What can happen to you if you refuse to pay ObamaTAX

The First Gay President and his minions such as Doctrix of the Church Nancy Pelosi got the Affordable Care Act passed… so that we could know what is in it.

As you may know, if you decide to pay the penalty… er um.. tax rather than pay for health insurance, the IRS can and will come after you.

Let’s hear more about that.


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  1. Hank Petram says:

    I beg to differ with the good Judge. The law explicitly states no liens (see 26 USC §5000A (g)(2)(B)). And they can’t withhold your refund if you don’t receive one.

    I have a practical interest in this issue, seeing as I have no insurance, no desire for insurance, and no desire to pay the governement another $700/year. No doubt the IRS will find a “creative” way to enforce the penalty, but it won’t be quite as easy as the Judge implies.

  2. Sissy says:

    I suspect some future Congress will move quickly to pile on the penalties now that CJ Roberts has affirmed their right to tax inactivity. The possibilities this ruling opens up are endless. For now, the law provides for no penalty if one ignores the law. I’ve read that it is something like running a stop sign in a town with no law enforcement officers. Technically, it’s against the law. But who is to stop you? For a while, you get away with it. If enough votes to repeal it aren’t voted in this November, look for hefty penalties to be enacted next year.

  3. Imrahil says:

    As it is, I’m highly surprised that

    1. Public Authority enacts either a penalty or a tax but
    2. Public Authority can neither just confiscate the money it wants, and put you into prison for refusing.

    In Europe, Public Authority would do both.

  4. rcg says:

    Hank, you might be careful about assuming they have to find a way to do it. The tactic the Government will use is to declare the penalty and dare you to take them to court. If you are willing to see it through the courts will tell them how it should be done to make it stick. They will simply declare the money was seized correctly but for misstated reasons and you are still forfeit. All you did was pay for the due diligence.

    Foggy Dew, Copperhead Road. Revenuers are the same throughout history.

  5. LisaP. says:

    Very few things have scared me more than the year I made a mistake on our tax return. Maybe my perception was off, but the sense of being entirely in the control of a government agency, even on a relatively small matter, is overwhelming.

    We currently pay for our own plan and pay for our plan for our kid with a pre-existing. We’ve seen costs go up 20%+ in one year from these reforms. If they continue, the costs will price us out of our private plan and our kid’s plan will disappear, replaced by “portability” which will do us likely no good since insurance can still charge us 2X to 4 X as much for her policy, and at the inflated prices that will be outrageous. My husband’s job will probably disappear, also, since he works for a guy who is rich enough to retire, makes a fairly slim margin on his business already, and can’t make a profit if he has to buy everyone inflated health insurance. So we’ll either be getting a job with benefits (competing with all the other newly unemployed out there wanting the same thing) or going on welfare. This makes us quite likely to go the route of *becoming* free riders. We will pay the fine, pay out of pocket for the medical (we’ll still be ahead if we aren’t paying for insurance), save the difference and if we have a major event sign up for insurance on the way to the hospital. At that point, the last thing we’ll be worried about is whether the IRS can enforce the penalty tax. I’m sure they can, one way or another.

    Sure glad the Obama admin is helping all us poor people with pre-existing conditions in the family.

  6. AnnAsher says:

    The penalties and taxes don’t scare me as much as the govt deciding who will receive treatment and who won’t; who will live and who will die.

  7. Johnno says:

    The thing you have to worry about is the granting of more power to the government and government agencies.

    There is no guarantee that they won’t make the penalty enforcement worse in the future through more acts of legislation and amendments to the health care bill.

    It’s all baby steps, look forward to seeing Obamacare updated with more draconian measures in the future. All out of ‘concern’ for you and the poor of course…!

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