3 August A.M.: Long-Awaited Olympic Hyper-Excitment Sporting UPDATE!

I am settling in to review email, start an article for the paper, and, of course, probably just as you are, watch Team Handball (M – GER v IND, Match 33 in Pool B).  I know you want your update.

But first, remember this?


Now to the important stuff.

(Germany just scored the 1st Goal, btw.)

The MEN:



Handball played outdoors as field handball. The sport first appeared at the Berlin 1936 Games.

Some say that Handball is like liturgical dance.

I know.. it’s not Curling.

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  1. wmeyer says:

    Not to belittle team handball, I still prefer gymnastics.

  2. Sissy says:

    So, what’s the deal? The USA doesn’t field a handball team or we were eliminated in the first round? I can’t help feeling it looks like something kids would play at recess, in between Red Rover and dodgeball. Apologies in advance to all the fans.

  3. heway says:

    Haven’t seen this team handball but singles are played in every private men’s club in the US…isn’t it?

  4. Eric says:

    Singles handball is like racketball without the racket. Team handball is like water polo without the water.

    It’s big in Scandinavia. I walked into a McDonald’s in Copenhagen and there was a crowd gathered around a TV in the corner. I thought maybe there was a big news story or something, Nope, a handball game. Youda thought it was the Superbowl or a Red’s game or something.

    BTW Most non-Americans throw like girls.

  5. yatzer says:

    I really admired Mary Lou– so much I had my hair cut like hers. Yes, I admired her talent, too, but couldn’t even do a cartwheel.

  6. Ralph says:

    I caught an Olympic team handball game on TV he other night- I LIKE IT! I think it would be great fun to try.
    Sorry – but I still can’t get into the curling thing.

  7. frjim4321 says:

    Thanks, I saw that while eating lunch today and wondered what the heck that was.

    Would rather watch diving or swimming. I am so happy for Michael Phelps and wow Katie Ledecky. Missy Frankin too.

    It’s all very inspiring. Off to swim my daily mile . . . but at 45 minutes don’t think I will be winning any medals!

  8. irishgirl says:

    WIth no TV, I have to content myself with hearing the results on the radio at night. The only Olympics event that’s being broadcast is the mens’ basketball.
    But I rejoice in the medals won by our swimmers, especially Michael Phelps! I hope he goes out with a big splash [pun intended] tonight and gets his 22nd medal!
    I’m also happy that Team Great Britain is doing well; I think it’s fourth in the medal standings, behind the US, China, and the Russian Federation.
    Go USA! Go Team GB!

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