Sorting stuff

Some highlights of my sorting and throwing efforts.

Here is a spiffy black velvet Low Mass set. The black is intensely so.

I haven’t used it for a long time, now that I think about it.


A detail:


Eleven years of my columns for The Wanderer.  I will have the first and the last framed.


Some wonderful Catholic pious art. It looks a bit kitschy for our modern tastes, but it is redolent of a happier time.




How I get rid of things that can’t go into the garbage (e.g., worn out vestments and linens, sacred images or books that are too tattered to save, old Palm Sunday “procession” palms, etc.).


A super light, silk, reversible Roman vestment which , I am pretty sure, was part of a military chaplains kit for WWII and/or Korea.


It wrinkles really easily.


It would be great to find someone who could reproduce these with new textiles. It could be a cottage industry!

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  1. Father, the vestments, especially the Black Requiem Low Mass ones are truly beautiful. Were I a priest I’d buy them off of you! I even like the Jesus/priest cards. Oh I hope you didn’t burn everything pictured here?

    BTW, as for the replication part you desire, why don’t you comb around the New Liturical Movement website for older postings? They have featured vestment makers (including new up and coming ones) on their site and their works.

  2. Young Canadian RC Male: as for the replication part you desire, why don’t you comb around …

    In my copious free time.. right.

    No. My blog is has a pretty big readership. People can come to me.

  3. Titus says:

    But Father, but Father!

    Surely someone would buy those Vestments off of you if you solicited offers in this space.

  4. Titus: You are suggesting, perhaps, an auction.

  5. momoften says:

    My pastor was gifted a lot of extraordinary antique vestments. Sadly, some were in poor shape.
    So, I have been repairing, relining, and the next project is restoring..I have taken one of the copes
    and forbid him to wear it as the trim and hood on the cope is in excellent shape, but the lining and
    outside fabric is rotted. We are going to attempt to save it and recycle. Hopefully it is salvageable.
    Some of the trims on the older vestments are irreplaceable—please everyone if you have a vestment
    with good trim, have a new one made up with the old trim. Many (Benedictines of Mary) will do it.
    So worth it I think.

  6. rollingrj says:

    I am in agreement with “momoften”. As large a readership as you have, there must be people will to do the necessary repairs/replications as a “labor of love” and/or able to purchase these vestments from you.

    I challenge your followers: Save what can be saved.

  7. donantebello says:

    it would be great to have a digitized archive of Fr. Z’s Wanderer columns on the web.

  8. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:


    Perhaps some of these vestments could be presents to newly ordained priests? Or, at least, available to them to take off the rack, as it were?

    God bless,


  9. acardnal says:

    I don’t think you should destroy your “Wanderer” columns. They are part of your legacy and can be used in your canonization cause later. ;-)

  10. APX says:

    I know of a newly ordained priest aching to celebrate the TLM on his off day (he’s in a small city pop. Less than 5000, thus has limited options for public Mass), but his 1962 Missal ate up a large portion of his money. He needs the gear to go with it and a trained altar boy to serve. I like the idea of reversible vestments, as they do seem like a cost efficient means for acquiring vestments.

  11. Kathleen10 says:

    Father the black vestment…wow. All the photos are beautiful, thank you for putting them on.
    I did not hear about Obama’s “meatless Mondays”. I wonder if that was out of another concern for obesity or this administration’s idea of a sacrifice for the New World Order. Hm. Pagan religions are so often a weird imitation of the real thing.

  12. digdigby says:

    I want the Sacred Heart picture that Henry Fonda prays with in the climax of Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man. I’ve been looking a long time! It is the upper half of Christ pointing to His Sacred Heart and behind it is darkest night and a field of mysterious stars. Hitchcock would have chosen such a central image VERY carefully – it is the night of suffering an yet radiant and mysterious!
    Ah, there is kitsch and then there is kitsch.

  13. momoften says:

    APX-If you keep an eye on EBAY (yes, so unappealing) they sell used sets sometimes really inexpensive sets . I was just looking at a nice green set (made in USA, free shipping–burse, maniple, etc….) for 299.00 …the idea is start inexpensively and add as you go. Would love to help with a server, I have sons that serve the Latin Mass. There are aids online to help train an altar server with learning the latin Mass. Sancta Missa sells things there. You just need to use the internet and find
    contacts…supplies, etc.

  14. Bea says:

    Oh Father, Father, I know a priest who can use a black vestment set.
    I’ll buy it if the price is right.
    Please, please, don’t throw it away.
    Auction sounds like a good idea.

    I love those old fashioned art items.
    I must be “kitshy”, then because I prefer this kind of art to modern.
    A dear friend of mine not too long ago saw one similar to the ones you showed and bought it for me.
    Such a loving gesture. I will cherish it forever.
    Those are keepsakes.

    As to the Wanderer articles:
    acardnal is right.
    They can be used for your canonization and/or beatification step by step.
    Either that or depending who takes control of Rome in the future.
    They can be used for (joking) your attempted inquisition ala Teresa of Avila

  15. Marcus Daly says:

    Here is a wonderful business in Seattle that makes vestments:

  16. tioedong says:

    I’m sure that you could send some of them overseas for missionaries to use. (cheapest way is hand carry it by someone traveling, because often the government opens the packages and you have to pay duty on them). Ask around: maybe your readers could suggest places to send them. Of give them to your nearest Filipino neighbor and ask them to hand carry it home when they travel, and give it to the nearest parish priest. We have lots of seamstresses here who could fix it.

  17. NoraLee9 says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Father. It’s another reminder that I need to make out a will, so that some priest in the (far distant) future doesn’t try to canonize me, or that they don’t play The Rose for the recessional hymn at my funeral. We can tell that those vestments are for a priest in the North Country. I don’t think it gets cold enough here anymore for priests to wear velvet vestments!

  18. drea916 says:

    Oh my gosh, the black vestiments are SSSOOOOO PRETTY! Will I get struck by lightening for “saying” that those are the masculine/litergical version of every woman’s LBD? (little black dress) Stunning! I want to buy that for my Priest (is that wrong?)

  19. Andkaras says:

    Rather than burning there’s always the time capsual thing . Just be sure to seal the container with beeswax.

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