow you all the days of your life.
    The most beautiful vocation on Earth.
    Thank you for answering His Call.

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  4. Clinton R. says:

    Very nice interview with His Eminence. The ones who are old and holding on to a particular rite are the hippy generation with the Bugnini created OF. The young and faithful are discovering and have fallen in love with the timeless beauty and reverence of the EF. May God’s blessings be in abundance for Pope Benedict XVI for Summorum Pontificum. May God Bless Cardinal Burke. And May the Lord see fit that the TLM is restored as the ordinary form of the Mass. +JMJ+

  5. Joseph-Mary says:

    Guess what! Our new parochial vicar is planning to offer the EF on Monday mornings–his day OFF! How rare is that? Of course he said he would be offering Mass before he ‘scampers’ off to do anything else. I love it!

    Just visited my sister who has Father Over-friendly with many liturgical abuses and in her town you could not get to a daily Mass as Father has a couple of days off so, of course, there is no Mass. You would have to drive many miles and still would be out of luck on a Monday.

    So we are waiting to see what time our EF will be and when Father will start. Some want 9am and others 6am with the regular parish Mass at 7am. I am voting for 6am.

  6. Since when does a priest’s day off–from his parish duties–mean that he does not celebrate Holy Mass? Every holy priest, that I personally know about, celebrates Mass each and every day, privately (with or without people present) on days with no scheduled public Mass. Some have the opportunity to celebrate the TLM only on their “off days”.

  7. Sid says:

    In the two dioceses in North Carolina, the past five years have been wonderful for the MEF. And we are particularly grateful to the priests who offer the MEF and to priests who are learning it. Our future here is bright.

    Notice in the video how kind and positive Cardinal Burke is, especially to the Ordinary Form. We MEFers should follow always his example.

  8. OrthodoxChick says:

    Perhaps those of you who have been following this longer than I have can clarify something for me. Is the wall that is up and preventing reconcilliation between the SSPX and the Vatican now boiled down to primarily the acceptance of Vatican II on its face, or are there further implications for the SSPX if they accept Vatican II? Specifically, I have in mind the same issue I’ve been asking about and began to discuss with “Cobbler” under the “ovaries” article here. That is, does the SSPX fear losing the traditional culture of their parishoners, and fear losing vocations if they agree to Vatican II?

    I’m just sort of musing aloud that if I’m very concerned that I can’t find TLM families with like-aged peers for my children to befriend, date, and possibly find a spouse later in life (if they’ll be called to the vocation of Matrimony) and/or TLM seminaries if they are called to the priesthood, then that must be a pretty major concern of the SSPX leaders for their flock, right? I mean is there any chance that it’s the fact that they presently find themselves in an “us against Rome” mentality that might motivate people to remain, in addition to a love of tradition? Whereas, if the SSPX finally comes to accept VII, the traditions remain and become hopefully more accepted and widespread in every Diocese (in time). But then, will that allow the parishoners to give themselves permission to go back to Diocesan parishes in time (once the EF becomes more readily available).

    Then, what becomes of the SSPX? I guess what I’m asking is, is there a chance that they also fear going the way of the dinosaur and/or becoming absorbed into a Church that some of them have developed a distaste for?

  9. onearmsteve says:

    Awesome video. I wonder if us ‘traddys’ get religious liberty to have the Traditional Mass? Why do we continue to get road blocks for it? I just finished serving Mass for Fr Buckley all week. We have all the items for the TLM just no priest to say it. New church being built equipped with altar rails, etc just need priest to say it. I never served the TLM ever before until was thrown into the fire Monday to do it. Studied & was able to (thanks to sancta figure out how to do it. All we need is the ability to have the Mass now. Pray for our bishop to drop his dislike for it. I’m in S Carolina we just have a couple churches in our entire country (I call our state the classical meaning of state that is ‘country’) we crave more.

    Oh saw this article on the video as well. Thoughts? He goes after the last Mass of Fortnight for Freedom where Cardinal Wuerl asked everyone to sit before the sign of the cross (EWTN youtube has the Mass .. 13minutes into it he starts announcing the starting lineup (sort of speak) then Mass starts later.

    I fell in love with the TLM a yr & half ago but now after serving it just wow. Love it even more.

  10. onearmsteve says:
  11. Supertradmum says:

    Henry Edwards, here in England, the priests say Mass first and then take their day off, or have a late evening Mass, which is admirable.

  12. Apparently no one has yet linked the written version of this interview. Perhaps more remarkable than anything Cardinal Burke says is the fact that the Catholic News Service (CNS) of the US bishops conference produced this video and article–which would have been unimaginable before SP 7/7/7.

  13. HighMass says:

    God Bless the Cardinal….was privileged to meet him last year….

    Pray for us in the area we live in haven’t had a Mass in the EF since December, all we need is a Priest who knows how to Celebrate this Sacred Liturgy….every thing else is in place, ALTAR BOYS, CHOIR FOR A HIGH MASS, again we just need a Priest.


  14. FrJLP says:

    Sid said: “Notice in the video how kind and positive Cardinal Burke is, especially to the Ordinary Form. We MEFers should follow always his example.”

    Spot on. I remember after converting to Catholicism being very disposed to the EF. In fact, an old St. Joseph’s Missal I found in a used book store captivated me when I was still Protestant (how sad I was to attend a Catholic Church for the first time and realize that this was not the Liturgy anymore!). However, when I went to Franciscan University, in an effort to escape the onslaught of Charismatic masses, I attended a TLM in Pittsburgh. After mass, I was castigated by many parishioners about all the things I’d done wrong. Needless to say, I became involve in the local Byzantine Catholic Church, which was very welcoming and helpful! When I was attending the Institute for Priestly Formation at Creighton University in the Summer of 2006, there were rumors of Summorum Pontificum, and so I figured I would try the TLM again. It was the midwest; they had to be nice there! A group of us seminarians from IPF attended a TLM in Omaha, after which we were castigated by the parishioners about what we had done wrong and how our responses were too loud (a dialog mass)… To add insult to injury, the priest-celebrant happened upon the same diner where we were having breakfast and sat with us. He proceeded to inform us of how dificient our seminary education was and how superior his was..and while we might do some good things for the Kingdom, we wouldn’t be able to do much because we were “infected” with modernism, etc. He stuck us with his meal bill, too. On another occasion, my whole deacon class attended a TLM in South Florida, and were dutifully chastised for 1) taking up space in the chapel and 2) not knowing enough to sit “in choro”. After I was ordained a priest, a group came to me expressing interest in having an EF on a semi-regular basis. The parish lacked necessary things like candlesticks and altar cards, and I needed the large-print Missale. I asked for a little help because, well, the priest’s salary is a bit lacking… I was told how abusive it was to “fleece the flock” for such things, that this was their right as Catholics and that I had to provide it as a priest. Needless to say, in an already bustling southern parish of 6000 families and only two priests, I withdrew my offer.

    These are just four examples of the “attitudes” in TLM communities that can make interest in the TLM…or, rather, service to TLM communities…unattractive. I could list several other attempts of attending the TLM that went sour, as well…but I’ll refrain. I just want to reiterate Sid’s point: Kindness, graciousness, and joy go a long way… Perhaps it’s time for the “timeless beauty of the Mass of the ages” to manifest itself in the joy and charity of it’s followers. THAT would be a compelling witness…

  15. Sid says:

    Thank you FrJLP for your kind words. So sorry about your experience with MEFers.

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