A GREAT idea in The Catholic Herald: Benedictine call for the donation of relics.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    When the Benedictines at St. Augustine’s in Ramsgate were uncanonically auctioning their entire church monastic goods and relics, including some things like a chalice from the Recusant times, which were taken out of the sale at the last minute because laity and some priests protested, it is too bad people did not buy things for the other abbeys, like St. Michael’s. I would hope some of those precious things will make their way to Farnborough.http://supertradmum-etheldredasplace.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/begging-because-of-sacrilege-if-someone.html

  2. Bastiat Fan says:

    Even though I’m in the U.S., I would TOTALLY subscribe if Fr. Z can make the whole “promo code” thing happen!

  3. Ben Trovato says:

    Ushaw College, the seminary in the North East of England, was recently closed, and is now used by the University of Durham. It used to have many, many relics. Whatever happened to them? Who is responsible for such things on such occasions? Could they find their way to Farnborough? I think we should be told…

  4. akp1 says:

    It’s a pity the CH didn’t keep up the excellent offer of the online version for a very low price over the last couple of year; something like £10 – but you can pay the £40 in 4 x quarterly payments which is a bit kinder on the pocket! Well worth it though.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    I read the paper edition almost weekly, as I have access to free copies, although I have bought the odd one when the freebies went missing. It is expensive.

  6. Suburbanbanshee says:

    When something closes that is run by a diocese, the relics go back to the chancery. If it’s run by a religious order, they send them back to the motherhouse. There’s usually somebody in charge of this.

    Admittedly, it would be nice to keep the faithful posted on these things.

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